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11/16/21 Opening night of area girl's basketball, for Routt Catholic and Pittsfield was pretty much what you would expect. Veteran coach Jeff Shireman, had his team ready to play defense for 4 quarters, score when it presents itself and steal the game at the end. First year head coach, for Routt, Val Creviston got the 34-32 win but not before a scare at the end of the game. The Rockets had a comfortable 8 point leard at 32-24 for an extended period of time before it nearly slipped away. Seniors, Huffman and Dobson, led the Rockets with 13 and 11 respectvely while Cox (11) and Ten Eyck (10) led the Saukees. It is possible they will face each other at the Brown County Tournament and I would expect a similar type game. Routt has a wider range of potential scorers and Pittsfield will likely go back to Cox and Ten Eyck when it is go time. 
11/18/21 In my opinion, last night's girl's basketball game between Trioipia and Beardstown was a mild upset as the Tigers survived a late scare and wond 34-28. Beardstown plays a street ball type of game and it will work for them against teams that are not as physical or tall as they are. They pound the boards and knock down put back shots hoping for a hoop or a foul. They shot 69 times in their win oveer the Trojans who just could not match them inside and had a difficult time stopping Kayembe and Carlock. who hit 12 and 10 respectively. The Tigers hit 13 of 69 from the field and 9 of 24 from the line, but basically owned the paint. Hailey Reynolds led the Trojans with 9 4th quarter points , while Reid hit for 6 first half points and Megan Reynolds and Carson scored 5 each. Triopia struggled with their scoring as they were pushed out of the paint for most of the game and only scored 2 points in the second quarter and 2 in the third. They will win a lot of games this season, but will have trouble with taller ball clubs and will need to find a way to deal with it.

Routt Catholic boy's basketball opened their season with a smashing success as they knocked of Raymond-Lincolnwood 63-32 with a running clock. Schmedeke led the Lancers with 8 points as 7 players scored but the game was not close. The Rockets led 19-6 after one piled up the points at will. Abell had 17, Killion 12 and 6 other players added points. Routt hit 20 of 51 shots, and 11 of 20 from the free throw line with only 9 turnovers in the win. They will face Springfield Lutheran tomorrow night. Routt has a transfer student, Michael Wilson, who may make a big difference in their game plan this season. He is 6' 5" and can really jump and cause havoc in the paint. He is not a smooth ball-handler yet, nor a great shooter away from the glass, but he blocks shots and rebounds with the best of them. When you add Wilson to Abell, it is a large problem for the opposing teams. This is a well rounded Rocket team and Wilson gives them a little extra. He will smooth out as the season goes on.



North Mac jumped out to a big lead over Triopia and held an 11 to 3 first quarter lead. With the help of a buzzer-beating, off-balance trey,Ryan Snow closed the gap to an 18-15 half-time score. The teams were tied at 30, after 3 quarters and the Panthers out-scored Triopia in the 4th, to take the 43-37 win. Dohleman scored 18 for North Mac to lead the way as the 6'3" senior played a nice game. Vance scored 14 as he hit some late key shots. Triopia shot 13 for 46 from the field and 7 for 14 from the line. Moore led the Trojans with 10 points while Walker (9), Mueller (8), Snow (7) and Wisdom(3) rounded out the scoring. Hard work and only 6 turnovers kept the Trojans in the game. They will face South County tomorrow at 5:00.


In game two, it was Routt Catholic and Springfield Lutheran, but it wasn't the usual nail-biter as they Rockets out-muscled and out-shot the Crusaders and won the game 83-18.Thomas was Lu-Hi's leading scorer with 6 points as they committed 21 turnovers and shot 17 percent from the field and 13 percent from the line. Routt hit 32 of 60 from the field and 11 of 16 from the charity stripe and led big at each quarter. After two games in the early season Routt is averaging 73 points a game and allowing only 25. The Rockets got double-digits from 4 players and 10 players, over-all, scored in the win. Killion (18), Cors (13), Whalen (12) and Wilson (12) lead the way as Routt showed their strength inside the 3-point arc and beyond. 8 treys out of 17 attempts and shot 60 shots to 35 for Lutheran. It was a convincing win and the Rockets will play New Berlin on Friday night. Both teams will be 2-0 and the winner will play for the championship on Saturday.


11/24/21 On night 3 of the Turkey Tournament, from New Berlin, it was 0-1 Triopia and 0-1 South County looking for their first win. Triopia got off to a 15-4 first quarter lead and led 28-13 at half. The Vipers cut the lead to 30-27 at the end of the 3rd and it was a dog fight in the fourth quarter as the Trojans prevailed 40-35. Both teams played hard and it wasn't pretty but it was exciting. Matt Crow had 14 points to lead South County and almost helped them a win. The Vipers shot 36% from the field and 6 for 9 from the line with 22 turnovers which didn't help their cause. Triopia had well-rounded scoring with 6 players in the mix. Snow led the way with 11 as the Trojans hit 29% of their shots and 11 of 23 from the line, which certainly needs to improve. They played extremely hard on defense and almost threw it away at the charity stripe. They had an acceptible 13 turnovers and were a little short on the bench due to Covid. They will play Macon Meridian on Friday, the 26th.  

After taking a day off, for Thanksgiving, the New Berlin Tournament continued with Trioia 1-1 facing a very strong 2-0 Macon-Merdian team. The Trojans were simply under-manned and couldn't atay with the Hawks for 4 quarters. The final score was 76-21 and put Trioia in the 5th place game Saturday verses Raymond-Lincolnwood. The Hawks will move on to the championship game where they will take on the 3-0 Routt Rockets. Triopia shot 15 for 38 against the Hawks and hit 10 of 22 free throws. They turned the ball over 18 times in the loss. Moore, Snow and Wisdom score 9 each and Booth was a perfect 4 for 4 from the line. Nine of the Hawks scored in the win. Phillps led the way with 17, Day 14 and Ralston 12 as Hurrelbrink (9) and Brown (8) helped out in the paint. This is a free-wheeeling team that will try to run over you if you don't slow them down. They have a good inside game and outside game with good ball handlers (8 turnovers) and hit 4 for 7 from the line. They shot 53 percent from the field go 6' 6", 6' 4" and 6' 4" in the paint. It should be championship quality basketball on Saturday when they take o a similar team. 


In game 2 on the 26th, it was the host New Berlin Pretzels taking on Routt Catolic. Routt was averaging 73 points a game and allowig only 25 coming into this semi-final round. They won but had to take a different route in their 40-26 win. Their post got in foul trouble early and that changed things. Abell didn't play a lot and ended up with 7 points in the win. Michael Williams, my X factor, came off the bench to score 9 points with 3 for 4 from the line. The Pretzels paid a lot of attention to three point shooting Nolan Killion and held him in check most of the game but he still hit 3 for 6 from long range for 9 points. Routt had 6 player score in the game as they hit 14 of 44 fro the field an 8 of 13 from the charity striple. They had 7 turnovers 15 on the Pretzels. Gannon scored 12 points on 4 treys in the first half, for New Berlin, then he got a slight ankle twist and was shut out in the second half with just 2 attempts and no made baskets. It was a nice defensive adjustment for Routt's defense. New Berlin hit 10 of 24 shots ad 1 of 6 free throws and while that may keep you in some games for a while, it is hard to win when they out shoot you 44 to 24.New Berlin will play North Mac for 3rd place on Saturday. 


Triopia boys defeated Raymon-Lincolnwood 52-49 in a nail-biter, for 5th place at the New Berlin Turkey Tournament as they improved to 2-2 on the season. The Lancers got 41 points , of their, 49, from Whalen 22 and Jenkins 19 as they shot 45% from the field and 8 for 8 from the charity stripe. Their bad number was 14 tunrovers while only forcing the Trojans into 8. Triopia had 6 players score in the win:  Moore 12, Neathery 9, Walker 8, Snow 6, Reynolds 6 and Wisdom 2. They only ma5 17 of 51 from the field and 9 of 19 from the line, but their consistent pressure defense and over-all hustle helped them hang on for the victory. Our next Trojan broadcast will be on Saturday when they host Camp Point Central.


In the championship game, at New Berlin, it was a very good game between 2 big, strong and deep basketball teams. Macon-Meridian proved to be a little deeper as Day (10) and Grant Meisenhelter (17) came off of the bench to make the difference. Phillips also had 17, Hurelbrink 8, Brown 7, Ripole (6) and Ralston (2) as they hit 24 of 45 for 56% from the field and 11 of 12 free throws with just 8 turnovers in the win. The Hawks are 4-0 on the young season and have a first place placque from the Gene Bergschneider Turkey Tournament. Abell score 17 to lead the Trojans, as Killion (10), Wilson (10), Walker (10), Cors (6), Merwin (4) and Whalen (3) all contributed. Routt shot well as they knocked down 24 of 46 for 53% and 7 of 10 in free throws. They had 11 turnovers in the loss but this is oe of the best teams they will likely face this season and they fared well, in spite of losing the game. They are 3-1 and our next game broadcast will be Friday night as they host Springfield Lutheran, who they beat 83-18 at the Turkey Tournament. The Crusadrs beat South County for the 7th place placque on Saturday.   

12/2/21 You knew, going into last night's game, that Routt would try to exploit the inside against the Trojans and they did. The ended up shooting 54 from the field and 90 percent from the free throw line with just 8 turnovers, so the final score of 55-19 was no real surprise. The Lady Trojans hit 6 of 45 for 13 percent with 5 for 14 from the line and 13 turnovers, so the end result was understandable. Trioia had 5 players score and no one scored more than 5 points as they fell to 2-5 on the season. They gave it their best shot and outshot Routt 45-39, but it is not a big Trojan team and they will struggle from time to time. Rout had 8 players score as Dobson hit 18, Vollmer 13, Huffman 7, Creviston 5, Grace G. 4, Horney 3, L. G. 2 and Peters 3 as they improved to 6-1 on the year. They will play a big and strong Greenfield team on Monday, at home, in a conference game. The Rockets knocked down 21 of 39 from the field, 9 of 10 from the line and did a nice job of taking care of the ball. The Greenfield/Routt game will be carried on 101.3 WVIL, All Sports Radio.
12/3/21 By Tommy Cook
For the second time in as many weeks, the Routt Rockets Boys Basketball scored big over the Springfield Lutheran Crusaders, with the final score coming out to 74-34.  The Rockets put up 12 straight to open the contest and never looked back.  The Crusaders went into the halftime locker room with nearly as many turnovers as points.  But their play improved in the second half, bumping their field goal percentage from 35% to 45% and doubling their points output from the first half.  Wes Mullen was the standout Crusader on this night, scoring 13 points, most of which came from directly under the basket.  For the Rockets, it was another standout performance for the transfer student Michael Wilson, who put up 20 points off the bench and led the Rockets in scoring.  Gus Abell and Ethan Walker also had good scoring games, but most of their points came in the first half.  The Rockets ended the night at around 68% from the field, shooting 50% from the 3 point line and 56% from the stripe. 
12/4/21 In a very exciting and well-played boy's baketball game, the Triopia Trojans got off to a hot start with 7 for 11 from long range in the first half and a 13 point lead. They had to hang on at the end to prevail with a 59-58 win as the CPC Panthers would not give in. Neathery hit 21, Snow 19, Wisdom 9, Walker 8 ad Moore 2 as Triopia hit 59 percent of their shots and 75 percent from the line with 10 turnovers. A good portion of the win was due to defense and hustle as the Panthers hit the first 10 points of the second half to tie the game. CPC had 4 scorers in double figures:  Wiskirchen 15, Isaac Genenbacher 14, Nick Moore 13 and Dickhut 10, with Blewett adding 4. The Panthers hit 23 of 38 for 61 percent from the field and 6 for 9 from the charity stripe with just 9 turnovers. It came down to a game of chess at the end  and a missed trey at the end before it was decided. Both teams played well and it could hae gone either way.