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11/16/21 Opening night of area girl's basketball, for Routt Catholic and Pittsfield was pretty much what you would expect. Veteran coach Jeff Shireman, had his team ready to play defense for 4 quarters, score when it presents itself and steal the game at the end. First year head coach, for Routt, Val Creviston got the 34-32 win but not before a scare at the end of the game. The Rockets had a comfortable 8 point leard at 32-24 for an extended period of time before it nearly slipped away. Seniors, Huffman and Dobson, led the Rockets with 13 and 11 respectvely while Cox (11) and Ten Eyck (10) led the Saukees. It is possible they will face each other at the Brown County Tournament and I would expect a similar type game. Routt has a wider range of potential scorers and Pittsfield will likely go back to Cox and Ten Eyck when it is go time. 
11/18/21 In my opinion, last night's girl's basketball game between Trioipia and Beardstown was a mild upset as the Tigers survived a late scare and wond 34-28. Beardstown plays a street ball type of game and it will work for them against teams that are not as physical or tall as they are. They pound the boards and knock down put back shots hoping for a hoop or a foul. They shot 69 times in their win oveer the Trojans who just could not match them inside and had a difficult time stopping Kayembe and Carlock. who hit 12 and 10 respectively. The Tigers hit 13 of 69 from the field and 9 of 24 from the line, but basically owned the paint. Hailey Reynolds led the Trojans with 9 4th quarter points , while Reid hit for 6 first half points and Megan Reynolds and Carson scored 5 each. Triopia struggled with their scoring as they were pushed out of the paint for most of the game and only scored 2 points in the second quarter and 2 in the third. They will win a lot of games this season, but will have trouble with taller ball clubs and will need to find a way to deal with it.

Routt Catholic boy's basketball opened their season with a smashing success as they knocked of Raymond-Lincolnwood 63-32 with a running clock. Schmedeke led the Lancers with 8 points as 7 players scored but the game was not close. The Rockets led 19-6 after one piled up the points at will. Abell had 17, Killion 12 and 6 other players added points. Routt hit 20 of 51 shots, and 11 of 20 from the free throw line with only 9 turnovers in the win. They will face Springfield Lutheran tomorrow night. Routt has a transfer student, Michael Wilson, who may make a big difference in their game plan this season. He is 6' 5" and can really jump and cause havoc in the paint. He is not a smooth ball-handler yet, nor a great shooter away from the glass, but he blocks shots and rebounds with the best of them. When you add Wilson to Abell, it is a large problem for the opposing teams. This is a well rounded Rocket team and Wilson gives them a little extra. He will smooth out as the season goes on.



North Mac jumped out to a big lead over Triopia and held an 11 to 3 first quarter lead. With the help of a buzzer-beating, off-balance trey,Ryan Snow closed the gap to an 18-15 half-time score. The teams were tied at 30, after 3 quarters and the Panthers out-scored Triopia in the 4th, to take the 43-37 win. Dohleman scored 18 for North Mac to lead the way as the 6'3" senior played a nice game. Vance scored 14 as he hit some late key shots. Triopia shot 13 for 46 from the field and 7 for 14 from the line. Moore led the Trojans with 10 points while Walker (9), Mueller (8), Snow (7) and Wisdom(3) rounded out the scoring. Hard work and only 6 turnovers kept the Trojans in the game. They will face South County tomorrow at 5:00.


In game two, it was Routt Catholic and Springfield Lutheran, but it wasn't the usual nail-biter as they Rockets out-muscled and out-shot the Crusaders and won the game 83-18.Thomas was Lu-Hi's leading scorer with 6 points as they committed 21 turnovers and shot 17 percent from the field and 13 percent from the line. Routt hit 32 of 60 from the field and 11 of 16 from the charity stripe and led big at each quarter. After two games in the early season Routt is averaging 73 points a game and allowing only 25. The Rockets got double-digits from 4 players and 10 players, over-all, scored in the win. Killion (18), Cors (13), Whalen (12) and Wilson (12) lead the way as Routt showed their strength inside the 3-point arc and beyond. 8 treys out of 17 attempts and shot 60 shots to 35 for Lutheran. It was a convincing win and the Rockets will play New Berlin on Friday night. Both teams will be 2-0 and the winner will play for the championship on Saturday.


11/24/21 On night 3 of the Turkey Tournament, from New Berlin, it was 0-1 Triopia and 0-1 South County looking for their first win. Triopia got off to a 15-4 first quarter lead and led 28-13 at half. The Vipers cut the lead to 30-27 at the end of the 3rd and it was a dog fight in the fourth quarter as the Trojans prevailed 40-35. Both teams played hard and it wasn't pretty but it was exciting. Matt Crow had 14 points to lead South County and almost helped them a win. The Vipers shot 36% from the field and 6 for 9 from the line with 22 turnovers which didn't help their cause. Triopia had well-rounded scoring with 6 players in the mix. Snow led the way with 11 as the Trojans hit 29% of their shots and 11 of 23 from the line, which certainly needs to improve. They played extremely hard on defense and almost threw it away at the charity stripe. They had an acceptible 13 turnovers and were a little short on the bench due to Covid. They will play Macon Meridian on Friday, the 26th.  

After taking a day off, for Thanksgiving, the New Berlin Tournament continued with Trioia 1-1 facing a very strong 2-0 Macon-Merdian team. The Trojans were simply under-manned and couldn't atay with the Hawks for 4 quarters. The final score was 76-21 and put Trioia in the 5th place game Saturday verses Raymond-Lincolnwood. The Hawks will move on to the championship game where they will take on the 3-0 Routt Rockets. Triopia shot 15 for 38 against the Hawks and hit 10 of 22 free throws. They turned the ball over 18 times in the loss. Moore, Snow and Wisdom score 9 each and Booth was a perfect 4 for 4 from the line. Nine of the Hawks scored in the win. Phillps led the way with 17, Day 14 and Ralston 12 as Hurrelbrink (9) and Brown (8) helped out in the paint. This is a free-wheeeling team that will try to run over you if you don't slow them down. They have a good inside game and outside game with good ball handlers (8 turnovers) and hit 4 for 7 from the line. They shot 53 percent from the field go 6' 6", 6' 4" and 6' 4" in the paint. It should be championship quality basketball on Saturday when they take o a similar team. 


In game 2 on the 26th, it was the host New Berlin Pretzels taking on Routt Catolic. Routt was averaging 73 points a game and allowig only 25 coming into this semi-final round. They won but had to take a different route in their 40-26 win. Their post got in foul trouble early and that changed things. Abell didn't play a lot and ended up with 7 points in the win. Michael Williams, my X factor, came off the bench to score 9 points with 3 for 4 from the line. The Pretzels paid a lot of attention to three point shooting Nolan Killion and held him in check most of the game but he still hit 3 for 6 from long range for 9 points. Routt had 6 player score in the game as they hit 14 of 44 fro the field an 8 of 13 from the charity striple. They had 7 turnovers 15 on the Pretzels. Gannon scored 12 points on 4 treys in the first half, for New Berlin, then he got a slight ankle twist and was shut out in the second half with just 2 attempts and no made baskets. It was a nice defensive adjustment for Routt's defense. New Berlin hit 10 of 24 shots ad 1 of 6 free throws and while that may keep you in some games for a while, it is hard to win when they out shoot you 44 to 24.New Berlin will play North Mac for 3rd place on Saturday. 


Triopia boys defeated Raymon-Lincolnwood 52-49 in a nail-biter, for 5th place at the New Berlin Turkey Tournament as they improved to 2-2 on the season. The Lancers got 41 points , of their, 49, from Whalen 22 and Jenkins 19 as they shot 45% from the field and 8 for 8 from the charity stripe. Their bad number was 14 tunrovers while only forcing the Trojans into 8. Triopia had 6 players score in the win:  Moore 12, Neathery 9, Walker 8, Snow 6, Reynolds 6 and Wisdom 2. They only ma5 17 of 51 from the field and 9 of 19 from the line, but their consistent pressure defense and over-all hustle helped them hang on for the victory. Our next Trojan broadcast will be on Saturday when they host Camp Point Central.


In the championship game, at New Berlin, it was a very good game between 2 big, strong and deep basketball teams. Macon-Meridian proved to be a little deeper as Day (10) and Grant Meisenhelter (17) came off of the bench to make the difference. Phillips also had 17, Hurelbrink 8, Brown 7, Ripole (6) and Ralston (2) as they hit 24 of 45 for 56% from the field and 11 of 12 free throws with just 8 turnovers in the win. The Hawks are 4-0 on the young season and have a first place placque from the Gene Bergschneider Turkey Tournament. Abell score 17 to lead the Trojans, as Killion (10), Wilson (10), Walker (10), Cors (6), Merwin (4) and Whalen (3) all contributed. Routt shot well as they knocked down 24 of 46 for 53% and 7 of 10 in free throws. They had 11 turnovers in the loss but this is oe of the best teams they will likely face this season and they fared well, in spite of losing the game. They are 3-1 and our next game broadcast will be Friday night as they host Springfield Lutheran, who they beat 83-18 at the Turkey Tournament. The Crusadrs beat South County for the 7th place placque on Saturday.   

12/2/21 You knew, going into last night's game, that Routt would try to exploit the inside against the Trojans and they did. The ended up shooting 54 from the field and 90 percent from the free throw line with just 8 turnovers, so the final score of 55-19 was no real surprise. The Lady Trojans hit 6 of 45 for 13 percent with 5 for 14 from the line and 13 turnovers, so the end result was understandable. Trioia had 5 players score and no one scored more than 5 points as they fell to 2-5 on the season. They gave it their best shot and outshot Routt 45-39, but it is not a big Trojan team and they will struggle from time to time. Rout had 8 players score as Dobson hit 18, Vollmer 13, Huffman 7, Creviston 5, Grace G. 4, Horney 3, L. G. 2 and Peters 3 as they improved to 6-1 on the year. They will play a big and strong Greenfield team on Monday, at home, in a conference game. The Rockets knocked down 21 of 39 from the field, 9 of 10 from the line and did a nice job of taking care of the ball. The Greenfield/Routt game will be carried on 101.3 WVIL, All Sports Radio.
12/3/21 By Tommy Cook
For the second time in as many weeks, the Routt Rockets Boys Basketball scored big over the Springfield Lutheran Crusaders, with the final score coming out to 74-34.  The Rockets put up 12 straight to open the contest and never looked back.  The Crusaders went into the halftime locker room with nearly as many turnovers as points.  But their play improved in the second half, bumping their field goal percentage from 35% to 45% and doubling their points output from the first half.  Wes Mullen was the standout Crusader on this night, scoring 13 points, most of which came from directly under the basket.  For the Rockets, it was another standout performance for the transfer student Michael Wilson, who put up 20 points off the bench and led the Rockets in scoring.  Gus Abell and Ethan Walker also had good scoring games, but most of their points came in the first half.  The Rockets ended the night at around 68% from the field, shooting 50% from the 3 point line and 56% from the stripe. 
12/4/21 In a very exciting and well-played boy's baketball game, the Triopia Trojans got off to a hot start with 7 for 11 from long range in the first half and a 13 point lead. They had to hang on at the end to prevail with a 59-58 win as the CPC Panthers would not give in. Neathery hit 21, Snow 19, Wisdom 9, Walker 8 ad Moore 2 as Triopia hit 59 percent of their shots and 75 percent from the line with 10 turnovers. A good portion of the win was due to defense and hustle as the Panthers hit the first 10 points of the second half to tie the game. CPC had 4 scorers in double figures:  Wiskirchen 15, Isaac Genenbacher 14, Nick Moore 13 and Dickhut 10, with Blewett adding 4. The Panthers hit 23 of 38 for 61 percent from the field and 6 for 9 from the charity stripe with just 9 turnovers. It came down to a game of chess at the end  and a missed trey at the end before it was decided. Both teams played well and it could hae gone either way.  
12/6/21 Routt girl's basketball played a tough Greenfield team and had to do so without their scoring and, in my opinion team leader, Addie Dobson. They could not have asked for a better first half as they shot 52 percent and hit 7 of 11 treys with Horney leading the way with 4 for 4. They only turned the ball over twice, shot 8 for 12 from the line and held a 37 to 21 lead. The wheels came off, in the second half when they hit 6 of 17, shot no free throws and turned the ball over 12 times. Horney scored 14 in the first half and 2 ian the sencond half while Huffman scored 12. Vollmer scored 8 in the first half and was silent in the second. Greenfield fought off the large Rocket lead and while still trailing by 11, going into the final quarter, they rallied to post a 53-48 win and improve to 4-1 on the year while Routt fell to 6-2 in a costly conference loss. Pohlman had 9 in the first half and 16 in the seconf to lead the way with 25. Clark (11) and Kinser (10) scored in double digits as they shot 40 percent from the field and 16 of 26 from the line with just 6 turnovers. Greenfield also won the JV contest 33-29. Next up for Routt is a road game against Pleasant Hill who is having a tough year to this point. Next week, the Rockets will play Brown county and Calhoun. 
12/7/21 In a mild upset, Triopia defeated Routt Catholic boys 53-49 in front of a nice crowd at the Routt Dome in Jacksonville. It was a typical Rocket-Trojan game and came down to the final minute to see who put the win on the scoreboard. Triopia led 15 to 9 at the quarter and Routt led 29-25 at the half as Triopia had 8 first half turnovers. The Trojans led 39-38 after three and had to hang on at the end, with some timely free throw shooting, 53-49. Routt had 3 turnovers in the first half and 6 in the second. Triopia shot 15 of 22 from the free throw with 10 of 14 in the final stanza while the Rockets had 1 of 4 on the evening. The Trojans hit 46 percent of their shots and Routt 47, so it was a tight game from the beginning to the end. My personal x-factor, for Routt, is Michael Wilson and he was 0-7 and shut out last night which certainly made a difference in the outcome. Abell led Routt with 14, Killion (13), Walker (11), Whalen (9) and Merwin (2) to round out their scoring as they fall to 4-2 on the year and will face South County at Waverly on Frdiay night. Triopia improved to 5-2 on the season as Neatherly scored 17 to lead the way. Snow added 16, Walker 9, Mueller 6 and Moore 5 as they got balanced scoring. Defense and hustle, which is the trademark, in my opinion, for the Trojans came into play in their win. They will be home to take on Liberty on Friday evening.   
12/10/21 It was not a very good match for Triopia las night as they took on a bigger Liberty team with a good inside game and back-up off of the bench. The Eagles dictated the pace of the for about 3 quarters of the time and the Trojans simply couldn't turn things in their favor. Liberty won 47-43 behind 19 points from Tenhouseincluding 6 for 8 from the free throw line, and 14 from Klingele. Six Eagles scored in the win as they hit 19 of 45 from the field and 8 for 15 from the line, with the only negative being 19 turnovers. They improved to 6-1 on the season with their only loss coming to CPC, who the Trojans beat, 59-58 on Saturday evening. The Trojans fell to 5-3 on the year as they shot 12 of 32 from the field and 12 for 20 from the line with 7 first half turnovers that put them in a hole. They never had the lead after Walker's trey to open the scoring. Moore wrked hard for 13 points with 7 for 8 from the free throw line and Walker follwed with 8. Neathery was pretty well boxed in by the taller Eagles and only scored 6 points with just 6 shots. Snow hit 2 for 9 from the floor and 3 for 4 from the line. Scoring wise, Triopia hit 2 for 8 in the first, 4 for 8 in the second, 3 for 6 in the third and 4 for 10 in the final quarter. We will see them on Tuesday and Friday next week, as they host Payson and Carrollton. 
12/16/21 It was a huge mis-match in size as the height advantage went to the Lady Warriors of Calhoun in their basketball game with Triopia. The final score of 51-32 in favor of the Warriors was predictable, but the Trojans won the 3rd quarter (7 of 10 shots including 3 treys)  and showed some potential as we head into the middle of the regular season and the 39th Annual Lady Tiger Tournament. Megan Reynolds, Hailey Reynolds, and Carson all had 8 points in the game and Sailym Reid led the way with 9 points in one of her better performances of the year. Triopia hit 12 of 37 from the field and 6 of 9 from the free throw line, but their 26 turnovers was too much to overcome, as they fell to 2-7 on the season. They are the #19 seed in the up-coming LTC. Calhoun got 16 points from freshman, Kate Zipprich and 10 points from freshman, Audrey Gilman as they made you pay attention as to what may be on the horizon. Buchan tossed in 9, Kamp 8 and Hill 6 with Hill dishing up numerous assists to primarily Zipprich, but to Gilman as well. This is not a smooth team yet and they turned the ball over 23 times, but they hit 48 percent of their shots and 50 of their free throws on their way to the win. Our next broadcast will be Carrollton @ Trioia tomorrow night in a conference match-up between strong rivals. Join us for the fun.
12/17/21 Triopia jumped out to a 13-0 start and led Carrollton 20-4 at the end of the first quarter. They played even for the next three quarters and the final score was 57-41 as the Trojans improved to 7-3 and the Hawks fell to 3-3. One of the Hawks biggest problems was the ACL injury to Max Arnett on Thursday. Leonard had a good second and third quarter as he finished with 19 points and conrood tossed in 8. Pohlman, Heath, Rhoades and Harrelson added to the final tally. The Hawks hit 18 of 50 from the field and 4 for 4 from the line with just 6 turnovers in the game. Seven Triopia players contributed to the scoring, as Snow led the way with 20, Moore 13, Neathery 8 with some good assists in the paint, Wisdom with 6 first quarter points, Walker 5Beck 4 and Reynolds 1. The Trojans shot 49 percent from the field and 12 for 18 from the line, with 11 turnovers. Once again, the hustling and scrambling Trojan defense was instrumental in the win. They will enter the 99th annual Winchest tournament, in January, as the #5 seed. Our next broadcast will be Saturday as Routt Catholic girls travel to Pawnee for the 1:00 pm start.The Lady Rockets are 6-3 and the Indians are 1-4.   
12/18/21 The 7-3 Lady Rockets, of Routt, got off to a 10-0 lead and rolled over the scrappy Indians of Pawnee. Morgan Langheim scored 10 points to lead Pawnee as 6 players cored at lead 2 points. They shot 10 for 32 from the field and 7 for 12 from the line but turned the ball over 21 times in the first half and 5 in the second. The Rockets had 7 scorers in the game and Dobson the way with 15, Huffman 14, Vollmer 12 and Horney hit 2 for 3 from long range. Routt shot 40 percent from the field and 57 percent from the line with 14 turnovers in the win. A little higher free throw average would be helpful to them, but overall they are a pretty steady ballclub. They will take a #6 ranking into the Lady Tiber Class which starts on they 27th. They will open with the winner of the Rushville/Pittsfield game, in the high school gym at Beardstown.  
1/4/22 The Lewistown Indians Girl's basketball team has been playing with a couple of their senior leaders out with injuries and lost 2 sophomores for this evening's game due to being exposed to covid. They brought an 8-7 record to the Routt Dome and lost 53-40. They are a better team than their record shows and with a full, healthy line up could get some attention in post season. They had 6 players in the scoring column this evening and shot 16 for 44 from the field and 0-2 from the line with 10 turnovers. Routt improved to 10-5 and are hoping to knock off Springfield Lutheran on Saturday afternoon to take a record of 11-5 to the seed meeting for the up-coming Lady Hawk in Carrollton. Hurt led the way with 14, Crevisont 11, Dobson with 9 and several excellent assists, Horney 9, Vollmer 6, and Peters 4. They hit 35% from the field and after a 5 for 7 first half from the line, ended the game with 1 for 7 in the second half. They only committed 8 turnovers in the win.   
1/6/22 Carrollton came to the Routt Dome to knock off the Rockets, however, the absense of, injured, Max Arnett showed up and they lost 68-38 to Routt, who improved to 12-3, on the season. Leonard led the Hawks in the scoring column with 23 and Coonrod added 10. One more gun would have helped the Carrollton cause. They shot 28 percent from the field and 5 of 7 from the line with 10 turnovers in the loss as they fell to 5-6 on the year. They will play their first home game of the year tomorrow, due to their lengthy football season and state run. Another reason they lost was their inability to stop the inside game of Gus Abell as he put 22 on the scoreboard making 10 of 13 from the field and 2 of 3 from the free throw line. Whalen 14, Wilson 11 Walker 8 and Cors 4 rounded out the scoring. Killion was not available for tonight's game. Routt shot 56% from the field and 4 for 7 from the line with 12 turnovers in the game. Their next game will be in the Winchester Tournament when they play Calhoun on Saturday. They may face Triopia in round 2, a team that has defeated them twice this year, so it should be another great match up.  
1/20/22 tonight's girl's basketball game between Routt and Carrollton was not nearly what I expected. First of all, I was surprised that Carrollton was the #5 tamand Routt #10 at the upcoming Lady Hawk. After the Hawks defeated the Rockets 50-34, I can see why the selectio committee voted the way they did. Carrollton simply out-hustled Routt and got most of the loose balls and in spite of turning the ball over 18 times, they won convincingly to improve to 15-7 and will play Metro East in Carrollton at 1:30. They shot 61 percent in the win with a 20-33 effort and 2 for 3 from long range. After hitting their first 8 free throws, they ended up 9 for 14 at 64 percent. Lauren Flowers led the way with 19 points as 6 players scored in the victory. Routt hit 8 for 28 in the game and 3 for 14 from long range with 13 turnovers. They did hit 13 of 16 free throws, but it wasn't enough to keep them in the game. Carrollton is a taller team than Routt and controlled the paint, but the lack of determination just didn't show itself, in my opinion, for Routt. I have followed them for the past 20 years plus and they have been a scrappy, never give up team for the most part. They are good enough to make a good run, late in the season and at post-season time. They have a tough opponent, in Father McGivney, at 3:30 pm Saturday, in Carrollton and it would be great to see them come out and make some noise to let the Griffins know they have a battle on their hands.
1/21/22 Routt Catholic boy's basketball team came out, of the lockerroom, with guns blazing last night and took control of the game with Calhoun and never let them get close to the end. The Rockets led 22-4, 38-17, 58-27 at the quarters and won, with a running clock, 64-43. They improved to 16-4 and will play a make up game with Griggsville-Perry tonight, at home. Nine Rockets scored in the with Abell hitting 6 for 7 from the field and 2 for 2 from the line totalling 14. Killion (11) and Mahoney (10) also hit double-digits, with Walker (9) and Cors (8) close behind. Routt shot 49% from the field and 66% from the free throw line with 4 turnovers in each half. Chase Caselton led the Warriors with 13, Longnecker chipped in 9 and Ralston 7 to lead 6 Warriors in scoring. They hit 18 of 41 from the field and 3 of 5 from the line with 14 turnovers as they fell to 5-13 on the year. They will play Beardstown Monday and Triopia Tuesday at the Triopia Tournament. 
1/22/22 Routt Catholic girl's played, in my opinion, their best game of the year as the came in the #10 seed and defeated #2 seed Father McGivney, 51 to 39 at the 47th annual Lady Hawk Tournament. They carred an 11-6 record into the tournament and the Griffin's were 15-6 and playing out of the Prairie State Conference. Charlize Luehman led Father McGivney with 22 points and is a solid player. Harkins scored 12, Stanhaus 2, Zumwalt 2 and Telhorst 1 to round out the scoring. They shot 40 percent from the field and 78 percent from the line with 18 turnovers, which was their biggest downfall in the loss. They will play the Calhoun JV at 5 pm on Wednesday. The Lady Rockets came to play and were inspired from the beginning. They trailed 3-0 and 5-2 before getting track and leading the first quarter 17-15, the second quarter 31-23, 38-29 after 3 and held on for the 51-39 victory ad a shot at #7 Nokomis at 6:30 pm Tuesday. Routt had 7 players score in the game;  Dobson 16, Hurt 10, Peters 10, Vollmer 8, Huffman 3, Horney 2 and Chreviston 2. They hit 17 of 37 from the field and 12 of 18 at the line with 11 turnovers in the first half and just 2 in the second half. While they scored 51 points, their defense led directly to several of those points as their scrambling, relentless style was too much for the Griffin's to handle. If Routt realizes how good they are and can be, they will have a god balance of the season and it should carry them into a successful post season. It was a fun day at the gym.
1/25/22 Rocket fans were hoping the girl's program was going to start a nice run of wins, at the 47th Annual Lady Hawk, but it wasn't to be. The #7 Redskins of Nokomis defeated them in overtime 50-44 in a roller coaster type of game. Nokomis had the upper hand early and dictated the tempo, but Routt caught them and went into the half time locker tied at 17. The Rockets played a god third quarter and led 31 to 24 heading into the 4th, where they were out-scored 16-9, to tie it at 40 in regulation. Nokomis went to to hit 2 shots and 5 for 6 from the free throw line was Routt went 0 for 6 from the field and 4 for 9 from the line and fell to 12-7 on the year. If there is some good news in the game, this was a higher ranked team for the secnd day in a row and Routt had 7 players score in the game again as they are beginning to diversify. Horney had 10 to lead the way and Vollmer added 9. The Rockets only turned the ball over 10 times in the game which is also credible.Nokomis improved to 19-5 on the season and showed the ability to come back after a relatively poor 3rd quarter in which they hit 3 of 12 from the field and 1 of 4 from the line. Good news for them was hitting 11 of 14 free throws at crunch time, in the 4th and overtime periods. Haily Engelman scored 17 to led the way and Sneddon added 10. Sabol, averaging 16 was held to just 8, but she kept busy working the boards, playing defensive and helping break the press. The Redskins shot 46 percent from the field and their only down-side was 8 first half turnovers and 12 in the second half. They did enough right things at the right time to win the game.
2/7/22 Routt, like all other schools, had a few days off due to the weather and they were coming off of two straight losses, in which they did not play well. So tonight, they hosted the 11-17 Auburn Tojans. Marley Smith scored 9 of the Trojans first 10 points as Routt led at the end of the first quarter 11-10. The Rockets got on a nice run in the second quarter and led 24-14 at half as they held Smith to just 3 points and then to just 3 more in the second half for 16 of the 27 points on the evening. No other Trojan had more than 5 points in the game as Auburn shot 10 of 49 from the field and 7 of 13 from the free throw line with 14 turnovers in the loss. Routt was led by Dobson with 16, Horney 9, Vollmer 8, Creviston 7 and Hurt 5. The Rockets shot 35% from the field and 42% from the line and finished with 11 turnovers. It wasn't a great win but it was a good win as Routt controlled the pace of the game, after the first quarter, took care of the ball and re-bounded relatively well. They will play Pleasant Hill and Calhon later in the week and will be ready for the Regionals on Monday when they will play Lincolnwood or South Fork. If they win, they will likely play the Greenfield Tigers, who beat them early in the season, and Dobson did not play in the game. I personally think the Calhoun game, on Thursday, is the key to what may happen in the regional next week. The Warriors beat them at the Lady Hawk in Carrollton last week and Routt needs to send a message that they are back and ready to take a legitimate shot at the Lutheran Regional.   
2/8/22 The Pawnee Indians are not having a great year, but when you play them, you need to be ready to defend the paint and hustle for loose balls. Triopia beat them 56-50 tonight, in Pawnee, but the Indians were battling hard at the end, until they lost Kern and Olson to fouls. They shot 40 percent from the field and 71 percent from the line, but what caused them to have a long night was their turnovers. They had 7 players score in the game as Wilson scored 14 and both Berry and Olson scored 12. The Trojans got a solid night from Megan Reynolds, who hit for 27 points and freshman, Addison Rohn, knocked down 12. Haily Reynolds scored 5, Carson 5, Reid 4 and Pate 3 to round out the scoring. Triopia made 19 of 39 and 8 of 17 from the line with 16 turnovers. They will open regional play at home, Saturday, at 1 pm against the Lady Wolves of Pleasant Hill Western. A win should pit them against Carrollton, in Bluffs, on Tuesday.
2/10/22 In tonight's girl's basketball game between Calhoun and Routt, it was even in the first quarter, with Calhoun taking the second quarter and Routt taking the 44-32 win by dominating the 3rd ad 4th quarter. The Rockets played solid defense and got their shots as they improved to 16-9 on the year. Calhoun got bit by 17 turnovers and just didn't put up enough shots, nor did they solve the Rocket defense. The Warriors hit 12 of 38 shots ad 3 of 6 free throws. Hill led the way with 11 points and Zipprich added 9. They will play either WHNG or WC in Bluffs on Tueaday. Dobson scored 14, Huffman 10, Vollmer 8, Creviston 6, Horney 3 and Hurt 3 to round out the scoring. Routt only turned the ball over 9 times and hit 37 percent of their shots with 7 for 14 from the free throw line. It was an important win for Routt and will hopefully get them ready for South Fork on Monday, at Springfield Lutheran at 7:30 pm. This was the Routt team that has the potential to win a regional and have a legitimate shot at the sectional. The come from behind win was impressive. 
2/13/22 Tropia defeated Pleasant Hill/Western, on Saturday and will play Carrollton on Tuesday at Bluffs. We will carry the game on 101.3 WVIL. West Central also won and will take on Calhoun in game two. At Springfield Lutheran, at 6:00 pm Monday, it will be Springfield Lutheran and Greenfield, while Routt will face South Fork at 7:30. The Ponies beat Raymond-Lincolnwood and Lutheran defeated Pawnee to get to the semi-finals. It should be a good regional. The winners will play Thursday for the championship and we will cover Routt Catholic, as long as they are in the hunt, on 101.3 WVIL. Beardstown won their opening game and will face Illini West, at Camp Point Central, in round two, while Rushville was eliminated by Petersburg Porta.Good luck to our local schools and to WIVC teams again this year.
2/14/22 Greenfield and Routt Catholic both started slowly last night, at the Springfield Lutheran Regional semi-finals, but they each prevailed and will fight for the championship Thursday night at 7:00 pm, on 101.3 WVIL or They played each other in the first week of regular season play and Greenfield won, but Addie Dobson was ill and not able to play. Since she is the Rocket's leading scorer and playmaker, it will be fun to be at Lutheran to see if it makes a difference. Greenfield defeated Lutheran in the semi's 53-30 as the Crusaders ended their season 11-18. Cox was LU-I's leading scorer with 11 as 5 players scored. They shot 26% from the field and 64% from the line , but the 23 turnovers was a major factor in the game. Pohlman scored 23 and Kinser 15 while Lansaw hit 8 for the Tigers. They had 6 players score as they shot 35% from the field and 17 of 31 from the charity stripe with 14 turnovers. The Tigers will bring a 25-5 record to the table on Thursday. South Fork was led by Burney with 16 and Wake, who is a freshman, hit 14 including 4 treys in the loss. Gianna Pop had 7 points and 3 other 's had 2 each. The Ponies hit 13 of 34 from the field and 12 of 14 in free throws with 18 turnovers. Seven Rockets scored, for Routt, as they strated slowly as they shot 23% on a 7 for 30 effort. They figured out, they should pass a little more in the second half and hit 16 of 26 to pull away for the 61-43 win. Dobson scored 19 with numerous assists and Vollmer, who was the recipient of 5 of those assists, scored 10 in the second half after shooting 1 for 8 in the first half. She was 5 for 5 in the second half and dished up a great, layup, assist to Dobson in the process. Horney hit 9 while Huffman scored 8, Hurt 5, Creviston 4 and Peters 4. They shot 41 per cent overall and 5 of 9 from the free throw line with just 8 turnovers in the win. With the regional title on the line, and a re-match of these two WIVC oppents on the court, it should be a worthy championship game, so join us at the gym or on the radio at 7:00 pm Thursday. Both of these teams have the potential to win a sectional title, but they need to play one of their good games against each other.
2/18/22 Routt girl's basketball had to wait an extra day due to the weather, but it was worth it as they knocked off Greenfield/NW 57-34 to win the Springfield Lutheran Regional. They will advance to the first round of the Bunker Hill Sectional, on Tuesday, when they take on Carlyle, who beat Father McGivny 51-39. The other two teams in the sectional are Okawville and Hardin-Calhoun wo upset Carrollton 30-23 at Bluffs. Greenfield got off to a great start at LUHI and took a 14 to 9 lead after the first quarter. They hit 5 of 11 shots and Kinser had 7 points and basically owned the inside game. She added 6 in the 2nd quarter, 2 in the third and 4 in the fourth to lead the Tigers with 19. Pohlman added 8 and Lansaw 6, but the 10 second half turnovers hurt Greenfield. They hit 3 of 3 free throws in the first quarter and shot no more for the balance of the game. Routt stepped up their defensive efforts in the second half and held the Tigers to just 13 shots. Greenfield hit 41 percent of their shots and ended their season with an impressive 25-6 record. The Rockets started out very slowly and missed the rim on 3 of their first quarter shots before they settled down and hit 4 of 14 in the period. They hit 4 of 14 in the secondk 8 of 14 in the third and 5 of 11 in the fourth, but they did a great job of taking care of the ball with just 6 turnovers on the night. Horney led the way with 16 points, Dobson scored 14 and Hurt added 12. Seven Rockets scored in the game in a real team effort. Hurt and Peters supplied some extra strength in the paint in the second half, along with their 16 combined points. They hit 21 of 53 for 40 percent from the field and 8 for 13 from the line at 62%. Other than a team with dominating height, the Rockets will have a decent shot of coming out with a shot at a sectional title. We have to do some research on Carlyle as we only know they have a lot of wins against a tough schedule. Join us on Tuesday night or tune in to as Routt takes one more step on an already successful season. They are not done yet.  
2/20/22 and 101.3 FM will carry the following games this week. On Tuesday, we will be at Bunker Hill with the 19-9 Routt Lady Rockets as they face 26-7 Carlyle. The Indians are a relatively young team with no seniors on the roster and just 1 junior. They do have a 5' 11", a 5' 10" and a 5' 9" player, so will have some height. They have played a very good schedule and have beaten Father McGivny twice, so they will come to Bunker Hill ready to win. Routt has a more veteran team and have faced a formidable schedule this season, so one would hope they will draw on theiri experience and keep their eye on a shot at the sectional title. The Rocket defense came to the fore-front against Calhoun, South Fork and Greenfield  to play a major factor in the wins. They also passed the ball well and were selective in their shots while taking care of the basketball with a limited number of turnovers. This should be a nice match up for a sectional semi-final game and I look for Routt to win and live to fight another day. In boy's action, we will be at Pawnee on Wednesday as Triopia will square off with Springfield Calvary at 6:00 pm and Routt will play at 7:30 vs New Berlin. These teams are very familiar with each other and have played in regular season games or at local tournaments. It will not be a game of surprises, but more of a game of execution. Sounds simple, but take care of the ball, make your free throws, play tenacious defense and hope you have your shooting eye. whoever is willing to put in the work, will hoist the championship placque on Friday night.   
2/22/22 Routt Catholic senior leadership stepped up tonight, in Bunker Hill, as the sectional semi-final round between Routt and Carlyle. The Rockets lead at every quarter and won the game 55-37 to qualify them for a shot at Okawville, for the championship and a chance to advance to the super-sectional round. Dobson (15), Huffman (7) and Horney (6) handled the ball and the pressure put on by Carlyle to keep the turnovers even at 15 and looked relatively comfortable doing it. Coach Creviston tried to give Horney, who is 5' 5" tall a little breather as the Indians were double-teaming her at every opportunity, but in the end she gave the responsibility of getting the ball to the front court to her senior, who has been there many times in the past. The three seniors were able to find Vollmer (12) and Hurt (13) with some great entry passes and the junior players took advantage of the situation. Creviston added 2 to round out the scoring as Routt hit 22 of 34 attempts for 65% shooting. They hit 6 of 10 free throws and earned another team win that was made posssible by solid defense and good shot selection.It was very well done and will prepare them as best as possible for the next challenge in the 29-2 Rockets of Okawville. Don't count Routt out yet.Hoffman led Carlyle with 15 points while Persing and Meyer added 9 each. Carlyle shot 38% from the field and 7 of 13 free throws as their season came to an end with 26 wins and 8 losses. Keep in mind this team only had 1 Junior and the balance of the players were freshen and sophomores, so the future is bright. I liked Routt's experience, as a big factor, in tonight's win. 

If you like exciting high school basketball with all of the tenson of a close game, you neded to be in Pawnee tonight as 4 very good teams fought for a shot at the regional championship that will be played on Friday night. No one expected Springfield Calvary to hang around as long as they did, with a legitimate chance of knocking off Triopia, but that is exactly what happened. The Trojans had to come back after falling behind 3 times in the second half and finally won a very tight game, 54-51. The Saints had 6 players in the scoring column and ended up hitting 22 for 46 from the field and 4 for 6 from the charity stripe.  Crowder led the way with 14, Tholen 13, Brown 10, Caldwell 8, Sortor 4 and Toller 2 as they ended their seasin 14-14 after nearly getting the upset they were looking for. Triopia shot 47% from the field and hit 16 of 21 free throws to help seal the win. Calvary had 16 fouls and Triopia 9 but most the Saint fouls came late in the game, as they were hoping for Trojan misses. Snow had 17 including 5 for 6 from the line in the 4th quarter, Neathery 16, Moore 15 including 7 for 8 free throws, Walker 4 and Beck 2. Both team committed 8 turnovers as it went down to the wire. 

Game #2 was just as exciting with an added touch at the end, as Routt got the winning shot, at the buzzer, as Abell got the assist and Cors the winning shot. Routt trailed the entire ballgame, before they put together a god 4th quarter and captured the win. They hit 16 of 42 and 6 of 19 free throws. Abell scored 15, Wilson 8k Cors 7, Walker 5 and Killion 3. Routt put up 23 shots in th second half and New Berlin just 11. The Pretzels hit 15 of 32 attempts from the field and 8 of 16 from the line. The lack of shots and 7 second half turnovers did not help their cause as they end their season with 19 wins and 12 losses. It was a fun night and set up a title game on Friday between Routt and Trioia. These teams have alreaady played 3 times this season, in regular season and tournament play. Triop won the first two and Routt won the third game. It will be a great night of basketball, so make plans to go to Pawnee Friday night or tune in to or 101.3 WVIL to see who goes to the sectionals next week.    

2/25/22 Routt Catholic girls had a great run including 8 wins in a row before falling to Okawville 54-27 tonight, in Bunker Hill. They had 7 players in the scoring column tonight as tey shot 48 per cent from the field and 4 of 6 from the free throw line. Their 11 first half turnovers helped set the pace of the game and they fell into a hole they could not get out of. They ended their season with 20 wins and 10 losses, with a regional championship in hand. Huffman, Horney and Dobson were seniors and will be missed , but Coach Creviston had Vollmer Creviston, Hurt and eters returning for next season with a lot of varsity playing time this season. Okawville is a solid basketball team and improved to 30-2 with their sectional win this evening. This is a smooth running team with speed and good shooting, from the field as well as from the line. They hit 18 of 39 from the floor and 12 of 15 from the line with 9 turnovers in the game. Rhodes led the way with 21, Kraus 11, Tebbe 8, Rennegarbe 6, while Obermeier and Wienstroer added 3 each. They will play Brimfield at the Mt. Sterling Super-sectional next Tuesday. In boy's games tonight, Routt defeated Triopia 51-38, Liberty over West Central 59-39, Metro-East 58 Greenfield 51 and Augusta Southeastern stopped Havana 63-47.
3/2/22 It took double-overtime, but Routt defeated Metro East Lutheran 37-34 on a buzzer-beater trey by Nolan Killion. T. J. Harris hit a 3 pointer to send the game to overtime, tied at 28. Both schools scored 4 points in the first overtime with 1 basket and 2 free throws. Briles led the Knights with 12 points, while Harris (2 for 9) had 6, Jaeden Rush and Neal added 5 each as Bean tallied 4 and Lumpkins 2. The Knights hit 13 of 37 from the field, 4 for 7 from the line and had 10 turnovers in the loss. Routt made the final shot, with no time left on the clock, to win the game, but it was their defense and patience, and I will add calm nature that helped win the game. They wanted to limit the number of shots Metro East took in the game and keep their turnover count (10) at less than 12. Killion shot 3 for 5 from long range, hit 2 deuces and 2 free throws to lead the Rocket scoring. He did a very nice job handling the ball against full court pressure al night long. Abell had to deal with a prolific shot-blocker, in Damarcus Bearn, but was able to score 8 points 3 for 4 from the line. Michael Wilson played a pretty good game, with 1 technical, 6 points, 2 big free throws in overtime and did not foul out of the game. He did his job and helped Rout to the victory. Cors added 3 points and Walker and Merwin had 2 each. It was another nice team effort as they hit 12 of 36 from the field, 10 of 13 from the line with the 10 turnovers. The win propelled them into the title game Friday night against the Liberty Eagles, who beaten twice this year, 40-34 and 61-47. It should be a championship quality ame, so join us at WHNG or tune in to 101.3 WVIL or WVILFM . com to hear all of the actiion.  
3/4/22 The WHNG sectional was a well run and well played event, as Liberty took the first place Placque and will take on Augusta-Southeastern, who defeated Peoria Christian 43-34, at the Jacksonville Bowl on Tuesday. Liberty defeated Routt for the third time this season, by 6, 14 and 11 and deserved the win tonight. Their defense was relentless and the Rockets hit 9 of 39 from the field, for 23 percent and 6 for 11 from the line with 11 turnovers. Killion had 14 to lead the way while Merwin finished with 8, Abell 4 and Cors 2. On the Eagle side, Robbins led the way with 13, Wolf 7, Klingele 7, Obert, 4, Tenhouse 4 and Klauser (Devin) 4. They hit 15 of 22 in the game for 68% and 6 of 7 in the second half while Routt was trying to erase an 8 point half time deficit. Liberty also hit 7 of 12 free throws and had 12 turnovers. Liberty was dogged in denying Abell the ball inside and Routt's supporting role players just couldn't get their shot to fall, so the final score showed just how tough it was for the Rockets to score. They ended a good season with 27 wins and 7 losses. They will lose Cors and Abell to graduation so Routt should be strong in the WIVC again next season. 
3/25/22 It was a cold and blustery afternoon, with 23 mph wind gusts, and it added to a softball game with 11 errors and some questionable base running as it hard to keep focus. West Central came to Triopia and defeeated the Lady Trojans 15-5. Bryleigh Fox picked up the win as she allowed 5 runs on 7 hits, walked 3 and hit 1. Fox also scored 4 times in the win. Multiple hits came from McGee (3), Evans (2), Burk (2) and Peterson (2). Six Cougars had at least 1 it as they improved to 1-2 on the season, with losses to Carrollton and Payson. Triopia's Bartels took the loss as she allowed 11 hits, 15 runs (5 earned) as she walked 2, struck out 4 and hit a battr. The Trojan defense made 8 errors and gave up 10 unearned runs. They got 2 hits from Reid, Hailey Reynolds and Young as they fell to 2-2 on the year with wins over Illini West and New Berlin and losses to the Cougars and to Havana. They will play at Porta on Monday.  
4/4/22 It was a confusing but fun softball game, with the high in the mid to low 50's, as Triopia defeated Greenfield 6-5. In the first inning, the Tigers posted 3 runs on the board and I am still not sure where the 3rd run came from as I only had McAdams andWoods scoring, and the scoreboard at Gene armer Field is in left field with the sun glaring off of the lighted guest score that makes it unreadable until the sun sets a little. White, Roberts and Clark all had 2 hits while McAdams, Woods, Mathws, Turley and Bramley all had 1. Turley had 2 RBI's and there were 9 runners left on base. The Tigers fell to 1-2 on the year and we will see them at Routt on the 11th. The Triopias corrected their error situation with just a dropped ball at first base and 2 past balls. They had 9 hits, 4 earned runs and left 4 runners on base. Bartels went 7 innings with 11 hits, 2 earned runs,7 strike outs and just 1 walk. Megan Reynolds was moved to lead off and had 3 hits, and 3 runs scored. Rohn and Walker had 2 hits and 1 RBI each. Ganz had 1 hit and Reid had the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 7th, as she drove home Hailey Reynolds who had gotten on on a fielders choice. Reid nearly got it out of the ballpark as it landed at the base of the fence in right center field. Weather permitting, the Trojans will play the Liberty Eagles in a road game this afternoon. They are 3-2 on the season. If Triopia can stay away from the errors and questionable decisions, they will have a prety good season.  
4/11/22 Routt Catholic softball got off to a great start with a 6-0 lead over Greenfield after two innings. They did not score again until the bottom of the second when they were trailing 12-6. The Rockets had the bases loaded with the tying run at the plate, but couldn't get over the hump and lost 12-8 to fall to 1-5 on the year. They have played good competition and have lost to Auburn, Calho, Brown County twice and now to Greenfield who made a nice come back. The Tigers had 15 hits, 12 runs, 2 errors and left 12 runners on base. White had 4 hits, 4 runs scored and 2 RBI's. Woods and Roberts had 3 hits each. McAdams went the distance as she gave up 9 hits, 8 runs while strikig out 8 and walking7. The Tigers improved to 3 and 6 on the year. Routt just made untimely errors as they allowed 5 unearned runs in the loss. They will host Hardin-Calhoun on Thursday. The Warriors defeated Routt 11-1 last week, and it will be a tough game for the Rockets. It is early in the season and Routt will be a much improved team by regional time. Horney made a nice play in the outfield in the top of the first and wen 3 for 3 on the day with 2 runs scored and 3 RBI's. Hurt and Peters had 2 hits each and Routt left 9 runners on base. They aren't that far off and will win several games before the season ends.   
4/14/22 High school softball is all about pitching. Most of the very good teams have 2 hurlers who can win you games. Carrollton is a good case in point. They have Lauren Flowers and Hannah Uhles and today the Hawks allowed 3 runs on 2 hits  as they struck out 4 and walked 1. Their 27-3 win moved then to 12-1 on the year. Routt, on the other hand, is lean on pitching and are hopeful that Kate Cosgriff can go 5 to 7 innings in a game and not be forced to look to the bull pen for some help. Today, Cosgriff did not have her stuff and allowed 11 runs in an inning and a third, with 0 strike outs and 5 walks plus a grand slam home run. arlier walked 5 and struck out no one, while giving up a grand slam home run. Rodgers walked 1 and gave up 3 runs including a home run. Peters was next with 2 walks and 4 runs and Creviston rounded out the day with 2 walks and 1 run. Combined they gave up 27 runs on 14 hits with no strikeouts and 15 walks as they fell to 1-6 on the year. They simply proved today what they already know. Their pitching is currently weak and hoping to improve while trying to keep their defense in place, which is pretty decent. Once they stat moving players around, they begin to lose their composure, so patience is the key word and there are better days around the corner. Most coaches are greatful if they have been blessed with a solid freshman, who grows and matures becomes the glue to a good softball team. Personally I am hanging my hat on Cosgriff and wishing her the best as the Rockets search for wins. As for the Hawks, they only have 1 senior and will be a force this year and into the near future. Flowers was 4 for 4 with a grand slam, Holmes 3 for 3 with 2 home runs, including a grand slam, Uhles and Walls were 2 for 3 and Stumpf, Cox and Kallal all had one hit while every Hawk scored at least 1 run today. That is pretty good.
4/22/22 Routt entered tonight's softball game with a 2-6 record and Western was 3-6 and you just had a feeling this might be a good one. The Wildcats masde 1 error and the Rockets played a clean game and won it 9-8 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Western finished the game with 10 hits, 8 runs, 13 runners left on base and 1 error. McQuay led the with a 3 for 4 game, 1 home run, 2 runs scored and 3 RBI's. Colgrove, McMullen, Paige Wombles and Kodi Nelson all had 2 hits while Bainter and Stolte had 1 hit each. 7 of the 9 starters had at lest 1 hit in the loss. They kept switching Bainter and Wombles back and forth from the pitching rubber to 1st base as they were trying to figure out who they wanted to use against the top two thirds of the Rocket lineup. Routt had 15 hits, 9 runs, 8 runners left on base and 0 errors. They had 3 homeruns in the game and 3 players with 3 hits each. Horney was 3 for 5 with 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Creviston finished with a 3 for 4 night, including a singe, a walk and 2 home runs. She scored twice and drove in 4 runs. In a very pleasant surprise, Reardon had a double and 2 singles and did a nice job in the outfield. Hurt was 2 for 4 with 2 runs scored. Parlier was 2 for 4 with 3 runs scored and a 2-run home run. She also pitched 1 inning to give the Wildcats a different look as they had begun to hit Cosgriff. Peters had 2 hits. Routt is real close to having 7 good hitters in their line up. One of these days, Winters, Beddingfield, Varela, Geirnaeit or Rogers will begin to hit the ball consistently and it will make a world of difference for the Rocket offense. They will face Triopia on Monday, ina rod game and it should be a good one. They are similar teams. 
4/27/22 Routt won their 3rd game in a row today as they knocked off New Berlin 17-1. They had previously beaten Western and Triopia and are hoping to defeat Griggsville-Perry tomorrow at home, if the rain allows. New Berlin fell to 9-9 as they could only muster 1 run on 3 hits with 6 runners left on base. They made 4 errors in the loss. Owens picked up the solo RBI as she drew a walk with th bases loaded. Routt, on the other hand, had 17 runs on 17 hits with 13 earned runs and only 1 error as they improved to 5-6 on the season. Horney had 3 hits with 3 runs scored, while Parlier was 3 for 4 with 3 runs scored and a solo home run. Creviston had a 3-run home run in the first inning and finished the day with a 2 for 4 effort and 6 RBI's. Hurt and Peters had 2 hits each as Winters,  Beddingfield, Cosgriff and Reardon had 1 hit each. Eight of the nine starters had at least 1 run scored and all 9 starters had at least 1 hit. Cosgriff pitched 3 and 2/3 innings with 5 walks and 1 strike out. Parlier pitched 1/3 innings as she came in with the bases and Hopkins hit a ball between short and third, Winters made a very good play to get the ball and force Steubs out at third base to end the game. Coach Martin is out of town for the week and Adam Haas is 2 and 0 with 2 games left this week. He would love to go 4-0 in this fill-in role. 
5/4/22 Routt was leading 3-0, last Wednesday and the game was suspended due to rain and finished this afternoon. The Rockets beat Griggsville-Perry 13-3 and earned the right to play in The 5-team WIVC Conference Tournament. They will play an un-named opponent at 4:30 on Monday night at Futures Field in Jacksonville. We expect Brown County, Hardin Calhoun, Carrollton and leasant Hill ay be the other 4 teams but won't know until later in the week. Today, the Tornadoes finished with 3 runs, 1 hit, 3 errors and they left 6 runners on base. Tate got the only hit and Brown took the loss. Routt improved to 6-6 on the season and are playing well at this time. Parlier got the win today and played a game of feast or famine as she went 5 innings;  striking out 6 and walking 6 plus hitting one. She gave up 2 unearned runs and Cosgriff game in to finish the game and gave up an earned run after issuing a lead off walk. Rutt had 13 runs, 14 hits, 1 error and left 5 on base. Parlier was 3 for 4 with 2 RBI's and 2 runs scored, Hurt was 2 for  2 with 2 runs scored, Creviston 2 for 4 with 2 RBI's and 3 runs scored, Winters 2 for 4 with 2 RBI's and 1 run scored and Reardon had 2 hits with a run scored and 1 RBI. Both Rogers and Peters added a hit. Cosgriff grounded to the pitcher 3 times and got on via an error on the 3rd baseman. The Rockets are 6 and 6 on the year. Hurt got a concussion, on a foul ball, at practice and will be out until Monday. Cami is a steady contributor game by game.   
5/9/22 Pleasant Hill scored 11 runs in the first inning and 4 in the second, as they defeated Routt Catholic, in softball, 15-4. Lowe and Wombles combined to hold the Rockets to 7 hits and 4 runs, with 2 of those being inside the park homeruns for Cami Hurt. Cosgriff took the loss and the Rockets fell to 6-9 while the Lady Wolves improved to 17-6 and will take on the undefeated Lady Hornets of Brown County in the semi-finals of the WIVC Tournament. Hurt had 3 hits for Routt with 3 runs scored and 2 RBI's. While Creviston, Peters, Winters and Reardon alll had 1 hit. The Wolves had 12 hits, 15 runs, 2 errors and they left 2 runners on base. Peebles, Wombles, Lowe and Winchell all had 2 hits while Hill, VanStrein, DeCamp and Daniels had a hit. the hit for Van Strein's hit was a 2 run home run. Our next softball game broadcast will be Thursday as Beardstown comes to Routt to take on the Rockets; then it is on to the regionals. 
5/12/22 Routt Catholic softball lost their last 2 regular season games and will enter post-season play with a 6 and 10 record. They will open against Springfield Calvary on Monday, the 16th at 4:30 pm. Should they win, they will play Tuesday at Havana. Today they simply did not hit the ball and lost a 9-1 decision to Beardstown. The had 4 hits in the game and scored 1 unearned run while striking out 12 times. This is a much better hitting team than that and credit has to be given to Hager and Brown who pitched for the Tigers. Beardstown had 11 hits and 9 runs with 7 runners left on base. Logsdon went 3 for 3 with 2 RBI's and 2 runs scored. Santiago was 2 for 2 with 4 RBI's as Simpson and Goodrich each garnered 2 hits. Palmer and Coats rounded out the hitting with a hit each. Beardstown improved to 10/13 and will open regional play on Monday vs Porta, at Petersburg. We are planning on carrying that game on and the Routt game will be on
5/16/22 The Routt Catholic girl's softball team played one of their better games today as they defeated Springfield Calvary at the Havana regional. With the win, the Rockets will play the #2 seed, Havana Ducks at 4:30 tuesday. Cosgriff walked 5 batters and struck out 4 as she threw a 2 hit shut out. Piper Taylor and McKenna Cox had a hit each, for the Saints, and Carlisle got on via an error on Routt. Meena Taylor struck out 12 batters and walked 7 as she allowed 4 hits and gave up 5 earned runs. Calvary ended their season with 8 wins and 10 losses. Hurt got on base 4 times and scored 2 runs as she walked twice, got on on a error on the right fielder and hit a double. Horney had a double and a walk and scored a run. Parlier walked twice, scored once and had 8 put outs. Creviston had 1 hit, 2 RBI's and scored once. Peters singled and drove in 2 while scoring one as the Rockets had 4 hits, 6 runs, 1 error and left 6 runners on base. They will have to play well in Havana as the Ducks will be a hand full. They beat Brown County 2-1 last week and, while the Hornets won't make any excuses, they had played a double-header the day before they face Havana. It was the only loss of the season for Brown County and they came into post season as th #1 team in the sub-sectional.   
5/17/22 Routt's softball season came to an end with a 17-2 loss to the #2 seed Havana Ducks. The Rockets jumped out to a 2-0 lead as Peters singled in 2 RBI's but unfortunately that was the last runs Routt scored in the game. They have up 7 in the first, 3 in the third and 7 in the 4th and finished their season with a 7 and 11 record and only lose 1 senior, Caitlyn Horney, for next year. She is a very talented softball player. Havana had 12 hits, 17 runs, committed no errors and left 6 runners on base. Robison had 3 hits, Turner 2, Cowell 2 and Herbst 2.  Everybody scored at least 1 rn in the game and Wickman threw a complete game. Havana will play either Pawnee or Edinburg for the regional title on Friday.