Larry's Game Blogs - recaps of all WVIL local ballgames

1/15/18 Sara Evans hit a 3-point bucket to open the Lady Trojans game with Liberty, then they never lead again and lost 65-49.  Triopia looked a step slow tonight and the Eagles grabbed almost all of the loose balls tonight in their win.  The Trojans hit 31 percent of their shots and only 38 percent of their free throws.  They also had 14 turnovers which aided in their loss.  They fell to 15-9 on the year.  The good news is the 26 point effort by Evans, who had knocked down 6 treys in the loss.  Liberty had 18 from Gimm, 15 from Knuffman and 13 from Coonrod while 4 other players added to the scoring.  They hit 25 of 45 from the field and 12 of 23 from the free line with 9 of those coming in the 4th quarter.  They turned the ball over 10 times as they improved to 7-16 on the season.
1/13/18 Triopia jumped out to a great start and cruised to a 62-33 win over Litchfield in the 5th place game at the WHNG Lady Spartan.  Madison (14) led the Panthers who shot 31 percent from the field and 66 percent from the line with 19 turnovers.  They fell to 5-16 with the loss.  The Trojans had 3 players (Burrus 18, Evans 15 and Portwood 10) in double digits as they hit 52 percent of their shots and only 59 percent from the line with 19 turnovers.  Triopia improved to 15-8 with the win and, except for the turnovers, played a nice game.  They lost their concentration and intensity for part of the game and have to learn to play 4 quarters as it will be necessary against stronger opponents.

Earlier in the season, in regular season play, West Central defeated Triopia by 7 points.  Tonight, at the Lady Spartan, the Cougars had a 2 pooint lead heading into the 4th quarter and pulled away for a 58-47 win.  They hit 2 treys (Logan Little) and 16 of 20 free throws to ice the game away.  They will play Western at 8 pm on Thursday for the right to play in the championship game against Pittsfield on Saturday.  WC got 21 poionts from Little, 17 from Likes and 10 from Slagle in their win as they hit 15 for 38 from the field 21 of 30 from the line with 11 turnovers.  Triopia fell to 13-8 with the loss  as they hit 13 of 43 from the field and 19 of 31 from the line with 17 turnovers.  Burrus had foul trouble tonight but finished with 19 points while Evans and Portwood each scored 10.


Triopia also played Madison at 8:00 pm tonight and cruised to a 71-36 win.  The Lady Trojans of Madison fell to 2-12 on the year as they got 21 points from Tamara Anderson and 9 points from Pierra Barbee.  They hit 31 percent from the field and 2 for 2 from the line with 15 turnovers.  Triopia got scoring from all 11 of their players as Evans led the way with 17 and Burrus, who only played the first half of the game, scored 11.  Triopia hit 29 of 58 shots and 9 of 16 free throws with 12 turnovers.  They will play for 5th place on Saturday at 10 am. 

1/8/18 Routt took charge early tonight and defeated North Mac in girl's basketball 67-33.The Rockets worked hard in protecting the ball and getting aggressive offensively, after their two losses to Plains and Lewistown.  It paid off as they only had 5 turnovers tonight and caused 26 turnovers on the Panthers.The Rockets improved to 16-4 on the year and North Mac fell to 3-11.   For the Panthers, Starks and Martin had 8 points each while Yemm had 6.  They shot 14 for 34 from the field and 3 for 6 from the line.  Routt got 3 players in double digits (McCartney 15, K. Abell 12 and M. Fellhauer 10)with 10 players in the scoring column.  They hit 30 of 76 shots with 2 for 5 from the free throw line and only 3 turnovers in the first half and 2 in the 2nd half.  They will try to keep it going when they takes on the Beardstown Tigers, in a road game, on Thursday night.
1/4/18 The Carrollton Hawks took an early 16-11 lead over Routt Catholic tonight, but shot poorly (1-10) in the 2nd and (1-11) in the third quarter.  The Rockets won the game 42-36 and improved to 9-6 on the season.  The Hawks fell to 4-6 as Brannan led the way with 15 points and Jones added 7.  They shot 33 oercebt frin tge fuekd abd 54 oercebt frin tge kube wutg 14 turnovers.  Routt was led by Marshall's 12 , while Chumley scoed 10 and Beckman 9.  They hit 34 percent from the field and knocked down 15 of 26 from the free throw line with 16 turnovers.  It wasn't a well played game but it was relatively close game with a decent size crowd on a cold week day night.
12/27/17 In a much anticipated game between Routt Catholic and Barry Western, it proved to be as close as one could imagine and any further meetings will likely be the same. Routt won the 52-48 overtime game, after each team had a chance to win it in regulation.  Routt missed 5 free throws in a row in the 4th quarter, and with time running out, Western had a great chance to grab the win and neither team got the job done.  Barry got 16 from Borrowman and 14 from Epperson while shooting 43 percent fromthe field and 75 percent from the line with 12 turnovers.  They scored 6 points in overtime and fell to 13-2 on the season.  Routt got 15 from Katie Abell who had fould trouble all game long.  Tey also got 10 points from McCartney off of the bench, 9 from Walker and 8 from Ellie Abell while Martin (3), Schierl (3) and Fellhauer (2) all contributed points.  Routt had 10 points in overtime including 6 for 8 in free throws.  They are 15-2 and will play Pleasant Plains in the semi-final round on Thursday at the Lady Tiger Classic.  It was a very exciting finish and the supporters for Western and Routt were caught up in the action.    
12/21/17 WHNG was a little short-handed tonight due to an injury to Evans and a bit of the Flu Bug.  The Lady Trojans were scrappy but not strong enough to stay with the Lady Rockets of Routt, who defeated them 54-32. Brown led the Spartans with 10 points and McClenning scored 7.  WHNG hit 33 percent of their shots and were 0-3 from the line with 32 turnovers.  The Spartans were 7-2 and have lost 6 games in a row to fall to 7-8. Routt improved to 14-2 with their win as Katie Abell scored 20 points to lead the way.  Martin had 11 points while 8 Rockets scored in the win.  They hit 19 of 48 shots and 12 of 21 free throws with 23 turnovers.  They will open their Lady Tiger Tournament with a game against either Unity or North Fulton at 2 pm on the 26th in the middle school gym.
12/19/17 The boys basketball game between Payson and Triopia was a very entertaining game as two of the better teams in the area went head to head.  The final score 67-56 does not come close to accurately describing what a tight game this was.  The Indians led 18-14 after one, then it was tied 30-30 and 41-41 at the end of the half and third quarter.  Payson got away in the 4th as they hit 9 of 11 field goals and 6 of 8 free throws.  Triopia was able to stay close in the 1st half as they forced 9 turnovers on the Indians while only committing 4 of their own.  Triopia shot 35 percent from the field and 78 percent fromthe line with 7 turnover in the game.  Payson hit 60percent of their shots and 73 percent of their shots from the line, with 12 turnovers in the win. Triopia fell to 6-1 on the year and Payson improved to 8-1. These teams may meet again as they are in the same bracket in the Winchester Invitational. 
12/18/17 West Central did exactly what we preach about game in and game out.  They turned the ball over 3 times in the game and made 11 of 13 free throws in the 4th quarter and defeatedTriopia 51-45.  It was a good game and either team could have won but Triopia turned the ball over 13 times in the loss.  That gave the Cougars 9 more possessions or chances to make a bucket.  The Trojans ended up with 9of 10 free throws themselves in the 4th quarter.  They shot 36% from the field while WC hit 35%.  It was a good game and if they meet again, it will be another toss up.  Likes led WC with 15, Slagel 12, Ma Lashmett 9, Cannon 8, Little 6 and Elliott 3 as they spread the ball around well.  They will open play at the 36th annual Lady Tiger, on the 26th, when they face Rushville.  Triopia will play Rushville tomorrow night in Rushville.  They were led by 21 points from Burrus6 of 8 free throws while Evans scored 15 poionts with 4 of 4 from the line.  Portwood tallied 9 points and Werries 2 in the loss.  The Trojans are 9-4 and the Cougars improved to 3-7.  Triopia will open with Athens at 9:00on the 26th in the high school gym and will be covered on 101.3 WVIL.
12/16/17 Routt Catholic wa a little too tall and too deep for the Pawnee Indians who were hoping for their first win of the season.  The Rockets won 42-23 and led at every quarter.  For the Indians: Bowman led the way with 10 points, all in the second half. Langheim had 7 while Avery Kern and Adcock had 3 each.  Pawnee shot 7 for 33 from the field and 8 for 14 from the line with 23 turnovers as hey fell to 0-10 on the year.  Routt did not shoot well today.  They shot often.  They ended up 16 for 61 with 10 for 21 from the charity stripe and 14 turnovers.  Katie Abell had to work hard for her 14 points.  McCartney had 8 and o one else scored more than 4 in the game.They had 7 players in the scoring column and improved to 13-2.  Our next game broadcast for the Routt girls will be against WHNG next week.  The Routt boys won on Friday night at Pleasant Hill 50-44 and rolled over Pawnee on Saturday, at the Bowl, 64-26.
12/15/17 On paper, it looked like a potential easy win for Routt Catholic's Lady Trojan basketball team.  They were 11-2 and Athens 2-10 heading into their match-up at the Bowl.  It turned out to be a real battle as Routt eventually won the 54-41 game. The Warriors shot 36 percent in the loss and 2 for 3 from the free throw line, with 17 turnovers.  Morgan Penrod had 11 points while Stille had 10 and Cronister 8.  Their tenacious defense kept them close throughout the game.  For the Rockets, Katie Abell was the leading scorer again as she hit 23 points. Walker had 8, Huffman 7 and McCartney 6.  Eight Rockets scored in the win and has been part of their successful season, as multiple scorers makes it touogh on any defense.  Routt shot 49 percent from the field and 48 percent from the line with 17 turnovers.  Next up for Routt will be the Pawnee Indians on Saturday.   
12/14/17 Routt Catholic got off to a slow start tonight as they took on the Lady Trojans of Auburn.  Once they settled in, they took the lead and hung on for a 43-28 win as they improved to 11-2 on the year.  The loss for Auburn dropped them to 11-2 also.  They lost to Pleasant Plains and Routt while the Rockets lost to Peoria Central and Brown County.  For Auburn tonight:  Smith 13, Clark 10 and no one else scored more than 2 points.  They shot 23 percent from the field and 43 percent from the line with just 9 turnovers.  Rout had 16 turnovers while shooting 58 percent from the field and 52 percent from the free throw line.  Katie Abell had 22 points, Huffman 9 and Burke 5 to lead the way.  Routt will play Athens at the Bowl at 5 pm Friday and Pawnee at the home of the Indians on Saturday afternoon.  
12/12/17 Hunter Chumley hit the game winning 3 point shot, as Routt Catholic defeated WHNG 54-51.  Winters delivered a one bounce pass as Chumley squared up and did the rest.  It was a close game all night long.  TheSpartans fell to 4-2 on the year and the Rockets improved to 4-4.  For WHNG, Whicker had 15, Blake 10, VanMeter 9, Josh Hopper 7 while Jonah Hopper and Lawson had 5 each.  They hit 20 of 57 from the field and 6 of 8 from the free throw line while turning the ball over 15 times in the loss.  The Rockets had lost 2 games in a row and need a good showing tonight, and got it.  Chumley had 15, Winters 12, Marshall 11, Beckman 10, Moore 4 and Kaleb Birdsell 2 in the win.  The hit 44 percent of their shots and 71 percent of their free throws. The winning shot came with .05 seconds left on the clock and it wasn't enough time for the Spartans to get off a last shot.Thedown side for Routt was the 20 turnovers they had in the game.
12/11/17 While it was a typical, knock down-drag out, game, Routt Catholic improved to 10-2 with their 45-39 win over Brown County.  The Hornets were getting to all of the loose balls and pressuring the Rockets defensively, but the turnovers in the 2nd half were hurting Brown County.  The Hornets got 14 points from Heldt, 10 from Doyle and 15 points from a combination of 5 other players.  They shot 33 percent fromthe field and 50 percent from the line with 3 turnovers in the first half and 13 in the second half.  They had to play without Mariah Markert and Belle Koch, due to injuries.  Routt got scoring from 7 players as Katie Abell led the way with 16.  Fellhauer and Huffman added 8 each while Ellie Abell and McCartney added 4.  Schierl added 3 and Martin 2 to round out the scoring.  Routt hit 17 of 41 shots and 10 of 20 free throws with 15 turnovers.  They will play Auburn on Thursday in a home game.
12/7/17 There were 45 turnovers in tonight's girl's basketball game as Triopia hosted the WHNG Spartans.  It was a back and forth game that the Spartans led by 7 points, on two occasions, but the final score was 49-37 as the Lady Trojans improved to 7 and 3 on the year.  The loss dropped the Spartans to 7-3 also.  Two of the Spartan losses came at the hands of Triopia as they met earlier in the Waverly tournament.  Madi Evans scored 19 points tonight and Lakeleigh Brown hit double figures with 12.  WHNG shot 25 percent from the field and 56 percent from the line with 22 turnovers.  The Trojans got a great second half from Burrus who ended up 10 points in the 4th quarter and 20 for the game. Sara Evans had 11 while Gregory and Portwood scored 7 each and Reynolds finished with 4.  The Trojans hit 42 percent of their shots and 50 percent of their free throws with 23 turnovers.  
12/5/17 Tonight's result in the basketball game between Routt Catholic and Triopia came as a complete surprise to me.  Not that the Trojans won the game, but the way they did it.  After trading leads 4 or 5 times early in the first quarter, the Trojans took a commanding 22-13 lead after one and led in all quarters before posting the 71-40 win.  They improved to 3-0 on the year and dropped th Rockets to 3-3.  Winters led Routt with 11 points as they shot 14 for 51 from the field and 9 for 17 from the line with 12 turnovers.  The Trojans had 4 players in double digits (Thompson 16), (Bridgewater 13), (Snow and Schmitz 10) Nine players scored as they hit 29 of 51 in field goals and 8 for 12 from the charity stripe with 17 turnovers.  It was a very good game for Triopia and it will be interesting to see how they play in their home game against Liberty on Friday night.  They seem to have good team chemistry and generally have the ingredients to have a winning season. Routt will face Waverly on Friday.
12/4/17 It was an exciting girl's basketball game at Routt tonight as the Lady Rockets slipped past Greenfield/NW 43-40.  Routt owned the first two quarters and held a 23-16 lead at half time.  The Tigers outscored the Rockets 22-10 in the third and held a 5 pooint lead heading into the 4th quarter.  Routt hit 1 of 8 free throws in the third and turned the ball over 7 times and it nearly cost them the game.  They hit 4 for 7 from the field and 5 for 9 from the line in the 4th and it was good enough as they improved to 9-2 and Greenfield fell to 4-2.  Walters led all scorers with 24 points and Vetter hit 10 points but the blance of the team was only able to add 9 oints and it wasn't enough.  The Tigers shot 39 percent from the field and 71 percent fromthe line and had 16 turnovers in the loss.  Routt was led by Katie Abell with 15 but they got help from McCartney and Fellhauer with 9, Martin with 8, Huffman 3 and Ellie Abell 2.  They shot 42 percent from the field and only 13 for 28 from the free throw line.  They had 7 turnovers in the first half and added 10 more in the second half and were still able to hang on for the win.  The Rockets are off for the balance of the week.
12/2/17 Routt Catholic girl's basketball was a little too strong and fast for the Young Crusaders of Springfield Lutheran.  The Lady Rockets won 56-36 and part of the reason for the win was the 28 Crusader turnovers verses only 12 for Routt.  Lutheran shot 47 percent from the field and 57 percent from the line in the loss. Routt only shot 38 percent from the field and 42 percent from the free throw, so you can see how important the turnovers are.  For the Crusaders, Scheiderhelm (freshman) led the way with 12 points and Stoeckel followed with 10.  Lutheran is 3-5 after the loss.  Routt:  got 16 from Katie Abell and 12 from Madi Fellhauer who had her most aggressive game of the year as she assisted in numerous steals and deflections.  Ellie Abell had a nice day with 8 points and McCartney hit 3 of 5 from the field for 6 points.  There were 7 Rockets who scored as they continue to move the scoring around and make themselves harder to defend.  Monday's game will be interesting as the Lady Rockets face scoring threats Walters and Vetter from Greenfield.  The Lady Tigers have defeated Triopia and lost in overtime to Carrollton, so they will be a challenge.  
12/1/17 Springfield Lutheran boys basketball came to Routt Catholic with a 3-4 record and lost a 64-47 decision.  The Crusader shot 45 percent from the field and 86 percent from the free throw line.  Griffith and Crifasi scored 10 points each but Hayer led the scoring with 12 as 8 players hit the scoring column.  The 22 turnovers played a big part in the Crusader loss.  Routt improved to 3-2 on the early season as they shot 46 percent  from the field and 14 for 22 from the line.  They took care of the ball and only turned it over 11 times.  Marshall led the way with 17 points as the Rockets spread the ball around.  Winters had 13, Beckman 11, Chumley 9, Moore 7 and Ronan 5.  Routt lost to Lovejoy and to Payson Seymour at the Pittsfield tournament to open their season.  This is a veteran team with height, speed and they apply good defensive pressure.  It feels like there are a lot of evenly balanced teams for the boys and girls in the WIVC and we should see some very competative games. 
11/30/17 Routt Catholic was a little too strong in the lane tonight and beat Triopia in girl's basketball.  The Trojans fell to 6-3 with the loss as they had 6 players in the scoring column.  Evans and Gregory led the way with 9 points each.  Triopia hit 27 percent from the field and 44 percent from the line with 17 turnovers.  The Rockets had 3 players (Martin, Walker and Katie Abell) with 14 points each as they shot 42 percent from the floor and 85% from the free throw line.  They had 13 turnovers and used their depth and height in the conference win.  Their next game will be on Saturday when they host the Lady Crusaders from Springfield Lutheran.  Routt improved to 7-2 with the win. Their only losses on the year are to Brown County and Peoria Central where poor free throw shooting and turnovers got in the way of a win.
11/27/17 Tonight's girl's basketball game between Triopia and Greenfield/NW was very entertaining and could have gone either way.  The Tigers ended up winning 60-56 as the senior Walters and the freshman, Vetter came up big in the 4th quarter.  on the night, the Tigers ended up:  Schaaf had 10 points, Walters 22, Laiken Heavner 5, Walker 8, Vetter 11, and Dietrich 6.  They shot 25 for 59 from the field and 5 for 6 from the line.  They had 16 turnovers in the win as they improved to 4-0 on the year.  The Trojans fell to 5-2 on the season as Burrus had 11, Reynolds 6, Evans 15, Gregory 4, Werries 6, and Portwood 14.  The hit 15 of 53 from the field and 3 for 6 from the line.  they had 19 turnovers in their loss.  Triopia will take on Routt in a home game on Thursday. 
11/14/17 Routt Catholic girl's basketball got off to a slow start tonight against the Pittsfield/GP Saukees and were trailing 12-9 after one quarter.  They turned it around however and won the game 56-31 and will face South County on Thursday.  The Saukees got scoring from just 3 players and will need to spread out the scoring as the year rolls on.  Pepper had 14 points, Kennedy 9 and Bauer 8 in the loss.  They shot 27 percent from the field and 71 percent from the free throw line with 20 turnovers.  The Rockets got points from 9 different players.  Katie Abell led the way with 18 points while Martin and Schierel finished with 8 poits each and Bella McCarthey added 6.  It was a well rounded game for Routt as they shot 52 percent from the field and 40 percent from the line with 19 turnovers.  This is a tall Rocket team with good guard play, on both sides of the ball, and a toughness down in the paint.  Their rebounding is good and they are aggressive on the defensive side of the game.  If you are a Rocket fan, you will see more wins than losses this year and they strive to improve on their 18-13 record from a year ago.  They have a coule of early injures that will hopefully heal in a week to 10 days.  Tori Fellhauer has a bone chip in her left little finger and Schwiderski has a knee injury that has her temporarily on crutches.  It will interesting to see how they do at the Lady Hornet tournament which starts on Saturday at Mt. Sterling.
11/13/17 Girl's basketball opened tonight for the Brown County Lady Hornets, who hosted the CPC Panthers.  BC was playing without Mariah Markert, who injured her ankle on Saturday night.  It may have made a difference in the game as 5' 6" Laney Lantz scored over 30 points in the Panther's 57-46 win.  Lantz is a very good player and it will be fun to watch her throughout the season. The Panthers shot 50 percent from the field and 69 percent from the line.  The Hornets were led by 20 points,including 4 treys from Heldt and Doyle who scored 8.  they hit 34 percent from the field and 56 percent in free throws. They need more consistency in their offense but they did have 7 players score and that is a good start.  We will see what the return of Markert will mean to them.  Brown County will host the Lady Hornet classic, which will start on the 18th, with a competative field.
10/30/17 The Routt Catholic volleyball season-came to an end tonight at the hands of the Raymond-Lincolnwood Lancers 12-25, 25-21, 25-11.  The Rockets were sharp in game 1 and had a 16-13 lead in game 2 and everything went south as they fell hard.  The Lancers: Shull 1 assist, K. Armour 4 points, Bruntjen 17 kills, Glick 5 points 8 kills 1 block, Payne 1 assist 2 kills 2 blocks, Byers 14 points 10 assists, Hopper 3 points 9 assists 1 killl, Millburg 1 assist, C. Krager 4 points 1 ace 1 kill.  R-L had 4 service errors in game two.  For the Rockets:  Fellhauer 3 points 9 kills, Schwiderski 4 points 1 ace, Baptist 6 points 13 assists, Abell 4 kills, Black 2 kills 1 block, Powell 4 points 1 assist  5 kills 5 blocks, Parlier 2 assist 1 kill, Huey 4 kills 4 blocks, Peters 1 assist 5 kills, Martin 2 points 1 assist and Walker 8 points 4 assists 1 kill.  Routt finished with 5 service errors.
10/26/17 In one of the more exciting regional volleyball championship matches in recent years, Routt Catholic held off Mendon Unity 24-26, 25-10, 25-23 and had to come from being down 23-20 in the tiebreaker to get it done.  The Mustangs finished their season with a 20-16 recrod and some good numbers in the match:  Nichols 3 points 25 assists 4 kills, Cramm 1 assist 2 kills 1 block, Steinkamp 7 points 1 ace and several hustling digs, Moore 8 points 1 assist 3 kills 3 blocks, Schrader 4 pooints 4 kills, H. Kasparie 6 points, Wand 1 kill, Miller 2 points 17 kills and Blickhan 3 kills.  Mendon only had 1 service error in the loss.  As for the Rockets: M. Fellhauer 11 points 2 aces 5 kills (she served the final 3 points of the match), Schwiderski 10 points 2 assists, Baptist 4 points 21 assists 1 kill, Abell 8 kills, Black 1 kill 3 blocks, Powell 9 points 14 kills 1 block, Huey 1 assist 8 kills 6 blocks, Peters 1 assist 2 kills, Martin 5 points and numerous digs, and Walker 8 points 3 assists.  Routt had 4 service errors in the win and came up big from the service line when the match was on the line.  This was a great team win as several players contributed and it didn't hurt to have a big and boistrous crowd at the Routt Dome.  Mendon was also well represented and this was a match that could have gone either way.  Routt will play Raymond-Lincolnwood on Monday night as the Lancers won the Greenfield regional over South County.

Routt Catholic cruised to a 25-7, 25-17 win, in volleyball, over Griggsville-Perry at the Routt Regional.  The Tornadoes ended their season with 7 wins and 23 losses:  Syrcle 2 points, Bingham 5 points 1 ace 1 kill, Richard 2 kills 1 block, Brite 1 point 1 kill, Phillips 4 points 1 ace 2 kills, McCarter 6 assists and Leenerts 1 ace 1 block.  G-P had no service errors.  Routt improved to 20-12:  Fellhauer 1 point 5 kills, Huffman 2 kills, Schwiderski 3 points 5 assists, Baptist 16 points, 5 assists, Abell 2 kills, Black 1 kill 2 blocks, Powell 6 points 1 ace 1 assist 7 kills 2 blocks, Parlier 2 points, Huey 2 killls, Peters 3 kills, Martin 2 points 1 ace and Walker 8 points 1 ace 6 assists 1 kill.  The Rockets had 3 service errors in the win.


Mendon Unity improved to 20-15 with their 25-13, 25-23 win over Triopia and will take on the host Rockets in the title game on Thursday with the winner moving on to the Triopia sectioinal. Triopia came close in game two:  Dawson 2 kills, Lacy 2 points 1 assist, Amanda Jacobson 2 kills, Privia 2 oints and several nice digs, Littleton 5 points 10 assists 1 kill, Evans 4 points 1 ace 1 kill, Burrus 1 point 4 kills 11 blocks, Ganz 2 points 4 kills.  The Trojans had 2 service erros.  The Mustangs:  Nichols 2 points 26 assists, Cramm 4 kills, Steinkamp 9 points 1 ace, Moore 5 kills 2 blocks, Schrader 4 points 1 ace 5 kills, H. Kasparie 9 points 1 ace 1 assist, Wand 1 kill, Miller 1 point 10 kills, Voss 1 block and Blickham2 kills.  Mendon had 5 service errors.  It should be a competitive match on Thursday in the championship game. The teams from the Greenfield, Pawnee, Rouott and Payson regionals will provide a very talent laden sectional at Triopia next week.

10/20/17 Triopia football came to an end this evening at Hardin-Calhoun but it wasn't for the lack of trying. Taking nothing away from the Warriors, they fumbled 3 times and recovered all of them.  They got a very friendly spot that allowed them to take over the ball at a crucial time in the game. The Trojans fumbled once and lost it plus  threw an interception so the accumulation of those plays ended up in a very exciting finish as Triopia scored a touchdown with 12.9 seconds to play and only needed the 2-point conversion to send it to overtime, but they came up a little short and couldn't recover the ensuing kickoff.  They finished the year 4-5 and were on a roller coaster ride from the opening game to the final play of the year.  They were fun and frustrating to watch really put a lot of errort into the season. The Warriors will move on to the first round of the play offs with a record of 6-3.  For tonight:  Lammy 18 yards, White 86 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 fumble.  Bick 83 yards, 1 TD and 2 fumbles.  He also was 1 for 3 in passing for 5 yards.  Hart caught the solo reception.  Calhoun had 14 first downs, 187 yards rushing and 5 passing with 5 penalties for 20 yards.  As for the Trojans:Burns 151 yards, Thompson 89 yards, Rouland 53 yards and Bell 11 yards with 1 fumble and 1 TD.  Bell was 3 for 4 passing with 18 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception.  Thompson caught 2 passes for 18 yards and 1 touchdown.  Triopia had 25 first downs, 304 yards rushing and 18 passing with 3 penalties for 15 yards.  Congratulations to the Trojans, especially the seniors, and your fans were behind you throughout the year and appreciate your hard work.  Let's get ready for an exciting year of basketball.
10/19/17 The West Central volleyball team visited Triopia on senior night and came away with a 25-14, 25-21 victory.  For the Cougars: Lashmett 1 kill, Hoover 8 points 2 aces 6 assists 1 kill, Killday 2 assists, Sellars 3 kills, Piechowski 4 points 7 assists 4 kills, Frost 6 points 1 ace, Little 1 ace 1 assist, Fearneyhough 6 points 1 ace 4 kills 3 blocks, Bartels 2 points 1 kill 2 blocks, Altman 2 kills and Gregory 1 block.  WC had 5 service errors.  The Trojans: Dawson 1 point 1 assist 3 kills, Lacy 2 points 1 assist, Reynolds 1 assist, Amanda Jacobson 1 kill, Privia 2 points several digs, Littleton 3 points 8 assists 2 kills, Evans 2 points 2 assisted blocks, Burrus 1 point 2 kills 4 blocks 2 assisted blocks and Ganz 3 points 3 kills.  The Trojans had 2 service errors.  They will play ISD on Monday evening in the first round of the Routt regional. 
10/18/17 It was senior night at the Routt Dome tonight and the festivities were well done as they recognized 7 volleyball players and 4 swimmers.  Unfortunately, if you were at the game to watch a really good match up with the Hartsburg-Emden Stags you didn't get a chance to see it.  The level of intensity for the Rockets just wasn't there and the Stags dominated they 25-12, 25-18 and that was with Routt putting on a late surge in both games.The Stags improved to 25-4 on the year and the Rockets will take a 19-12 record into regional play next Tuesday.  They will face either Meredosia-Chambersburg or Griggsville-Perry.  For Hartsburg-Emden:  Craig 4 points 1 assist, Hoerbert 1 point Conrady 9 points 1 ace 1 kill, Barry 2 points 1 kill several nice digs as the Libero, Allx Langley 5 points, Beckman 2 points 10 assists 11 kills 1 block, Hayes 10 points 1 ace 3 assists 7 kills,Merz 1 kill, Grabowski 3 kills and Escobedo 3 points 8 assists.  For the Rockets:  Burke 7 points 2 aces 1 kill, M. Fellhauer 1 point 5 kills, Huffman 1 kill, Schwiderski 2 assists, Baptist 1 point 4 assists, Abell 1 kill, Black 1 kill, Powell 6 points 1 assist 1 block, Huey 1 assist 1 kill, Peters 2 assists 1 kill, Martin 1 point 1 kill, and Walker 2 assists.  Hart-Em had 3 service errors and Routt had 2.
10/16/17 Triopia volleyball played well at the Jerseyville Tournament on Saturday and carried their play into Monday's match with Springfield Calvary.  The Trojans won 25-14, 25-10 to drop the Saints to 7-17 on the season.  Calvary had: Matejka 2 points, Moore 1 ace, 10 assists, Haris 2 kills, Turner 2 kills, Johnson 3 kills, 2 blocks, Alexia Wetter 1 point, 1 assist, Noggle 4 kills and Tholen 1 kill.  The Saints had 4 service errors in the match.  The Trojans: Dawson 1 point, 3 kills, Lacy 1 assist, Privia 4 points, 1 ace, 1 assist, 1 kill, Reynolds 6 points 1 kill, Amanda Jacobson 1 kill, 1 block, Ganz 3 points, 1 asist, 3 kills, Littleton 7 points, 13 assists, 3 kills, Evans 2 points, 1 kill, Burrus 2 points, 1 assist, 6 kills and 7 blocks.  Triopia only had 1 service error in the win.
10/14/17 Routt Catholic volleyball was hoping to play in the championship game at the Waverly Invitational but, Greenfield got a measure of revenge as they beat the Rockets 25-19, 25-23 in the semi-finals.  The Rockets came back and defeated Hardin-Calhoun 25-16, 25-17 for third place.  They had defeated West Central, in the opening game 26-24, 25-14, split with New Berling 25-16, 22-25 and knocked off South County 25-22, 25-14.  This was a tournament loaded with good volleyball teams and while Routt is temporarily disappointed they played well overall.  They will finish their regular season on Wednesday, at the Routt Dome, where they will face a very good Hartsburg-Emden Stags team, before hosting the regional.  They will take an 18-11 record into the game on Wednesday.  In the Saturday tournament, Coach Pat Gibson won his 400th which is impressive as he annually schedules a large number of 2A and 3A teams instead of just playing 1A schools.  He has had an enviable coaching career and isn't done yet.
10/13/17 The Triopia Trojans needed a football win tonight and one next Friday vs Calhoun to make the play offs.  They got a 49-7 win over WHNG by scoring the first 4 times they hd the ball and the game ended with a running clock.  They improved to 4-4 on the year and the Spartans fell to 0-8.  For White Hall North Greene, Thompson rushed for 54 yards, Whicker 12, Heberling 37 and Brown 1.  Heberling was 10 for 23 for 132 yards and 1 TD.  Brown caught 3 for 33, Hoesman 3 for 22, Thompson 1 for 14 and Whicker had 3 for 63 and 1 score.  The Spartans finished with 104 yards rushing and 132 in passing with 7 penalties for 70 yards.  The winning Trojans:  Burns 56 yards, 1 TD and 1 fumble, Thompson 160 yards and 2 TD's, Rouland 77 yards and a score, Bell 4 yards and a touchdown, Walker 9 yards, Kanasky 6 yards, Sam Stanberry 8 yards.  Bell for 2 for 2 passing for 36 yards and 2 TD's.  Milby caught the 2 passes for 2 touchdowns. Triopia finished with 20 first downs, 320 yards rushing and 36 passing yards.  They had 3 penalties for 35 yards.  Lemons had a kick off fumble recovery and was 7 for 7 in extra point kicks.  Mendon came back from a 28-7 deficit and beat the Warriors of Hardin 31-28.  Mendon is 4-4 and Hardin 5-3 and Triopia's opponent next Friday.  
10/12/17 It was a Volley for Hope event as Beardstown made the short trip to Triopia to take on the Trojans.  The Tigers were strong in their 25-12, 25-10 win and were dominant at the net as they improved to 22-4 on the year.  Beardstown's numbers were good:  Price 5 points, 2 assists and 4 kills, McGill 1 point, 13 assists, E. Gaarcia 4 points, 1 ace, 3 kills, Rawlins 5 points, 2 kills, O. Dour 3 points, 1 ace, 6 kills, 5 blocks, A. Dour 16 points, 1 ace, 2 kills.  The Tigers had 5 service errors in the win.  As for the Trojans:  Dawson 1 poiont, 1 kill, Jacobson 1 kill, 1 block, Privia 4 points, Littleton 1 point, 5 assists, Evans 1 point 2 kills, Burrus 3 blocks, Ganz 1 point, 4 kills, 1 block.  Triopia had 2 service errors and are 11-12 on the year.    
10/11/17 Routt Catholic Volleyball got off to a slow start tonight and had to come back to win 27-25 in game one.  They settled down and took care of business with a 25-15 win in game two.They have the Waverly Tournament on Saturday and a home match with Hartsburg-Emden next Wednesday before the regionals.  The Hardin Calhoun Waririors were  a little inconsistent tonight and lost a lot of long volleys.  Lorton had 8 points, 1 ace, 2 assists, Kress 1 assist, 1 kill, McBride 3 assists, 4 kills, Zirklebach 2 points, 8 assists, 4 kills, Sydney Baalman 1 ace, 5 kills, 2 blocks, Emily Baalman 2 poionts, 1 kill, Holly Baalman 1 kill, 2 blocks, Oswald 1 points and Elly Pohlman 1 point, 1 assist.  H-C had 5 service errors in the loss.  For Routt:  Burke 2 points, 1 ace, Madi Fellhauer 3 points, 2 aces, 6 kills, Huffman 2 points, 1 kill, Schwiderski 1 point, Baptist 5 points, 11 assists, 1 kill, Abell 5 kills, Black 1 kill, Powerll 2 points, 1 assist, 3 kills 4 blocks, Huey 1 kill, 3 blocks, Martin 5 points, 1 assist, Walker 8 points, 1 ace, 4 assists.  The Rockets had 3 service errors and will open the Waverly Tournament, on Saturday, against West Central at 8 AM.
10/6/17 Beardstown football averages 36.3 points a game and Triopia 28 points a game, so tonight's match up was a little surprising as the Tigers won 10-0 and no touchdowns were scored by either offense.  Sebastian Lopez picked up a loose football at the 13 yard line and ran it in.  Bell was hit from the blind side as he was about to pass and the ball rolled over near the sideline, but it never went out of bounds.  Lopez picked up the ball to hand it to the official and one of his teammates told hm to run, so he did for what turned out to be the winning touchdown.  It all happened at 4:21 in the 3rd quarter.  The Tigers added a field goal with 2:40 left in the game.  Wrobleski had 118 yards rushing while Grimm added 7, O'Hara 7 and Riddle had 4 carries for no gain.  O'Hara and Riddle each had 1 fumble and Riddle also threw 2 interceptions.  He was 4 for 8 for 17 yards.  O'Hara caught 2 for 14 and McWilliams 1 for 3 yards.  The Tigers had 11 first down, with 132 yards rushing and 17 passing with 6 penalties for 55 yards.  Triopia's Burns had 87 yards, Thompson 26, Rouland 9 and Bell minus 4 with 1 fumble and he threw 3 interceptions.  Bell was 4 for 8 for 15 yards with Thompson catching the pass.  The Trojans had 7 first downs, 118 yard rushing and 15 passing with 4 penalties for 30 yards.  Thompson and Pool had a fumble recovery each and Thompson had 2 interceptions.  Triopia fell to 3-4 on the year and Beardstown improved to 5-2.  More importantly they are 4-1 in the WIVC north and tied with Brown County and CPC.  CPC defeated the Hornets 28-8 to earn a tie for themselves on top of the conference.  The Trojans have WHNG and Hardin-Calhoun left on their schedule and need two wins to make the play offs.  They will be home against the Spartans and on the road to face the Warriors.  
10/5/17 Routt Catholic and Beardstown are two good volleyball teams and put on a good show this evening at the Routt Dome.  The Tigers came in with a 16-3 record and Routt was 13-10 and they battled from start to finish as the Rockets won 25-19. 24-26, 25-18 and will face Hardin-Calhoun next Wednesday.  For Beardstown tonight:  Price 5 service points with 3 aces, 6 kills 1 block, McGill 7 points, 25 assists, Garcia 4 points, 3 kills, Rawlins 10 points 2 kills, Carlock 2 assists, Olivia Dour 2 points, 1 ace, 13 kills, 1 block, Alyssa Dour 4 poionts, 8 kills, 4 blocks and the Tigers had 6 service errors.  The Rockets: Madi Fellhauer 12 points, 3 aces, 6 kills, Schwiderski 2 points, Baptist 3 points, 23 assists, 1 block, Abell 15 kills, 2 blocks, Powell 7 points, 1 assist, 11 kills, 5 blocks, Huey 5 kills, 2 blocks, Peters 2 assists, 6 kills, 2 blocks, Martin 10 points, 1 assist, 1 kill and Walker 6 points, 10 assists.  The defensive players for both teams were really important in tonight's match as there were numerous attacks to fend off.  Routt had 7 service errors in the win.
10/3/17 Triopia and Carrollton are very similar in physical size for their volleyball squads and play very similar on the court.  Tonight, it played out pretty much like you would expect as the Hawks won 25-22, 18-25, 27-25.  They improved to 8-8 on the season. Powell had 9 points with 2 aces, Pohlman 4 points, Talley 2 points, Harr 4 kills and 2 blocks, Mullink 2 points, 1 ace, 1 kill, Rhoades 1 assist, 9 kills, 1 block, Gray 3 points 5 kills, Krumweide 2 points, 27 assists and 4 kills, Williams 7 points, 1 assist, 8 kills and 2 blocks, Heath 3 points with 6 kills.  The Hawks had 10 service errors but overcame them for the close win.  Triopia fell to 10-10 on the year as they let game one get away and nearly had a come from behind win in the tiebreaker.  Dawson 3 points, 1 ace, 3 kills, Lacy 7 points, 1 assist, Reynolds 1 point, 1 assist, 1 kill and 1 sprained ankle, Jacobson 1 kill, 1 block, Privia 12 points, 1 kill and several digs, Littleton 1 point, 16 assists, 1 kill, Job 2 points, Evans 3 points, 2 kills, Burrus 3 points, 12 kills, 4 blocks, Ganz 5 pooints, 2 aces, 4 kills.  The Trojans only had 2 service errors but untimely hitting errors cost them a good shot at a win.  They had just gone 0-4 at the Riverton toournament, against quality opponents and were primed for a good showing tonight.
10/2/17 When Routt Catholic and Jacksonville High get together for their annual "Volley for the Cure" match it is always well attended, noisy and exciting.  Tonight was no different as the Rockets came away with a 19-25, 25-11, 25-21 win over the Crimson, at the Routt Dome.  It wasn't a particularly well played match, but that could be expected as both coaches like to get most, if not all, of their players in the match since there are so many Jacksonville residents in attendance.  Both teams had 7 service errors, which is too many and always a little frustrating.  For the Crimson; Crews had 6 service points, Flagler, 10 points with 2 aces, 18 assists and 2 kills.  Brunstein 3 points, 12 kills and 2 block, Upton 2 points, 2 assists, 4 kills and 4 blocks, Woods 1 kill, Thies 5 points and 4 kills, Hughes 2 points, 1 assist and 1 kill and Hinds had 1 assist.  Jacksonville fell to 5-11 on the year. As for the Rockets:  Madi Fellhauer 8 points, 1 ace, and 7 kills, Schwiderski 3 pooints, Baptist 9 points 12 assists, 1 kill, Abell 5 kills, 1 block, Black 2 kills, Powell 1 points 1 ace, 3 kills and 3 blocks, Wooldridge 5 points, Huey 2 assists, 2 kills, 2 blocks, Peters 3 points, 3 assists, 3 kills, 1 block, Martin 7 points, 1 ace, 2 assists and Walker 3 points and 4 assists.  Routt is 12-10 and will play at WHNG on Tuesday and at home against a strong Beardstown Tiger team on Thursday.
9/29/17 The first half of the Triopia @ Brown County football game was  exactly what you look for in high school play.  Each team scored on their first two possessions and the halftime score was 14-14. If Triopia could hang on for the win, it would immediately tighten up the WIVC north, but the Hornets played better ball in the second half and won the game 34-20 to improve to 6-0 on the year and 4-0 in the conference.  For Brown County, Tyan rushed for 65 yards, Drake 84 yards and 3 TD's, Lancaster 27 yards and Hendricker minus 6.  Hendricker was 9 for 11 passing for 182 yards and 2 TD's.  Taner Sussenbach caught 4 for 92 and 1 score, Drake 1 for 8 yards and Tynon 4 for 65 and 1 score.  The Hornets had 17 first downs with 170 yards rushing and 182 passing.  The had 5 penalties for 38 yards.  Triopia's Burns carried for 68 yards and 1 TD, Thompson 78 yards and 1 score while Rouland had his best night with 47 yards and Bell rushed 3 times for minus 1 yard.  Bell was 5 for 10 in passing for 49 yards and 1 TD.  Thompson caught 2 for 9, Allen 1 for 33 and Milby 1 for 7.  The Trojans also had 17 first downs with 192 yards rushing and 49 passing with 3 penalties for 30 yards.  Triopia will host Beardstown next week and Brown County will play at Camp Point Central.  Triopia will have to win 2 out of their final 3 games to make the play offs.  They have Beardstown, WHNG and Hardin-Calhoun left on their schedule.
9/26/17 Madi Fellhauer played her most consistent match of the year tonight, as the Routt Catholic Rockets volleyball team defeated the Lady Hawks of Carrollton 25-9, 25-16.  She had 18 service pooints with 1 ace, 1 assist, 8 kills and 2 blocks.  Schwiderski 5 points, Baptist 3 points, 9 assists and 2 kills, Abell 5 kills, Black 1 block, Powell 3 points 1 assist, 2 kills and 1 block, Huey 2 kills and 2 blocks, Peters 1 assist and 2 blocks and Walker had 3 points and 3 assists.  Martin did a very nice job digging the ball in both games.  Routt improved to 11-10 on the year and Carrollton fell to 7-7.  The Rockets will play the Jacksonville Crimson on Monday in the Volley for the Cure match at the Routt Dome.
9/25/17 It was a fun, 3 game, match between Triopia and South County as the Trojans won 25-15, 17-25, 25-19 to improve to 7-5 on the year.  The Vipers fell to 10-8 as Megan Crow had 7 points, 2 aces and 1 kill, Dayy 2 kills, Sharon Smith 1 point, 21 assists and 1 kill, Watret 5 points, 2 aces, 2 assists and 6 kills, Menge 3 assists, 2 kills, Abby Crow 3 points, 5 kills and 1 block, Whalen 1 assist and 2 blocks and Emily Jones 12 points, 4 aces, 1 assist, 11 kills.  The Vipers had 8 service errors in the loss.  The Trojans played welll most of the night with, Dawson 8 points and 3 kills, Lacy 2 points, Reynolds 2 points and 8 kills, Amanda Jacobson 4 kills and 2 blocks, Privia 10 points, 3 assists and several solid digs on serves especially, Littleton 6 points, 3 aces, 21 assists and 1 kill, Gregory 4 points, Evans 3 points, 1 ace and 4 kills and Burrus 1 ace, 5 kills and 4 blocks.  The Trojans had 7 service errors with 5 in game 3.
9/23/17 Our Saviour made 3 errors that cost them 3 runs today as they lost a 4-3 decision to Monmount ICS in the sectioinal championship game.  While it was uncharacteristic, it is part of baseball and unfortunately you have to pay the consequences. It was an over all great run for the young Shamrocks however as they won the regional and got the chance to play in the next round.  Looking at their age, physical size and lack of depth, they did a good job.  Monmoutn had 4 hits, 4 runs (3 unearned) and committed 2 errors while leaving 4 on base.  Flynn was the winning pitcher and went 2 for 3 in the game plus scoring 2 of the 4 runs. Johnson and Lewis-Bresnahan had the other 2 hits.  Flynn went 6 innings, threw 94 pitches, faced 23, gave up 3 hits and 4 runs, with 2 walks and 9 strikeouts while hitting one batter.  OSS had 3 hits, 3 runs (2 earned) make 3 errors and left 2 on base.  They got caught stealing 3 times and Cors had 2 RBI's in the loss.  Baptist, Turner and Cors had the hits and Turner who also walked twice had 2 of the 3 runs scored with Walker getting the final score.  McCurley pitched about as good of a game as you could ask.  He went 7 innings, gave up 4 hits and only 1 earned run.  He face 29 batters, striking out 4 and walking 1 plus hitting 2.  He threw 88 pitches and probably should have won the game 2-1, however, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas.  It was a good season and this is not the last we have heard of this group of baseball players.  Bob Lonergan and Adam Haas are already looking forward to next year as these players will be a year older and physically stronger.  Don't hang your head Shamrocks as your accomplishment was recognized and applauded.  
9/21/17 While Routt Catholic was disappointed in their 33-21 football loss to Triopia, it was a fun game to watch and the Rockets had their chances to win.  They fell to 1-4 with the loss and 0-3 in the WIVC north but they put up some pretty good numbers and a solid effort.  Evans rushed for 36 yards, May 13 with a touchdown and a fumble, Birdsell 65 with a TD, Plunk 19 and Schnitker 58 with a score.  Plunk was 7 for 13 passing with 74 yards and 1 interception.  Schnitker caught 2 for 15, Cosgriff 2 for 40 and May 2 for 19.  Routt had 12 first downs, 191 yards rushing, 74 passing and 10 penalties for 70 yards.  Triopia improved to 3-2 on the year and 2-1 in conference play with Brown County coming up on the 29th.  Burns rushed for 152 yards and 2 TD's, Thompson 167 with 2 scores, Rouland 21 yards with 2 fumbles and Bell 1 carry for minus 6 yards.  Bell was 3 for 5 in passing for 80 yards and a TD.  Zach Thompson caught 3 for 80 with a score.  The Trojans had 24 first downs, 334 yards rushing, 80 passing and had 6 penalties for 55 yards. It was a great night weather wise with a large crowd  and fun environment for high school football on a Thursday night.
9/20/17 Payson Indian volleyball was dominant in the Routt Dome this evening as they defeated a good Rocket team 25-9, 25-11.  The Indians were aggressive and controlled the pace of the match through both games.  Tedrow had 18 points with 1 ace, Hinthorne 1 point, Flesner 7 kills, Stanford 1 point 11 kills and 1 block, Perrien 1 point, Schmiedeskamp 5 kills and 1 block, Eidson 27 assists, Schieferdecker 1 point, 1 kill, 1 block, Epperson 9 points, 2 aces and 9 kills and Quinn 2 points.  They had 3 service errors and improved to 16-0 with the win.  Routt fell to 9-9 and had limited numbers in the loss.  Schwiderski had 2 points and 4 assists, Baptist 2 points 1 assist, Abell 2 kills, Powell 2 kills and 1 block, Tori Fellhauer 1 assist and 1 kill, Huey 2 kills, Peters 1 ace, 2 kills and Martin 2 points and 1 assist.  The Rockets had 2 service errors in the game and will face Liberty at home on Friday night.
9/19/17 Routt Catholic volleyball was a little too strong in game one tonight as they beat Triopia 25-13.  Game two was a different story as the Lady Trojans had it tied at 23-23 before eventually losing 25-23.  The only difference in these two teams is the aggressiveness of the Rockets and the number of quality hitters they have.  The Rockets improved to 9-8 overall and 6-0 in the WIVC with the win while the Trojans fell to 6-5.  Triopia will play close to 9 matches in the next week as they play in tournaments and it should help them get stronger with experience.  Tonight Dawson had 2 kills, Reynolds 3 points and 2 kills, Amanda Jacobson 2 kills, Privia 5 service points with 1 ace and numerous digs, Koehne 1 ace, Littleton 1 assist, Job 1 ace 8 assists, Burrus 5 points, 1 ace, 6 kills and 1 block.  Triopia had 3 service errors, all in game two.  Routt's Madi Fellhauer 7 kills, Schwiderski 6 points, 1 ace, 7 assists and 1 kill, Baptist 5 points, 1 ace, 6 assists and 1 kill, Abell 1 assist and 2 kills, Black 2 kills, Powell 5 points, 1 ace, 3 assists, 3 kills and 1 block, Tori Fellhauer 2 assists, Huey 4 points, 1 ace, 1 assist, 3 kills and 1 assisted block, Peters 3 kills and 1 assisted block, Martin 6 points with 1 ace.  The Rockets had 4 service errors with 2 in each game.  They will play a strong Payson team on Wednesday night at home.    
9/18/17 It was a long and drawn out regional championship game last night between OSS and Payson.  There was also a 30 minute delay for lightning plus more lightning that eventually ended the game.  The Shamrocks won this seesaw battle 12-8 and will play in the sectional round on Saturday.  They are 10-8 and the Indians finished their season with a 12-9 mark.  The tone of the game was set early as Payson walked 8 batters in the first inning and gave up 5 runs.  If they hadn't caught OSS on a late steal attempt at home and a runner picked off at second base, it could hve been worse.  Indian pitchers walked 15 batters in the game and allowed 12 runs on just 6 hits.  There is no defense for walks and hit batsmen and while it is frustrating, it is part of the game.  Payson, after trailing 5-0, came back to take an 8 to 5 lead but couldn't hold on.  The delay had a bigger affecton Payson than it did on Our Saviour and they gave up 6 runs right out of the delay which was too much to overcome.  They did have the bases loaded in the bottom of the 5th but a one-hopper back to the mound ended up in a basic game-ending double play that secured the Shamrock win.  Oss finished with 12 runs, 6 hits, 1 error and 6 runners left on.  For Payson, they had 8 runs on 7 hits with 3 errors and 8 runners left on.Hazelrigg had 2 hits for Payson and Charpentier had 2 hits for the Shamrocks.  Walker was the winning pitcher and Perrine took the loss.  Payson threw 54 pitches in the first inning and 45 in the 5th and that is a real strain on any team's pitching staff.  As for OSS, you have to give them credit for being patient and not swinging at any of the borderline pitches, then coming up with timely hits to put the game away.  They are young but they kept their composure and got the job done.  Congratulations to both teams as the rain, the lightning and dark skies made for less than great conditions at the old ball park. 
9/16/17 Our Saviour School defeated Libety 12-0 this afternoon to secure a spot in the Regional  baseball championship game at 4:30 on Monday.  They will face the #1 seed, Payson Indians, who beat Hardin-Calhoun 11-0.  The game will be played at Alumni Field in Jacksonville.  Liberty finished their season with a 1-14 mark and had 4 hits, 0 runs, 1 error and 5 runners left on base.  Logan Robbins was the starting pitcher and also had a 2 for 2 day at the plate.  The Shamrocks had 7 hits, 12 runs, 2 errors and also left 5 on base.  Cors and Berry led the way with 2 hits each.  Cors had 2 RBI's and Berry had 3.  Turner, McCurley and Wisdom all had 1 hit.  Turner had 2 RBI's, Walker 1, as OSS won with 9 earned runs.  Charpentier threw 5 innings with 1 walk and 4 strikeouts to post the win.   Payson is a better hitting team than Liberty and beat them twice in the regular season, so it should be a good match for the Shamrocks and Indians on Monday afternoon.  OSS is 9-8 on the year and I heard that the Indians only have a couple of losses.  The Shamrocks play a tough schedule with several 2A and 3A teams included so we will see if the earlier losses are an actual benefit for them.  They have an 11 person roster with 6 6th graders so, the future is bright.
9/15/17 Camp Point Central played a good first half and took a 22-0 lead into the half time locker room.  They made those points stand up and won the game over the Triopia Trojans 22-12.  The Panthers are 3-1 and Triopia fell to 2-2.  For CPC Stotts 67 yards rushing, Jones 7 yds, Norfolk 14 yds, Williams 104 yards and 3 touchdowns, Houston 16 yards, Strohkirch 33 yards, 1 fumble and Rankin minus 3 yards.  Jones was 1 for 2 passing for 32 yards and Rankin was 0-2 for 0 yards.  Williams caught 1 pass for 32 as the Panthers finished with 13 first downs, 238 yards rushing and 32 passing with 5 penalties for 35 yards.  Triopia's Burns had 22 carries for 100 yards and 1 TD.  Thompson 11 carries for 90 yards and 1 TD, Rouland 14 carries for 45 yards and Bell 1 carry for minus 1 yard.  Bell had 3 for 10 passing for 27 yards and 1 interception.  Thompson caught 2 for 21 and Allen 1 for 6.  The Trojans had 16 first downs, 234 rushing yards and 27 passing with 3 penalties for 20 yards.  Next up will be Routt at Triopia on Thursday night. SCORING SUMMARY:  18.9 in first quarter, 37 yard TD for CPC's Williams, 7:04 in second quarter 23 yard TD for Williams and 5:11 in the second quarter 4 yard TD run for Williams.  9:02 in fourth quarter for Triopia 4 yard TD run for Burns and 7:11 in the fourth quarter 24 yard TD run for Thompson.  X-tra point was not good for either score.
9/13/17 Routt Catholic volleyball was sharp tonight as they defeated Griggsville-Perry 25-14, 25-15.  They also won the JV contest 25-14, 25-9.  For the Tornadoes, Richard had 2 points and 5 kills, Brite 1 ace, 3 assists and 2 kills, Phillips 1 point and 2 kills and McCarter 5 points 2 aces and 3 assists.  Downey also added a kill.  G-P had 2 service errors in the match and fell to 4-7 on the year.  The Rockets Schwiderski had 3 points and 10 assists, Baptist 6 points and 15 assists, Abell 7 kills and 1 block, Clay 1 kill, Black 4 kills, Powell 2 points, 4 kills and 1 block, Wooldridge 3 points, Tori Fellhauer 4 kills, 2 blocks, Huey 4 points, 1 ace, 1 assist and 9 kills, Peters 3 kills and Martin several digs along with 7 service points.  Routt finished with 5 service errors in the match and improved to 8 and 8 on the season. 
9/12/17 In a tough volleyball battle, last night, at the Routt Dome the host Lady Rockets prevailed with a 19-25, 25-18, 25-11 win over the Lady Tigers of Greenfield-Northwestern.  The Tigers pressed a little too hard in games 2 and 3 and the Rockets took advantage of the hitting errors.  For Greenfield, Graham had 5 pooints, Bowman 1 kill, Gibbs 1 service pooint, Driscoll 8 points 2 aces, 7 kills and 3 blocks, Gregory 13 assists and 2 kills, Boggs 8 points 2 aces, 2 assists and 5 kills, Walters 8 points and 2 kills and Oros 1 kill.  The Tigers had 1 service error in game one and 2 in game two.  Routt had Schwiderski 4 assists, Baptist 5 assists, Abell 7 kills, Black 3 kills, Powell 7 points, 2 aces, 1 assist, 10 kills and 1 block, Wooldridge 2 points, Tori Fellhauer 1 assist and 2 kills, Huey 6 points 1 ace, 1 assist, 6 kills and 2 blocks, Peters 4 points, 1 ace, 2 assists and 7 kills, Martin 11 points and 1 assist and Walker 9 points, 14 assists and 1 kill.  Routt finishjd with 3 service errors in game 1, 1 in game two and 1 in game three.  They improved to 7-8 on the year and 4-0 in the WIVC.  The Rockets will play at Griggsville-Perry tomorrow night.    
9/9/17 In Routt Catholic's first 3 games at the 37th annual Jacksonville volleyball invational, at the Bruner Center, on the Illinois College campus, they went 1-2 against 3 bigger, quality teams.  In match one, the Rockets defeated Washington 25-15, 25-23.  In their second match they got beat by Peoria Richwoods 20-25, 25-22, 25-14 and, in their third match, they lost to (9-1) Belleville West 19-25, 25-12, 15-11.  Over all they played well and were good enough to have won all three matches.  In my opinion, their match against Washington was they best they played all year and similar to their win over Springfield Lutheran.We have discussed how good the Rockets can be and they look to be getting stronger and hitting harder as the season rolls on.  They are undefeated in conference and Routt Catholic fans have every reason to be up beat inspite of the losses as they have all come against tough competition. 
9/8/17 In an exciting, offense dominated, Friday night, football game it was Triopia scoring last and defeating Unity-Payson 40-35. Each team scored, at will, in the game.  The scoring summary was 6:22 Mendon 7-0 on a 5 yard Todd Kelly run and kick good. At 16.2 Triopia got a 21 yard scamper from Burns with 2 point conversion 8-7.  In the second quarter, 8:29 1 yard Klusmeyer score and kick good 14-8 Unity.  5:20 11 yard Burns TD and 2 point conversion 16-14 Trojans.  1:45 Klusmeyer to Pratt 3 yard TD pass and kick good 12-16 Unity.  21.0 1 yard Burns TD run  with 2 point conversion 24-21 Triopia at half.  8:45 in the third quarter, Klusmeyer to McCleary and kick good28-24 Unity.  In the fourth quarter 7:22 Thompson 11 yard TD run and 2 point conversion 32-28 Trojans.  4:30 Klusmeyer to Pratt and kick good 35-32 Unity.  38.5 Burns 7 yard TD run  and 2 point conversion, Bell to Milby 40-35.  Stanberry intercepted Klusmyer to secure the win.  Triopia and Unity are both 2-1 on the season.  The Mustangs will be at Beardstown on Friday and Triopia will be home to take on the CPC Panthers who are also 2-1. For Unity, McCleary had 76 yards, Klusmeyer 58 with a TD, Kelly 7 yards with a TD, Jansen minus 2 and Pratt 1 carry for 1 yard.  Klusmeyer completed 16 of 27 for 176 yards, 3 TD's and 3 interceptions(two by Thompson and one by Stanberry.  Kelly had 6 catches for 95 yards, Pratt 3 for 56 and 2 TD's, Jansen 2 for 18 and McCleary 2 for 17 and a TD.  The Mustangs had 142 yard on the ground and 176 in passing with 5 penalties for 45 yards. Triopia had 274 rushing and 97 passing with 3 penalties for 40 yards. Burns led the way with 132 yards pushing and 4 TD's.  Thompson 87 yards with 1 TD and 1 fumble.  Rouland 55 yards and Bell 1 carry for 0 yards and 1 fumble.  Bell threw 6 times with 5 completions and 97 yards. Thompson caught 1 for 37 yards, while Allen caught 2 for 35 and Milby had 2 for 25 plus an extra point catch.  It was a fun game to watch but both teams need to tighten up the defense.  With Lemon back, the kicking game for the Trojans improved from the Pleasant Hill game and Benet Duesterhouse is a steady, freshman, kicker.  This was a significant win for coach Rich Thompson as it was the 150th of his high school coaching career. 
9/5/17 Brown County volleyball improved to 5-3 on the young season with a 25-10, 25-23 win over Triopia, who fell to 3-4. The Hornets were more consistent tonight as Boylen had 4 kills, Markert 8 points, 5 kills and 2 blocks, Henry 8 service points and 1 kill, Maas 2 points and 5 assists, Doyal 4 points, 1 ace and 7 kills, Gooding 5 points and 1 ace and Hohenbery 4 points, 1 ace, 9 assists and 1 kill.  BC had 5 service errors in the match.  Triopia got 2 kills from Dawson, Reynolds 2 points and 4 kills, Jacobson 1 kill, Koehne 5 points, 1 assist and 2 kills, Littleton 3 points and 10 assists, Evans 2 points and 1 kill and Burrus 1 point, 4 kills and 2 blocks.  The Trojans had 1 service error and won the JV match 22-25, 25-20, 25-11.
9/1/17 In an injury laden football game, Triopia won the see-saw battle over Pleasant Hill 34-32.  Ervin Martin was injured with 1:31 left in the game and left in an ambulance.  Dawson Lemons and Michael Burns were both injured in the first half and never returned for the 2nd half.   In spite of the injuries, this was a good football game that could have gone either way and went right down to the wisre.  For the Wolves, Dalton Crane is a very explosive QB that can get you points in the air or on the ground.  He threw for 187 yards with 2 TD's and ran for a score himself.  Isaiha Rogers caught the 2 TD passes. P. Hill had 328 yards of offense and fell to 0-2 on the season.  Triopia had 367 yards of offense in the win.  Thompson ran for 94 yards and 2 rushing TD's plus had 86 yards in receptions with 2 more touchdowns.Rouland ran for 72 yards and had some big plays late in the game.  Burns had 37 yards before his injury.  Gaines filled in with 24 yards and Bell carried once for 5 yards.  Bell was 6 for 8 in passing with 2 TD's.  Allen caught 1 pass under pressure, for 26 yards and Milby caught 1 for 23 yards.  The defense bent during the game and gave up some passes over the top, but stepped up at the end to keep the Wolves from scoring the winning touchdown.  Triopia is 1-1 and will travel to Mendon Unity next Friday.
8/31/17 Auburn started their season with a loss to Pleasant Plains, in volleyball, but evened their record tonight at the expense of the Routt Catholic Rockets, 25-23, 25-20.  The Rockets had a great chance to win the opener as they led 19-15 but couldn't put the Trojans away.  Rink had 9 points and 3 kills, Eaker 3 points 1 ace 13 kills and 4 blocks, Damabacher 2 assists, 2 kills and 1 block, Martin 14 points and 20 asists, Audi 6 points, 2 aces and 8 kills, Canaday 2 assists and VanBebber 3 points, 2 assists, 4 kills and 1 block.  Auburn had 2 service errors.  For Routt, Fellhauer 3 points, 1 ace, 4 kills, Schwiderski 6 points, Baptist 3 points and 4 assists, Abell 1 kill, 1 block, Black 2 kills and 4 blocks, Powerll 1 point, 3 kills and 1 block, Huey 1 assist, 1 kill and 5 blocks, Peters 1 assist and 1 kill, Martin 8 pooints with 1 ace and Walker 6 points and 6 assists.  The Rockets had just 1 service error.  They will play at the Jacksonville Invitation on the 9th at IC.
8/25/17 There was a lot of offense and some spotty defense at times in tonight's 39-30 win for Carrollton over the Triopia Trojans.  The Trojans led the first 3 quarters and up until the 4:44 mark of the 4th quarter.  Two late fumbles sealed their loss but all in all they played a good game against the explosive offense of the Hawks. Triopia had 425 yards of offense with 97 through the air.  Burns ran for 212 yards and 3 touchdowns while Rouland had 57 yards and a score and Thompson 43 and a TD, pluse 2 interceptions.  22 first downs and only 10 yards of penalties is normally good enough to win a game but not tonight.  Carrollton had 417 yards and Flowers was 13 of 28 in passing with 2 interceptions. Nathan Walker had 6 catches for 155 yards and 2 scores in the win.  The Hawks had 21 first downs of their own with 6 penalties for 55 yards.  Bell did a nice job of running the offense and was cool under fire.  He finished 4 for 6 and is off to a good start as quarterback.  Triopia will face the Pleasant Hill Wolves, who lost to Beardstown 54-28, in a road game next Friday.
8/22/17 Routt Catholic volleyball started their 2017 season with a nice win tonight over Brown County 25-13, 25-20.  They are relatively tall, fast and experienced and finished with 19 wins and 14 losses last year.  For Brown County, they came in to the game with a 1-0 record after a win over CPC on Monday.  Markert had 2 assists, 6 kills and 2 blocks, Henry 2 service points, Maas 1 point, 5 assists, 2 kills, Doyle 4 points, 2 aces, 4 kills and 1 block, Gooding 1 point, 1 assist, Hohenberry 1 point, 5 assists, 2 kills, and Boylen 1 assist, 1 kill.  The Hornets had 2 service errors in the loss.  The Rockets had good numbers and played 13 of their 17 person roster.  Fellhauer 2 points, 1 ace, 3 kills, Schwiderski 1 point, Baptist 11 assists, Abell 3 kills, 1 block, Black 1 assist, 1 kill, 1 block, Powell 11 kills, 1 block, Wooldridge 1 point, Huey 6 kills, 1 block, Peters 6 points, 1 assist, 3 kills, Martin 7 points 1 ace and Walker 2 points, 8 assists,1 kill, 1 block.  Routt had 4 service errors and will face Pleasant Hill, who is 0-2, on Thursday at the home of the Wolves.  They will play in a very tough tournament at Lutheran on Friday night and Saturday. 
5/29/17 Routt Catholic High School baseball had a great year, but it came to an end today when they lost to Abingdon-Avon 5-3 in the title game of the Lewistown Sectional.  They made 4 errors in the loss and each of the errors led directly or indirectly to 4 runs.  That is uncharacteristic of a young team that finished with 22 wins and 12 losses and only lose 1 senior to graduation.  Chumley pitched well enough to win the game and also added 2 of the 5 Rocket hits.  Plunk, Winters and Muller added the other 3 hits and the strong throwing arm of Jared Plunk came in handy as he was involved in 2 double plays and threw out a runner at the plate from deep second.  Chumley struck out 5, walked no one and only gave up 2 earned runs in the loss.  Abingdon got a solid performance from Nolan Struhs as he went 7 innings for the win.  He walked 2 and struck out 8 and went 2 for 3 from the plate.  The Tornadoes will take a 16-10 record into their super sectional game against Valmeyer.  This is a good hitting team as they had double-digit hits iagainst CPC and also had 12 hits today as Adolphson had 3 hits, Glaser 2, Strush 2, Dugan 2 and Inness 2.  They made a couple of errors but it didn't hit them in the game.  The Lewistown sectional was well played this year with a 1-0, 6-5 (8 innings) and 5-3 games and was fun to watch. 
5/25/17 Today was an exciting day at the Lewistown Sectional as Abingdon beat CPC 1-0 on a homerun in the 6th.  In the nightcap, it was Routt winning 6-5 in 8 innings.  Illini Bluffs ended the season 18-3 and Routt improved to 22-11.  For theTigers, they had 10 hits, 5 runs, 2 errors and 10 runners left on base.  Davis was 4 for 5 and Cam Scott 2 for4 in the loss.  This is a young squad and will be heard from again for the next couple of years.  Braden Bruninga took the loss in relief of Cam Scott.  Routt had 7 hits, 6 runs (2 earned) with 1 error and 3 runners left on base.  Muller and Chumley had 2 hits each.  Drew Winters scored the winning run and Chumley had the game winning RBI.  Adam Lindsey got the win in relief. Lindsey threw 31 pitches and will be able to throw 90 pitches on Saturday if necesary.  Chumley and Muller are both ineligible to pitch in the championship game.  Either Lindsey or Bonjean may get the call or possibly Bilbruck.  It will be interesting.  Abingdon used their ace also, so it remains to be seen what they have available. Be sure to get to Lewistown, if you can, and if not then join us on 101.3 WVIL around 9:45 am.  Go Rockets!! 
5/23/17 Due to the rain in the area, it took a long time to actually play the championship game for the Mendon Unity regional.  They played on an all weather diamond at Lenz field and Routt Catholic fell behind 4-0 in the first and came back to win impressively 11-5 to eliminate the Mustangs of Mendon.  Routt will play at 6:30 Thursday evening, at Lewistown, as they take on either Illini Bluffs or Delavan, who will play their semi-final game on Wednesday.  If the field is not playable in Cuba, they may play at Lenz in Jacksonville.  For Mendon, they had 7 hits, 5 runs, 5 errors and left 6 on base.  Jarrett Dunker, Voth and Kelly all had 2 hits in the loss and the Mustangs used 3 pitchers on the day, with Brodie Dunker taking the loss.  Routt finished with 9 hits, 11 runs, o errors and left 7 on.  Chumley threw 100 pitchers over 6 innings and struck out 6 while walking 3.  He threw 35 pitches in the first inning and recovered nicely over the next 5 innings  .Lindsey came to face 3 batters in the 7th .  Muller had 3 hits on the day with 2 rbi's and a run scored.  Bilbruck had the big day with 3 hits including a 3 run home run and a double.  He also hit a ball in the first inning that would have been a home run except for hitting it to the biggest part of the ballpark.  To end his day, he fielded a ball at short, stepped on 2nd and threw out Todd Kelly for the final out of the win.  Routt will take a 21-11 record into tje sectionals.  We will carry the game live on "all sports" radio, 101.3 WVIL.  Chumley was not only the winning pitcher, but he also scored 3 runs, and hit a solo home run in the 6th.
5/18/17 It was a solid regional championship softball game at Brown County as Mendon won a 2-0 decision.  Both teams had 4 hits and there was only 1 error in the game.  Hildebrand hit a solo home run in the first and that would have been enough.  Addie Miller threw 7 innings and had an RBI to help support the win.  No player, for either team, had more than 1 hit and it was just an all around fun game to watch.  Mendon will likely face Calhoun in the sectional at Calhoun and that will be another good game. The Mustangs will take a 16-6 record in to the next round.  The Horents ended their season 19-9 and do not lose any players to graduation, so they should be very good again next year.  This is not a game you hang your head after losing as it was well played and Brown County left 8 runners on base so they had chances to pick up the win.  

It was a fun day at the Mendon Class 1A regional.  Wind, rain and sunshine were all there along with an enthusiastic crowd.  In the opener,  Routt Catholic played well with 7 hits, 7 runs, 0 errors and they left 4 on base.  Muller threw well with a 3 hit game as the only 2 runs he gave up came in the 7th inning and the final score was 7-2.  Winters hit a monster home run in the 2nd inning and the Rockets will play the host school, Mendon Unity Mustangs at 11 on Saturday.  Liberty had 3 hits 2 runs, 2 errors and they left 1 on base.  Ormond hit the 2 run home run in the 7th and the Eagles ended their season with a 9-14 record.


The second game was interesting.  Mendon scored 9 runs in the top of the first and had to hold on to post the 10-9 win as the Hornets of Brown County would not go away.  The Mustangs had 12 hits, 10 runs, 3 errors and left 7 on base.Jarret Dunker and Brodie Dunker each had home runs in the wind.  With the win, they improved to 14-9 on the season.  Brown County had 10 hits, 9 runs, 2 errors and they left 11 on base as their season ended at 14-11.  Joe Hendricker came in trailing 9-0 and only gave up 1 run in 6 1/3 innings and hit a home run in the 6th. It started and stopped raining on 2-3 occasions but the games were completed and the title game is set.  We will carry the game on 101.3 WVIL.

5/16/17 Mendon Unity softball over-powered the Lady Trojans of Triopia 10-0 in a 5 inning game.  The Mustangs had 13 hits, 10 runs, 0 errors and left 7 runners on base.  Jordan Hildebrand had 2 home runs in the game and between Addie Miller and Jamie Ellerman, they threw a no-hitter.  Triopia only had a first inning walk and no other Trojans reached first base.  Triopia ended their season with 10 wins and 17 losses.  Unity will play the winner of the Brown County/Barry Western game at 2 pm on Saturday for the Brown County Regional Championship.  It should be a fun title game as there are quality teams in this regional.
5/15/17 In a play in softball game, for the Brown County Regional, Triopia defeated Pleasant Hill 7-0 at the home of the Trojans.  With the loss, the Lady Wolves season came to an end with an 0-18 mark. Watching them play today, they surely did not look like a team who had not won any games this year.  Bachelor went the distance as she only walked 3 and struck out 9 in the loss.  The Wolves only had 4 hits, 0 runs, 5 errors and they left 7 on base.  As for Triopia, they finished with 7 hits, 7 runs, 3 errors and they left 8 on base.  Portwood led the way with 3 hits and Werries added 2.  Duesterhaus and Burrus added the other 2 hits and while the Trojans made 3 errors in the game, they played a pretty good defenisve game with a double play.  Routland threw 7 innings for the shut out.  The Lady Trojans will face the #2 seed, Mendon Unity Mustangs at 4:30 in Mt. Sterling on Tuesday, in a game you can hear live on 101.3 WVIL.  Triopia will take a 10-16 record into the semi-finals at the Brown County Regional. 
5/12/17 Everyone who played in the Rushville-Industry baseball game today, against Brown Conty contributed in some way offensively as they defeated the Hornets 11-4.  They finished with 10 hits, 11 runs, 0 errors and left 8 runners on base.  Stinson had 3 hits while Settles and Eskridge had 2.  Eight different players scored in the win and Jones and Kettering combined for just 4 walks and 11 strikeout.  Kettering struck out 8 in a row from the 3rd to the 6th inning.  Brown County had 8 hits, 4 runs, 2 errors and 7 left on.  Lewis and Bergman had 2 hits each in the loss.  The Rockets are 16-8 and the Hornets 13-11 as they head into the regionals next week.  Rushville will open against Pittsfield at QND and the Hornets will play the winner of the Mendon/Barry Western game. Both teams are in a wide open regional and have every reason to believe they can advance to, at least, the title game.
5/10/17 In a rain and lightning shortened softball game, Pittsfield defeated Triopia 6-3.  Miller was the winner as the Saukees had 8 hits, 6 runs, 2 errors and they left 6 runners on base as they improved to 7-12 on the year.  They will open their regional vs New Berlin and, if they can win, they will play Williamsville at Auburn.  Triopia fell to 9-16 with the loss and were only disappointed because they had the bases loaded with just 1 out and trailing by 3 runs - then couldn't get anyone home.  They had 7 hits, 3 runs, 1 error and left 7runners on base.  The Trojans will play Pleasant Hill in the regional opener, at home, and play in Mt. Sterling on Tuesday if they can win. They would play Mendon.  In the baseball game, it was suspended in the bottom of the 5th with Pittsfield leading 7-0.  
5/9/17 Triopia improved to 11-14 today with a 12-1 win over Barry Western at Kinderhook.  Werrie went 2 innings and left the game with a 10-0 lead.  The Trojans had 12 hits, 12 runs, 1 error and left 8 runners on base.  The Wildcats only had 3 hits and 1 late run, with 3 errors and 5 runners left.  Triopia will play Pitsfield on Wednesday, New Berlin on Monday and then play their first round regional game against Griggsville-Perry.  Western only has 10 players and it is hard to have much flexibility on defense or offense.  It was pretty much a one-sided game today as the Trojans scored 3 in the first and 8 in the 3rd to put a lid on it.
5/8/17 In a pitchers duel, in highschool baseball, Beardstown defeated Routt Catholic 2-1.  Routt had just 3 hits in the game with 1 earned run, while Beardstown had 6 hits and 2 runs.  The winning run came with the bases loaded, then a hit batsman. Winters had a double while Hayes had a single and double to lead the Rockets in a losing cause.  The Rockets finished with 3 hits, 1 run, 1 error and 3 runners left on base and fell to 17-10.  They will play Calhoun on Thursday and Havana on Friday to end the regular season.  Their first round regional game will be against either Payson or Liberty at Mendon.  Beardstown improved to 11-15 on the year with 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 error and they left 7 on base.  Six different batters had 1 hit in the win.  Hymes went 6 innings and Wiltfong came in for the win.  He was also the batter who got hit to force in the winning run in the bottom of the 7th.  Muller went 6 and 2/3 innings and took the loss.  The Lady Rockets of Routt had a 6-1 lead and ended up losing 11-6 to the Lady Tigers.  Beardstown baseball will open their regional play by hosting Havana on the 15th.  If they can win, they will travel to QND on Tuesday to take on the host Raiders. 
5/6/17 New Berlin walked 11 batters and hit 2 and you would think that would be too much to overcome, but they ended up beating Beardstown 8 to 7.Both teams used 4 pitchers in the game and it came down to the bottom of the 7th before the Pretzels could put it away.  Beardstown had only 3 hits in the game but mnaged to tie it at 7 going into the bottom of the 7th.  They committed 1 error and left 9 runners on base.  New Berlin had 11 hits, 8 runs, 3 errors and also left 9 on.  Helm, Allen and Butcher all had 2 hits in the game while Orr scored 3 times.  The Tigers fell to 10-15 with the loss  and the Pretzels improved to 14 and 5.  It was a chilly and windy Saturday morning but there was a nice crowd to watch these two storied basball programs do battle. Unland was the losing pitcher and Helm recorded the win.
5/5/17 Routt Catholic baseball won the WIVC North outright, with a 6-0 win over Griggsville-Perry behind a 3 hit shut out from Adam Lindsey.  The Tornadoes had 3 hits, 0 runs, 2 errors and they left 4 runners on base.  The Rockets finished with 8 hits, 6 runs, 5 earned, 0 errors and they left 6 on base.  They improved to 17-10 on the year and 7-1 in conference.  Plunk and Winters hit home runs in the win with 5 different batters getting an RBI.  Lindsey went 7 innings, faced 25 batters, with 3 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.  Routt will be at Beardstown for baseball and softball on Monday and will play in the Mendon Regional later on in baseball, and at West Central for softball.
5/2/17 The Champion of the South and of the North, in WIVC baseball, played a very exciting game in Carrollton today.  The Hawks came into the game 20-3 and Routt Catholic was 15-10.  The final score was 2-1 in favor of Routt and they are hoping to post a win over Griggsville-Perry on Wednesday to win the title outright.  Today Struble threw well enough to win and had to leave after 5 innings due to pitch count.  Unfortunately, he left with 2 runners on base and when they scored, Struble took the loss to fall to 4-3 on the year.  he gave up 2 earned runs, struck out 8 and only walked 2.  Chumley pitched an equally good game as he went 7 innings while giving up 1 unearned run, walked 1 and struck out 6. Each team had only 3 hits and Winters, of Routt had the big hit with a single that drove in the tieing and winning runs in the top of the 6th.  This was about as good of a high school game you could have wanted to see.  It was like the 1 to nothing win for Triopia over Rushville last week.  Things are gearing up nicely for the up-coming regionals.  The Lady Hawks defeated the Lady Rockets this afternoon 9-1 in Carrollton. 
4/27/17 Routt Catholic softball got off to a rough start tonight with 2 errors and a wild pitch in the first inning that allowed 3 runs.  They held the G-Perry Tornadoes in check and scored a run in the 4th.  Then, the G-P wheels came off as they made 2 errors and gave up 6 runs, with 5 of them being unearned.   The final score was 8-3 and gave the Lady Rockets a share of the WIVC crown.  The Tornadoes ended up with 4 hits, 3 runs, 4 errors and 6 runners left on base.  Brite went the distance and took the loss, as G-P fell to 9-12 on the year.  Routt had 8 hits, 8 runs, 3 errors and they left 9 on base.  Schulte recorded the win and Abbott came in to throw the last 3 innings.  Routt is 13-7 and will play Carrollton on Tuesday.   Routt baseball vs G-P was postponed and potentially re-schedueld for next Wednesday.
4/25/17 The Routt baseball bats came alive this afternoon as they pouned out 13 hits and 12 runs with 1 error and they only left 4 runners on base.  Plunk, Winters, Chumley and Bilbruck all had 2 hits as all 9 of the starters had at least one hit.  Winters 2 hits were both home runs and Muller was the winning pitcher.  They will play Griggsville-Perry again on Thursday.  The Tornadoes had 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 errors and they also left 4 runners on base.  Routt is 15-10 and G-P 4 and 13.  The Routt softball team got a 2 run home run from Abbott (who was also the winning pitcher) in the bottom of the 6th to post the 2-1 win.
4/24/17 Routt Catholic had an off night of softball and the Pawnee Indians took advantage for a 10-3 win.  The Rockets gave up 7 unearned runs with a combination of 3 errors, 5 wild pitches, 2 passed balls and a mental mistake in the first inning.  They outhit the Indians 10 to 8, but they left 11 runners on base while Pawnee only left 5 on.  Not much went right for the Rockets, so they will try to forget this evening and get ready for conference games on Tuesday and Thursday when they play Griggsville Perry.  Byers is not a hard thrower and Routt did not make the adjustment which resulted in numerous pop ups and balls hit off of the end of the bat.  Byers only struck out 2 batters but Routt couldn't get the big hit and left a lot of potential runs on the bases.  Worrell had a couople of hits and 2 RBI's to lead the offense.  Craigsmiller and Harden had 2 hits each to lead the Indians, who played a good defensive game over all.  They did make 3 errors in the win.  Pawnee is 10-10 and Routt 11-7.
4/22/17 On a blustery day with a high around 57, Routt Catholic baseball played in the Pleasant Plains invitational.  They had won on Friday night, 4-1, over Southeast but didn't fare quite as well on Saturday as they lost 4-3 to Williamsville and 10-7 to Morrisonville. They had 12 hits on the day with 11 runs, 4 errors and left 16 runners on base. While the Rockets are a scrappy,young ball club, they simply do not get the big hit when they need it.  They get runners on 2nd and 3rd in almost every game, with less than 2 outs and cannot push them across.  They are right on the verge of becoming a very good team but have some work to do. Bilbruck had 2 hits in game one while May and Muller had 2 hits each in the nightcap.  Nest week, they have games with Griggsville-Perry, as they try to lock up the conference title, along with a game verses New Berlin and possibly a make up game mingled in.
4/21/17 Barry Western had a great bottom of the first as they had 5 hits and 4 runs, but then the wheels came off and they lost 18-6 to Routt Catholic in softball.  The Wildcats ended with 8 hits, 6 runs, 6 errors and fell to 5-9 on the season.  Routt had 14 hits, 18 runs and committed 3 errors as they improved to 11-6.Schulte led the way with 3 hits, while Martin, ABBott, Schmidt, Wooldridge and Scott all had 2 hits.  Abbott was the winning pitcher.  Weir had a home run for Barry-Western in the loss. The Rockets had 8 of their 9 starters plus Wooldridge with at least 1 hit.
4/20/17 Brown Couonty and Triopia softball played a double-header today and the Hornets won both ends.  They won the opener 9-7 behind Hodge and won the nightcap 13-8 behind Hailey Alsup. The Trojans played well  in both games but also made 3 errors in the first game and 5 in the second.  They had 22 hits in the DH as Portwood, Harris, Duesterhaus and Knous all had 2 hits with one of Knous being a 2 run home run.  Portwood had 3 more hits in the second game while Duesterhaus and Gregory had 2. The Hornets had 24 hits over all.  Chloe Alsup had 5, Hodge 5 including a home run, Kylie Moorman 4, and all nine players had at least one hit in the second game, with 6 having hits in game one.  It was a great hitting day for these two WIVC oponents. The Trojans ended the day with a record of 4 and 12 while the Hornets improved to 11-5 on the year.  We will see Routt Catholic at Barry-Western on Friday.
4/18/17 Routt Catholic softball improved to 9-6 on the year with an 11 to 1 win over the (4-9) West Central Lady Cougars.  The Cougars had 5 hits with 1 run and they left 6 runners on base.  Their big negative numbers were 6 errors and and they gave up 6 unearned runs with those errors.  Routt compiled 14 hits, 11 runs, 0 errors and they left a hefty 11 runners on.  Abbot was sharp with 6 strike outs and only 2 walks.  Freshman, Kirby Peters went 3 for 4 in the win as Abbott, Worrell, Wooldrige and Scott had 2 hits each.  They will face each other on Thursday, in Winchester, and Routt will play again on Friday at Barry-Western. The Routt boys won 16-4 and Brown County baseball beat Triopia 2-1.
4/17/17 Petersburg-Porta improved to 10-2 with their 9 to 4 baseball win over Routt Catholic.  They had 11 hits, 9 runs, 2 errors and left 9 on base.  Kenny Daugherty went the distance for the win as Lasanska, Brock, Minor and Mays all had 2 hits.  Routt fell to 11-7 with 6 hits, 4 runs, 2 errors and 6 left on base.  The Rockets will host West Central on Tuesday in a conference game. Muller had 2 hits to lead Routt and Bonjean took the loss from the mound.  Overton also threw 1 inning and faced 4 batters.
4/14/17 Routt baseball lost a 6-4 decision to Gillespie at the Beardstown showcase.  The Rockets will play Beardstown on Saturday and then play one more position game in the afternoon.  The Routt Softball team lost 8-2 to the Pleasant Plains Cardinals.  The Lady Rockets had 5 hits, 2 runs, 3 errors and left 7 runners on base.  Schulte had 2 hits and took the loss.  The Cardinals had 10 hits, 8 runs, 2 errors and left 4 on base.  Olivia Carter was the winning pitcher.  Rush, Carter and Bee had 2 hits each in the win as Plains improved to 9-2 and the Rockets fell to 8-6.
4/12/17 Routt Catholic baseball improved to 10-4 with a 16-0 win over Illini Central, who left the game with a 2-9 mark.  The Cougars had 3 hits, 0 runs, 6 errors and they left 5 on base.  Routt got 2 hits from Winters and 2 hits from Bonjean, including a 3 run home run,  as the Rockets had 10 hits, 16 runs, 2 errors and they left 4 on base.  Bilbruck was the winning pitcher.  Routt had 8 players with at least 1 hit in the win.  They will play Gillespie at 10 am on Friday and Beardstown at 10 am on Saturday in the Beardstown Tiger Showcase.  They are hoping to get to a third place or title game on Saturday afternoon and a good candidate, if they make it, in Pleasant Plains.
4/11/17 On a warm sunny day atAlumni Field, in Jacksonville, we were treated to a good baseball game between Routt and Liberty.  The Eagles scored in the second inning and made the 1-0 score hold up until the bottom of the 6th.  The Rockets scored 2 earned runs and 1 unearned run and took the game 3-1 to improve to 9-4 on the year.  With the loss, Liberty is 2-3.  Liberty had 3 hits, 1 run, 2 errors and they left 2 on base.  Routt had 6 hits, 3 runs, no errors and left 3 on base.  Winters had 2 hits including the game tieing RBI and then the 2nd run scored on an error. Muller drove in an insurance run to put a cap on it.  Chumley and Muller teamed up from the mound and Muller recorded the win. Routt will play at Illini Central on Wednesday.
4/8/17 Today's round robin softball tournament at Rushville was a very interesting and entertaining day.  Brown County, Rushville and Routt played and Routt ended up the over all winner, but it was a struggle in each game.  Rushville came in with a 2-3 record and lost 11-6 to the Hornets and85-5 to the Routt Rockets in spite of playing very well.  They had a chance to witn both games. the had 10 hits in game 1 and 5 in game two.  Belville (3-6), Foreman (3-5) and Crossier (3-7) led the way.  Brown County got off to a 4-0 lead on Rushville and then had to fight back to tie the game at 10-10 and finally won 11-10.  In the title game, they got up 2-1 over Routt but were shut down after that and lost 8-2.  The Hornets had 16 hits on the day as Markert, Chloe and Hailey Alsup all had 3 hits as Hodge won the opener and H. Alsup took the loss in the championship game.  The Hornets are 6-3 after today's action and will be strong all year long.  They have lost 1 game to Calhoun and 2 to Routt to this point.  They beat Rout 7-5 on Friday night, so if they play again, it will be just as competitive.  Routt Catholic struggled to beat Rushville in spite of having a 5-0 early lead.  They were tied 5-5 in the 6th and Abbott put the game away for Routt with a 3 run home run. Routt scored 5 runs in the 6th in the championship game as well as they showed a strong offense.  Worrell hit a solo home run in the win.  Routt had 25 hits and 16 runs on the day as they improved to 7-5.  Schulte was 6 for 8 in two games and the winning pitcher in game two.  Abbott came in to relieve Powell and recorded the win in the opener.  It was a well played tournament for Routt except for the 4 errors.  These are three good teams who will win more games before the end of the regular season.
4/7/17 For the second day in a row, we had an overtime game, as the Routt Catholic Rockets held off Brown County 5-4 in 8 innings of baseball.  Brown County made a nice come back to tie the game at 4-4 in regulation butinthe bottom of the 8th, with one out, Overton singled and stole 2nd.  Chumley singled to score Overton and the Rockets improved to 7-4 on the year.  They had 6 hits, 5 runs, 4 errors and left 4 on base.  Plunk came in to win the game in relief, after Lindsey went 6 strong innings.  The Hornets had 8 hits, 4 runs, 2 errors and left 8 on base as they couldn't get the big hit.  Sussenbach suffered the loss and the Hornets fell to 4-2 on the year.  Joe Hendricker pitched 6 2/3 innings, striking out 7 and walking 4.  Routt will play in Pleasant Hill on Saturday as they look for win number 8. Wort and Hendricker had 2 hits each to lead Brown County.
4/6/17 In a marathon softball game, it was Routt prevailing with a 22-17 win over a scrappy Lady Trojan team from Triopia.  It was a game where the lead changed hands numerous times and went 9 innings before it could be decided.  Triopia had 14 hits, 17 runs, 3 errors and 15 runners were left on base.  Werries had 4 hits while Portwood, Duesterhaus, Burrus and Gregory each had 2 hits.  Harris, Werries, Duesterhaus and Knous also had a home each as the Trojans had enough offense to win.  Their problem is they have no "strike out" pitchers yet.  They do not give up and will win a lot of games in time, but they are young and not able to finish games, so they fell to 1-7 on the year.  I think they will make some noise at regional time, if they stay healthy and keep their current competitive attitude.  Routt knew they would have some difficulty tonight as Coach Martin voiced his respect for Triopia, based on his 12-6 win on Tuesday.  His Rockets didn't stop the Trojans the way they wanted, but they hit extremely well.  They finished with 27 hits, 22 runs, 4 errors and they left 21 runners on base in spite of the win.  Abbott, Schmidt and Powell had 5 hits each while Martin and Schulte had 3.   Worrel and Peters added 2 each as every starter with the exception of Wooldrige had at least 1 hit.  Wooldridge did walk 3 times and scored 2 times so, she did her part.  Triopia will play Brown County, in a rain make up game, on Friday at home.  They are 5-3 on the year and, on a good day, are going to be competitive with most area teams.  Triopia's baseball tam defeated Routt 6-0 tonight and they will also play Brown County Friday, in a game you can hear live on 101.3 WVIL.
4/4/17 Routt Catholic scored 3 unearned runs and defeated Triopia 4-1 in baseball this afternoon at Alumni Field.  They will play again on Thursday without the benefit of their #1 pitchers.  Werries pitched well enough to win today as he walked 2 and struck out 10, but the defense let him down.  Chumley gave up 5 hits and 1 earned run as he wallked 1 and struck out 3.  Werries also had 2 hits in the loss.  Overton had a single and double while Plunk, Bilbruck and Lindsey each had 1 hit in the win.  Routt is 6-3 and Triopia 3-4 after the game.   The only downside of the game was 4 errors on the Trojans and 2 errors on the Rockets as they each need to clean that up a little.
4/1/17 Piasa Southwestern came to Routt Catholic to play a baseball double-header with 0-5 record and a reputation for fielding good teams year after year.  They left with a 2-5 record as they swept the Rockets 9-0, 4-1 behind solid pitching.  This is the deepest staff we have seen this year.  Routt went 13 innings before getting their first hit or run.  Lindsey threw a pretty good second game but the Routt bats couldn't solve the Birds hurlers. Piasa ended up with 23 hits and 13 runs in the double victory and had base runners in 13 of the 14 innings.  Routt will host Pleasant Plains on Monday so they have some serious work ahead.  On Tuesday and Thursday they will face Triopia in conference play. They have a 5 and 3 records after today's action. 
3/28/17 Brown County took the early 1-0 lead in the first inning, but could only get 1 more hit over the next 6 innings and no more runs.  The final score was Routt Catholic 7 and the Hornets 1 as BC fell to 3-1 and the Rockets improved to 5-1 on the year. Nathan Hendricker had 2 of the 3 Hornet hits and Wort picked up the RBI and the other hit.  Chumbley retired 13 batters in a row, after Hendricker singled in the 3rd. Sussenbach went 5 innings and took the loss in the game.  Josh Lewis had 2 hits to lead Routt Catholic and 3 other players had 1 hit each.  The Rockets took advantage of errors, wild pitches and passed balls to score 3 earned runs and 4 unearned runs in their win.  Chumley went the distance with 80 pitches as he walked no one and struck out 8.  These two teams will square off in Jacksonville on Thursday. In a girl's game at BC, the Lady Rockets defeated the Lady Hornets 11-6 to even their record at 3-3.
3/22/17 It was a close game this afternoon, but Routt Catholic hung on to beat Pawnee 10-7 in baseball.  The Indian fell to 0-3 on the season, with losses to Routt, Rochester and Williamsville.  They had 9 hits, 7 runs, 3 errors and left 6 on base today in their loss.  Hamilton and Roberts had 2 hits each.  The Rockets improved to 4-1 on the year and will play at Pleasant Hill on Thursday.  They had 11 hits, 10 runs, 3 errors and left 11 runners on base in spite of the win.  Winters was 3 for 3 and Lindsey 2 for 2 as 8 of the 9 starters had at least 1 hit.  Chumley went the distance, for the win, with 9 strike outs and 2 walks.
3/21/17 Tonight's baseball game between Routt Catholic and WHNG was over early as the Rockets had 9 hits and 13 runs in the first inning.  The final score was 24-1 as Routt improved to 3-1 and the Spartans fell to 1-2.  WHNG had 2 hits and used 5 pitchers in the loss.  Routt had 16 hits, 24 runs, 0 errors and they left 7 runners on base.  Lindsey led the Rockets with 3 hits while May, Winters, Muller, Bilbruck, Chumley and Lewis all had 2 hits each. Routt will have a tougher time on Wednesday as they host the Pawnee Indians.  Muller went the distance for the Rockets and picked up the 2 hit win.
3/20/17 The Routt Catholic softball team did not hit well tonight but they hit at the right time and pulled off a 9-5 win over the Lady Trojans of Auburn.  Trojan pitching wasn't sharp today as they walked 10 and had 3 wild pitches in the loss.  They had 10 hits, 5 runs, 1 error and left 9 runners on base.Coleman, Filipiakand McMillen all had 2 hits as 7 of the 9 Trojans had at least one hit.  The Rcokets Mallory Martin had a solid game with 3 of the 5 Routt hits, as she scored twice and had 4 of the 9 RBI's.  Schulte went 6 innings and recorded the win.  The Rockets are 1-0 and will travel to Pleasant Hill on Thursday.  Routt pitching is good and the defense is good, so all they have to do is pick up the hitting a little and they will hve a good season. 
3/18/17 Adam Lindsey threw a 1 hitter as Routt Catholic knocked off North Mac 11-1 in baseball on Saturday.  Plunk, May and Bilbruck all had 2 hits each as the Rockets garnered 9 hits, 11 run, with 3 errors and they left 5 runners on base.  This is a very young Routt team but they will make a splash this year and will be a force at play off time.  They are 1 and 1 on the year with their loss to QND in their opener.  They scored 2 in the first, 7 in the secondand 2 in the 5th to wrap it up and will face a good team from Riverton on Monday.  After that, it is WHNG and Pawnee as they try to make an early run and build their confidence.
3/16/17 It was cold and windy today, but Greenfield and Triopia played softball with the Tigers winning a 13-3 shortened game.  It was not as bad of a game as the score would indicate.  Greenfield was a little stronger with 13 runs on 13 hits with 2 errors and 4 runners left on base.  Jones and Arnett led thw way with 3 hits each as Martin and Graham had 2 each.  Arnett pitched a solid game with 4 strike outs and 2 walks.  The Trojans had 6 hits with 3 runs, 2 errors and 9 runners were left on base as Triopia could not get the key hits.  Madison Gregory was the losing pitcher but she also had 2 hits and a run scored in the loss. Sara Evans came in late in the game and looked pretty good on the pitching rubber.  Their most experienced pitcher, Ashtyn Rouland is injured and will add a lot to the team when she returns.  With her on the pitching rubber, the defense will get stronger for Triopia, in the field, and Rouland's pitching will also be a plus. keep in mind there are only 3 seniors on this Trojan team and they will get better and more consistent as they physically mature. 
2/22/17 Routt Catholic boy's basketball has had it's ups and downs this year, due to injuries, illness, players quitting or not coming out, and it all ended tonight as they lost a 57-44 decision to West Central at the Greenfield regional.  They only lost 3 seniors off of this team and will have a good season next year.  They only shot 29 per cent tonight and 56 from the free throw line against a hot Cougar team.  Chumley led the Rockets with 15 points.  West Central shot 59 percent from the field and 63 percent from the line with 11 turnovers as they earned the right to play Carrollton for the regional title on Friday.  Montgomery came in, off of the bench, and played very well with 16 poionts.  Hurrelbrink added 14 as 8 Couogars scored in the team win.  They will take a 14-16 record into the title game.  Carrollton defeated WHNG 62-53. 
2/21/17 The final four is set for the Greenfield 1A regional, after tonight's action.  In the opening game of the evening, Routt Catholic dominated Brussels and came away with a 55-31 victory.  Routt shot 46 percent from the field and 60 percent from the line with 16 turnovers.  Chumley led the way with 16 pooints while Lucas May scored 10.  Kaleb Birdsell scored 8, Winter 7 and Whalen 7 as the Rockets spread the ball around.  Patrick May joined the list of players who couldn't play last night as Routt continues to play well with about half of their starting unit missing.  Overton played limited minutes tonight and hopefully will be at full strength for tomorrows game.  Brady Ellis scored 17 for Brussels and had little help offensively as the Raiders just couldn't keep up with Routt.  Brussels hit 30 percent of their shots and 40 percent of their free throws with 25 turnovers.  Brussels ended their season with 5 wins and 21 losses.
2/20/17 In the first round of the QND regional, it was Beardstown defeating Rushville 47-42 in a game that came down to the final 2 minutes before it went to the Tigers.  This is the 4th time this year that Beardstown has beaten Rushville.  The Rockets hit 34 per cent of their shots and 9 for 12 from the free throw line with 13 turnovers.  They fiished their season with a  5-22 record.  For the Tigers, they have earned a game against QND on Tuesday night.  They let a big lead get away but hung on to pick up tonight's wind.  They shot 40 per cent from the field and 13 of 19 from the line with a 12 for 15 4th quarter which helped them hang on.  They had 10 turnovers in their win and are 11-17 on the year and hopeful they can shoot well against QND.  Stinson led Rushville with 11 pooints while Phillips and Dimmit each scored 8.  Beardstown had well rounded scoring as Gullavogul led the way with 16, Nava 10, McWilliams 9 and Ruiz 8.
2/17/17 It was a busy night at Beardstown as they had a chili cook-off, the band, senior night, the dance team and they honored the 1987 basketball team.  They also had a boy's game between Routt Catholic and Beardstown, which the Rockets won 51-34.  It was a pretty close game for most of the contest but poor free throw shooting and turnovers helped cause the Tiger loss.  Nava had 10 points and Ruiz 9 to lead Beardstown, who shot 31 percent from the field and 30 percent from the free throw line with 21 turnovers.  Routt finished hitting 15 of 37 from the field and 17 of 26 from the line with 11 turnovers.  They improved to 17-10 and will play Brusels next Tuesday at the Greenfield regional.  Winter scored 24 to lead the Rockets as Chumley added 9.  Beardstown will play Rushville at QND in their regional opener.  They have beaten Rushville 3 times this season.
2/14/17 Triopia and Griggsville-Perry played to overtime tonight before the Trojans put the Tornadoes away 80-68.  It was a back and forth ame all night long as G-P won the first and third quarters while Triopia won the 2nd and they were tied 60-60 at the end of regulation.  Ian Smith hit 27 for the Tornadoes while Stinebaker had 22 and Kelley 12.  They shot 49 percent from the field and 86 percent from the free throw line but the 20 turnovers hurt them.  The Trojans got 16 from Thompson, 15 from Werries, 15 from Hageman, 13 from Milby and 11 from Bell as they improved to 16-8 on the year.  They shot 49 percent from the field and 60 percent from the line with 11 turnovers.  They will play Franklin on Friday and play Liberty in the first round of the Barry Western regional. 
2/10/17 Tonight was one of those fun high school boy's basketball games, for a variety of reasons.  Brown County had a starter missing and Routt had two starters missing.  Jonah Farve filled in for Sussenbach and led the Hornets with 21 points.  Routt stayed in the game until very late before falling 66-59 due to a 10 for 12 effort from the free throw line in the 4th quarter for Brown County.  Routt got double digit scoring from Winter (20), Chumley (19) and Patrick May 12 while shooting 45 percent from the field and 56 percent from the line with 13 turnovers.  Those are pretty good numbers but, not good enough as the Hornets  had four players in double digits.  Farve (21), Nathan Hendricker (19), Joe Hendricker (12) and Drake (10).  They shot 58 percent from the field and 79 percent from the charity stripe with 14 turnovers.  The Hornets are 13-7 and the Rockets 16-10 after the game.  It was a clean, close game and enjoyable to watch. Mt. Sterling will play in the Barry-Western regional and Routt will go south to play in the Greenfield regional. 
2/7/17 West Central was an easy winner over Payson-Seymour at the Routt Regional  54-30.  They will play Barry-Western for the Routt Regional title on Thursday.  The Wildcats defeated Routt in the night cap 34-27 after leading by 13 in the 3rd quarter and seeing their lead diminish to 29-27 in the 4th.  The Rockets had 4 chances with the score 29-27 and never scored again as their season came to a close at 16-13.  They only graduate 1 senior and should be very competitive next season.  Katie Abell led the way with 14 and never really got much help offensively tonight as 2 substitues scored 9 points and the regular starting outside players did not score.  They hit 31% of their shots and 50 of their free throws with 14 turnovers.  The Wildcats got 20 points from their best player, Blair Borrowman, as they hit 33 percent  from the field and 75 percent from the line with 7 turnovers. They will have their hands full lwith West Central but have a shot to win the regional and wre the better team tonight.
2/4/17 It was a tough day of basketball for Our Saviour School boy's basketball as they did not shoot well from the field or from the line against a little bit stronger and quicker team.  The final score was a 37-17 in favor of Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes.  No one had more than 4 points for the Shamrocks and they turned the ball over 16 times in the loss.  Those things happen sometimes and obviously it is hard to win a game under those circumstances. OSS hit just 5 of 32 shots from the field and 5 of 13 free throws and Decatur took advantage of them.  The Lancers hit 16 of 30 shots and 4 of 10 from the line with 13 turnovers as they moved on.  Etchason led the way with 14 points, Phillips had 8 and did a good job of running the point.  Harshman had 6 points and 6 players hit the scoring column in the win.  Our Lady of Lourdes improved to 22-3 while OSS ended their season 17-7.  There are some good players on the Shamrocks team, but it just wasn't their day.
2/3/17 Tonight it was a classic battle between height and speed as Routt Catholic (speed) played at home against Greenfield/NW.  The 6' 11" post (Bayless) for the Tigers scored 21 points to lead Greenfield in the 55-40 loss.  The Tigers shot 44 % from the field and 60% from the free throw line but part of their downfall was the 18 turnovers.  They fell to 6 and 15 on the season. As for Routt,  they got 25 pooints from Chumley and 16 from Winter as 7 Rockets hit the scoring column.  They hit 17 of 48 from the field (48%) and 13 of 19 (68%) from the line with only 3 turnovers as they improved to 15 and 9 on the year.  Routt played dogged defense on senior night at the Routt Dome to pick up the victory. 
2/1/17 While it was no shock or surprise that Routt Catholic defeated Griggsville-Perry tonight in girl's basketball, it was a good game for a couple of reasons.  First of all, Griggsville-Perry got off to a great start and hit 5 of their first 8 shots and held a 13-12 lead with time running out in the first quarter.  Schwiderski hit a big trey for the Rockets and took the 15-13 lead at the end of one but it was still good early basketball by the Tornaloes.  For Routt, they needed a win and got it, so it is possible for them to win 3 games in a row before having to face a tough Barry-Western team in the 2nd round of the Routt Regional.  While Routt beat the Barry-Western Wildcats at the Brown County Tournament, the Cats are very good and have one of the better players in the area.  Tonight, Battefeld hit 10 of 10 free throws and led the Tornadoes with 18 points.  Kennedy added 12 and Bright 9 in the loss.  They hit 32% of their shots and 79 % of their free throws with 10 turnovers.  The Rockets shot 42% from the field and 67% from the line with 9 turnovers.  Sara Worrell led the way with 16 points while Katie Abell had 15 and Schierl 12. Routt had 9 treys in the win and got a small amount of playing time from Sydney Walker, who will be a great player for the Rockets before her career is over with.  She did not score but she hasn't played for a long time and used tonight to test her right knee. if things to right, she will get some playing time on Thursday and Monday and hopefully be ready to pick up the pace on Tuesday and hopefull Thursday of next week.
1/31/17 Tonight's boy's basketball game between Routt and West Central was close, exciting and very entertaining as the Cougars beat the Rockets 52-49.  Routt had their chances and just didn't make the big shot when they needed it.  Hurrelbrink led West Central with 21 points and one of the shots was a baseball type throw from the opposite foul line at the half time buzzer.  Cox also added double digits (12) in the win as 7 Cougars scored.  They hit 53% of their shots and 48% of their free throws with 13 turnovers and improved to 12-13 on the year.  For the Rockets, they hit 36% of their shots from the field and 14 for 20 from the line with 12 turnovers.  They fell to 14-9 on the year and will face Greenfield on Friday.  Winterscored 15, Chumley 13,  Whalen 9, May and 7 and Kaleb Birdsell 4 as they spread the ball around well. 
1/30/17 Pleasant Hill had a good shooting night as they knocked off Routt Catholic, at the Dome tonight.  They hit 48% of their shots and in spite of hitting 42% of theiir free throws and turning the ball over 26 times they won 57-47.  Root led the way with 25 points while Peebles added 15 and 6 players scored over all. The Wolves improved to 11-6 on the year.  As for Routt, they had some scoring lulls toniight and could not take advantage of the high number of turnovers they forced.  They only had 32% of their shots and 4 for 12 from the free throw line.  They took care of the ball with just 5 turnovers in the game but just couldn't get on a roll as they fell to 14-8.  Winters hit 13 and Patrick May 10 as 7 Rockets scored in the loss.  They will take on West Central tomorrow night in a home game.
1/27/17 It was a very physical basketball game tonight as Brown County defeated Liberty 64-46.  The Hornets improved to 10-5 on the season and the Eagles fell to 2-19.  Booher led Liberty with 14 points and Graham hit double figures with 12.  They shot 40 percent from the field and 56 percent from the line with 19 turnovers.  The Hornets had 3 players in double figures:  Sussenbach (19), Drake (18) and Nathan Hendricker (11) as they hit 50% of their shots and 13 of 17 free throws with 12 turnovers.  There were 35 fouls called in the game with 35 free throws and a lot of contact that wasn't called.
1/26/17 The #1 and #2 teams, in class 1A girl's basketball, played tonight in the 43rd annual Lady Hawk Tournament in the semi final round.  Tied 50-50 with 16 seconds to go was appropriate, then Lebonon made a bucket at the buzzer and improved to 23-0 on the year.  The loss dropped the West Central Cougars to 23 and 1 and if they played again tomorrow, it would be a similar finish.  They are two very good teams and will do well in post season play.  Will they meet again?  Only time will tell.   Krista Bass had 18 points and Kendra Bass 16 to lead 6 Greyhounds in the scoring column.  Lebanon shot 45% from the field, 76% from the line and turned the ball over 16 times in the wind.  West Central was led by Kaufmann with 16 poonts while Starks and Likes each scored 9.  Eight different Cougars scored in the loss as Starks and Kaufmann both filed out which didn't help.  The Cougars hit 30% of their shots and 61 % of their free throws with 18 turnovers.  It was as good of a basketball as you could want to watch and obviously very disappointing to the losing team.
1/24/17 Routt Catholic boys basketball improved to 14 and 7 with a 52-37 win over Liberty.  They had beaten the Eagles at the Winchester tournament on jan. 7th 59-40 and tonight was a similar win.  Klingele led Liberty with 9 pooints  as 7 Eagles got on the scoreboard.  They shot 41% from the field and 38 % from the free throw line with 19 turnovers as they fell to 2 and 18 on the year.  The Rockets spread the ball around well ltonight as Patrick May led the way with 13.  Schnitker, Winter and Whalen all scored 9 while Hunter Chumley and Overton each added 6.  Routt shot 37 percent from the field and 44 percent from the line with just 10 turnovers. Next up for the Rockets will be Pleasant Hill at the Routt Dome on Monday night.
1/23/17 Routt Catholic had a 37-31 lead into the 4th quarter and simply could not get the ball down the floor with any degree of consistency and the Lady Explorers of Marquette turned them over and took the 51-45 win.  That eliminated the Lady Rockets from the 43rd annual Lady Hawk tournament.  They have three regular season games left, prior to the regionals and are hoping to go 2 and 1 at the least.  They are 13-11 after tonight's loss. Katie Abell led Routt with 18 poionts and Mallory Martin added 17.  No one else had more than 3 pooints and the Rockets turned the ball over 22 times.  They shot 42% from the field and 61% from the line.  Marquette had 8 players in the scoring column and were led by Fischer and Madi Connors with 11 points each.They hit 35% of their shots and only 45% from the line which kept Routt in the game.  They also had 20 turnovers and improved to 11-11 with the win. 
1/21/17 It was a disappointing loss for the Lady Rockets of Routt Catholic tonight as they lost 47-46 to Greenfield-northwestern. Routt trailed most of the game but, due to the Tigers missing some late free throws, had a chance to pull out a win.  They were trailing by 13 points at the end of the third quarter but came up a little short at the end.  Walters got hurt in the third quarter and had to leave the game with 18 points (which gave her 1,000 on her high school career).  The Tigers only shot 6 out of 17 free throws in the 2nd half and almost gave it to the Rockets.  They hit 35% from the field and 8 of 20 free throws as they improved to 9 and 14 on the year and got themselves a date with the Lebanon Greyhounds on Wednesday.  Lebanon beat Marquette 57-24 and have a 21-0 record.  Routt was led by Katie Abell with 15 points while Martin added 9 and Worrell 8 as the Rockets fell to 13-9 and will play Marquette at 8 pm on Monday.  They only hit 26% of their shots and 6 of 9 from the line.  West Central rolled over WHNG 61-28 and will play Wednesday night at 8. They have a record of 22 wins and 0 losses and depending on which pole you look at, they and Lebanon are either 1 or 2 in class 1A basketball.  We may see a great match up on Thursday night at 8 pm.
1/19/17 Carrollton got a 3 point bucket from Krumwiede to start tonight's game and another 3 to start the 3rd quarter and ended up with 25 points overall.  The Hawks won the game 56-39 as they shot 54% from the field and 90% from the free throw line. Robinson also hit double digits (10) in the win as Carrollton improved to 14 and 8 on the year.  They will open the Lady Hawk Tournament on Saturday, at 9:30 am, when they take on the #1 seed Civic Memorial team.  Routt did not play well in the 2nd half and never had the lead in tonight's loss.  They got 10 points from Martin and 10 points from Katie Abell but were never really close in the game.  They hit 16 of 47 from the field with 3 for 4 from the free throw line and 17 turnovers.  Routt will play Greenfield at 5:00 on Saturday evening in the Lady Hawk. They will take a 13-9 record into the tournament as the #7 seed.
1/17/17 It was a tough, physical game as Routt Catholic hung on to win a 54-39 girl's baskegball game over Beardstown.  The Tigers were down by 13 and fought back to a 4 point deficit before the Rockets opened up a late lead and won their 4th game in a row.  They will face Carrollton, at home, on Thursday and then head for the Lady Hawk Tournament in Carrollton on Saturday.  The Tigers fell to 6 and 15 on the year and were led in scoring tonight by Rawlins with 14 points.  McWilliams added 9  while Elizabeth Garcia scosred 6 and Addison Herzog 5.  Beardstown hit 13 of 54 from the field and 12 of 18 from the free throw line with 22 turnovers.  Routt got 18 points from Katie ABell, 10 from Worrell and 9 from Schwiderski as they improved to 13 and 8 on the year.  They also got 8 free throws from Ellie Abell as Routt hit 22 of 35 for 63%.  They shot 14 of 37 for 38% from the field and had 19 turnovers.
1/16/17 Beardstown had a 7-6 lead at the end of the first quarter, in their game with the Lady Saukees of Pittsfield, but that was the end of the good new for the evening.  Pittsfield outscored the Lady Tigers 19 to 4 in the second quarter and never looked back as they posted the 47-17 win.  Beardstwon shot 19 percent from the field, 40 percent from the line and had 20 turnovers.  They only shot 5 free throws while the Saukees shot 32 and that played a big part in the game.  Pepper played a solid game and scored 19 points with 9 of 11 from the charity stripe.  Palmer added 8 and Bauer 5 in the wind.  Pittsfield shot 38 percent from the field and 56 percent from the line with 12 turnovers.  They are 12-11 on the year and will play Carrollton, for 5th place, at the Spartan Tournament at White Hall.  Beardstown will be in Jacksonville to take on Routt Catholic on Tuesday. 
1/9/17 Routt Catholic girl's won their second game in a row and will try to pick up their third on Thursday night when they host Beardstown.  They defeated Pawnee 60-31 tonight after getting off to a slow start.  With the win, they improved to 12-8 on the year.  Katie Abell led the way with 16 while Martin (11) and Worrell (11) hit for double digits.  Nine Rockets scored in the win as they shot 51% from the field and 66% from the line with 18 turnovers.  The Indians only shot 25% from the field and 50% from the charity stripe with 17 turnovers.  Harden had a big night with 20 points which gives her 1220 on her high school career.  Pascoe scored 6 as Pawnee fell to 8 and 9 on the year. 
1/5/17 At the Waverly Holiday Tournament, Routt Catholic came back late in the game and defeated Carrollton 71-64.  They were hoping to get another win tonight, at the home of the Hawks, but the inside game of Carrollton was too strong and they won 66-50.  Campbell scored 23, mostly in the paint, while Watson hit for 15 from outside and Stendeback added 10 from inside the free throw line.Jerrett Smith is coming off of an injury and played limited time in the 3rd quarter.  He hit 3 of 3 from the field and 1 of 1 from the free throw line in the win.  The Hawks shot 42 percent from the field and 17 of 22 from the free throw line.  The only down side was 20 turnovers as they improved to 6-5 on the year.  The Rockets couldn't sustain any offense tonight and did not stop the inside game of Carrollton.  Winters led the way with 15 while Patrick May hit 11 as 8 Rockets scored in the game.  They shot only 33 percent from the field and 9 of 14 from the charity stripe with 15 turnovers.  They fell to 8 and 6 on the year.  Beckman wasn't there tonight and his 6' 1" frame and inside play may have made a difference in the game.
1/3/17 After going 1 and 3 in the 35th annual Lady Tiger Classic, and not playing very good basketball, the Lady Rockets of Routt were in need of a win.  They hosted North Mac (5-6) and while it wasn't easy, came away with a 48-36 win as they improved to 11-8 on the year.  They will face Pawnee on Monday and Beardstown on Thursday, as they try to get on a roll.  The tough Lady Hawk in Carrollton is in the near future, so they want to head into it with a head of steam.  North Mac had difficulty sustaining their offense in their loss, but did get 15 points from Stauffer and 9 from Tomasko.  They hit 30 percent from the field and 60 percent from the line with 16 turnovers.  Routt shot 28 percent from the field and 18 for 32 from the line with just 7 turnovers.  Martin hit 8 free throws and 1 basket in the 2nd half to help secure the win.Katie Abell had 13 points and Schwiderski 9 as seven Rockets scored in the win. 
12/22/16 Routt Catholic girl's basketball got what they needed tonight as they came back, from trailing early and defeated WHNG 68-49.  It improved their record to 9-5 and dropped the Spartans to 5-7.  What was nice about the win, from Routt's point of view, is they were playing without Worrel, Walker and Addie Schmidt.  It called for someone to step up and several players answered the call.  Fellhauer had 7 points, Martin 9, Schierl 9, Molly Schmidt 5 and even Annika Black added a couple of points.  Katie Abell had 11 and Ellie Abell 10, but the player of the night got the Rockets off to a great start with 4 treys in the first quarter.  Schwiderski had 15 points on the night and gave Routt exactly what they needed with Worrell on vacation.  Routt shot 46% from the field and 59% from the line with 13 turnovers.  WHNG got off to a solid start with 11 points from Tupper in the first quarter .  Thye had a 20-18 lead until Martin hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer.  Randall had 11, Evans 12, Tupper 11 in the loss.  The player who was very impressive was a freshman, Lakeleigh Brown.  She is only 5' 4" tall but she plays big and is aggressive.  The Spartans shot 31 percent from the field and 60% from the line with 10 turnovers in the loss.   
12/15/16 Auburn improved to 14-0 with their girl's basketball team tonight as they knocked off the visiting Routt Catholic Lady Rockets 56-33.  It was close until the 3rd quarter when the Trojans hit 4 treys and outscored Routt 16-4 and took a 44-26 poiont lead into the 4th quarter.  Jessup had 13, Smith 13, Mackenzie 11 and Clark 9 as Auburn spread the ball around.  They shot 37 percent from the field and 33 percent from the line with 12 turnovers.  Routt had 8 players in the scoring column but noone in double digits as they fell to 8-5 on the season.  They had 20 turnovers and several of them were the result of poor passing with no ball fakes and teammates were not moving to help the passer.  They shot 27% from the field and 3 for 8 from the line. They will face Pawnee on Saturday at 12:30 and follow that with a game with WHNG prior to the Lady Tiger Tournament on the 26th.  They would love to go to Beardstown with a 10-5 record as they face North Fulton.
12/13/16 Tonight, at the Routt Dome, the Rockets led for three quarters and then got out scored 8 to 2 in the 4th and lost 51-48.  The White Hall North Greene Spartans improved to 5 and 1 with the win and Routt Catholic fell to 4-3.  Josh Hopper led WHNG with 29points and Booth hit double digits with 11.  The Spartans shot 49 percent from the field and were 7 for 9 from the line.  The Rockets hit 21 of 50 shots for 42% and 3 of 4 from the free throw line in the first half and no free throw shots in the 2nd half.  Chumley had 15, Overton 10 and Marshall 9 in the loss.  They will take on Pleasant Hill on Friday night, at the dome. It was a hard fought game tonight with 50 turnovers between the two teams.  Beckman will be back on Friday and the 6' 1" Jr. should help out with the inside game and rebounding.
12/12/16 In a ragged, defensive, physical game at Mt. Sterling. The host Hornets came from 11 down heading into the 4th quarter to post a 48-47 win over the visiting Routt Catholic Lady Rockets. There were 46 turnovers in the game as the Hornets shot 38% from the field and 74% from the free throw line. The Rockets countered with 29% from the field and 62% from the line.Doyle (14) and Heldt (13) led Mt. Sterling and Katie Abell (14) and Walker (12) led the Rockets. Next up for the Rockets will be Auburn, a tough 2A school who may still be undefeated on the season, at this point. Routt will play Pawnee on Saturday at 12:30 instead of the 2:00 original listed game time. It will be played at the Routt Dome.
12/9/16 Routt was just a little quicker than South County tonight in boy's basketball and won 52-38.  They outshot the Vipers 45 to 28 percent from the field and 72 to 40 percent from the line.  Both teams had 14 turnovers but Routt led at every quarter and improved to 4 and 2 with the win.  Couturiax led the Vipers with 9 while Gill and Fromme had 8 and Talbert 7.  Winters (19) and Chumley(13) led the Rockets as 7 players scored in the win.  The Rockets will be a hard team to beat this year unless they get out sized as they are pretty scrappy on both ends of the floor.  They lost to Pittsfield and to Lutheran so far.
12/5/16 The Lady Rockets of Routt Catholic were fres off of a 35-28 loss to Springfield Lutheran, on Saturday, when they did not play one of their better games.  It looked like they might end up with another tough loss tonight, at Greenfield, but they re-grouped and came away with a 46-40 win and improved to 8-3 while the Tigers fell to 1-5.  Jumping out to an 8-2 lead, Routt was feeling pretty good.  Slowly Greenfield began to eat into the lead and made it a real nail-biter at the end.  Routt led 12-10 after one quarter, and 20-17 at the half.  It was tied 32-32 after 3 quarters as Greenfield pushed their lead to 5 in the quarter but couldn't maintain the lead.  Routt out scored the Tigers 14-8 in the final stanza and survived.  Haylei Schaaf led Greenfield with 15 as the Tigers shot 35% from the field and 25% from the line with 21 turnovers.  The Rockets had two players (Martin & Katie Abell) with 12 points each as they led 7 scorers in the win.  They shot 47% from the field and 60% from the line with an acceptible 14 turnovers.  It was an exciting high school game to watch as it was anybody's game until the end.  
12/3/16 After the first quarter, when Routt Catholic led Springfield Lutheran 10-7, the Lady Crusaders out hustled the Lady Rockets and came away with a 35-28 win.  The Crusaders improved to 7-2 on the year and Routt fell to 7-3.  Neither team shot well as Springfield hit 19 of 51 for 37% and 9 of 16 from the free throw line for 56%.  Routt shot 14 of 38 for 37% and 1 of 5 from the charity stripe for 20%.  Elmore led the Crusaders with 21 points and no one else scored more than 4 points in the win with 16 turnovers.  The Lady Rockets were led by Katie Abell with 10 points and no one on Routt's team had more than 4 points either.  They had 22 points and this was not one of their better outings.They will take a 7 and 3 record to Greenfield on Monday night and see if they can get back on track.  They won big in the JV game and only have 1 senior on the varsity roster, so they have a lot of room to grow.  
12/1/16 It was a fun and exciting girl's basketball game at the Routt Dome tonight in Jacksonville.  The host, Lady Rockets, got past the visiting Lady Trojans of Triopia 48-42.  The Rockets never led in the game until about 5 minutes to go, in the 4th quarter.  With the win, Routt is 7-2 and the losss dropped Triopia to 6-3.Evans (14) and Reynolds (13) led the Trojans in scoring while Burrus and Portwood each added 7 points.  Triopia shot 35% from the field and 33% from the charity stripe with 17 turnovers.  For the Lady Rockets, they hit 32% from the field and 10 of 21 from the free throw line.  They had 13 turnovers and will take on Springfield Lutheran on Saturday in a road game.  Katie Abell led the Rockets with 20 pointsand Walker had 8.  8 Rockets scored and 6 Trojans in the game with several underclassmen playing key roles. 
 11/23/16 Tonight at the Lady Hornet Classic, in Mt. Sterling,  Pittsfield needed overtime to knock off Rushville-Industry 59-57.  In the Junior High Gym, it was Routt Catholic improving to 3-0 in the tournament as they defeated Beardstown 49-22.  Routt still needs a win over the host Lady Hornets on Friday night to get to the championship game on Saturday night.  They may make it anyway, due to the tournament rules regarding head to head competition, etc. since they have already beaten Liberty who is going to finish high in pool play.  The Tigers had 6 players in the scoring column tonight but their 26% shooting from the field and 35% from the line wasn't helpful in they loss as they felll to 0-3 in the tournament and 0-5 on the year.  Worrell (11) and Katie Abell (10) led the Lady Rockets as 10 over all players scored in the game.  Routt shot 41% from the field and 73% from the line with 15 turn overs.  Their only loss on the season was to Pittsfield 42-40 in their first game of the year.  They only have 1 senior on the team and are feeling good about themselves in the early going.
11/17/16 Routt was hoping to pick up their first girl's basketball win tonight at the Routt Dome.  They evened their record with a 54-39 win over the South County Vipers and will take a 1-1 record into the Brown County Tournament on Saturday morning where they will play Griggsvile-Perry at 9 am in the grade school gym.  The Vipers fell to 1-1 with the loss and were led by Sullivan with 18 points.  They shot 24% from the field and 79% from the free throw line with 16 turnovers.  Routt had two players in double digits as Walker hit 14 and Katie Abell 12 in the win.  They hit 19 of 51 shots and 15 of 21 from the free throw line for 71% and had 17 turnovers.  Martin added 9 and Ellie Abell 7 as 7 total players scored in the victory. 
11/15/16 In a very entertaining girl's basketball game tonight, Pittsfield defeated Routt Catholic 42-40.  It came down to what loses a lot ob basketball games every year.  Routt hit just 10 of 20 free throws and lost by 2 points.  In the meantime, the Saukees hit 6 of 8 free throws and hung on.  Both teams did a nice job of taking care of the ball as Pittsfield only had 8 turnovers and the Rockets had 10.  Lilly Pepper led Pittsfield with 15 points and Palmer added 13 with some late solid free throw shooting.  The Saukee hit 49% from the field and 75 percent from the line.  Routt had 7 players in the scoring column and was led by Ellie Abell with 14.  They hit just 14 of 44 shots and the 10 of 20 free throws in the loss.  They are hoping to play better against South County on Thursday, in their home opener.  This was a good starting game of the season and the Lady Rockets will get better.
11/14/16 High School girl's basketball opened their season tonight.  We were at the Tiger Den as the Lady Rockets of Rushville-Industry cme to town.  In a typical first game scenario of mistakes and rugged play, the Lady Rocket prevailed with a 53-42 win.  Ingles led the Rockets with 23 points and Chancey and Lamb each scored 10.  Rushville shot 22% from the field and 51% from the free throw line with 17 turn overs.  Beardstown was lead by Price with 10 points as 8 Tigers scored in the loss.  Beardstown hit 39% from the field and 36% from the charity stripe.  The Tigers had 43 turn overs in the loss and will need to correct that area. They will play Triopia at home on Thursday night.  Beardstown committed 32 fouls in the game and had 4 players foul out.  Rushville had 21 fouls also in a long opening game.
11/3/16 The class 1A, Routt Sectional for volleyball, went to Springfield Lutheran.  They defeated Mt. Olive 12-25, 25-18, 25-10 with a strong effort in the 2nd and 3rd games.  They will take on Stewardson Strasburg, at Mt. Pulaski, on Saturday.  Strasburg beat Farmer City (Blye Ridge) 25-15, 25-10.  For Mt. Olive:  Courtney Kernich 1 point, Niehaus 5 points 25 kills, 5 blocks, Murphy 3 points 22 assists, Gretak 2 points 4 assists 1 block, Henke 10 points 8 kills 1 block and Rachael Kernich 4 points 1 kill.  Fields had several digs in the loss and the Wildcats ended their season with 26 wins and 6 losses.  Lutheran:  Elmore 8 points 5 kills, Stoekel 1 kill, Tournox 7 points, Wiegand 6 points 1 ace 14 kills 2 blocks 1 assisted block, Ginder 3 points 9kills 9 blocks, Brunner 4 kills 1 assisted block, Ramey 10 points 1 ace 2 assists, Anderson 21 assists 1 kill .  The Crusaders improved to 26-11 on the year.  The Wildcats had 4 service errors and the Crusaders 5 service errors.

At the Routt Sectional, Springfield Lutheran ended the Hardin Calhoun season 25-21, 25-21 and will move on to face Mount Olive in the title game at 6 pm on Thursday.  Mt. Olive took 3 games to get past New Berlin 23-25, 25-17, 25-15 and that created a very goo match-up for the championship match. In tonight's win over the Lady Warriors, Lutheran fought off 23 assists by Junie Zirklebach and 18 kills for Grace Baalman plus 3 blocks.  The Crusaders got 5 kills from Elmore, 12 from Wiegand and 7 from Brunner.  Anderson did a great job with 17 assists while Tournox (6), Wieand (5) and Herman (9) served well.  Springfield Lutheran will take a 25-11 record into the title game.


In game two, New Berlin had 2 lapses and lost to Mt. Olive who stayed away from long dry spells.  The Pretzels got 10 kills from Lascody, 9 from Coonrod, 6 from Bixby and 5 from Owens.  Bixby also had 6 blocks and Hemberger 20 assists.  New Berlin ended their season with 24 wins and 12 losses.  Mt. Olive has a couple of players who will attack relentlessly.  Niehaus had 19 kills and 5 blocks tonight to go along with 8 service points.  Henke had 11 kills, and 1 block.  Murphy was steady with 26 assists and Rachael Kernich served 22 winners in 3 games.  This is a pretty good defensive team and they will have to be on their game to pick up the win.  They will also have to survive long volleys as the Crusaders will keep the ball in play as they wait for their attacks. It will be a title game well worth watching.  The winner will go to Mt. Pulaski.

10/27/16 Routt Catholic volleyball came to an end tonight, but not before they put up a good fight with Mt. Olive.  The Regional Championship went to the Wildcats 25-20, 24-26, 25-20 and the Rockets ended their season with a record 19-15-1.  They only lose 3 seniors so they should have 2 or 3 more solid seasons coming up.  Mt. Olive will move on with a 25-5 record:  Courtney Kernich 6 points 1 assist 1 kill, Field 1 assist, Niehaus 4 points 1 ace 1 assist 26 kills 8 blocks, Murphy 6 points 29 assists 2 kills, Gretak 3 points, Henke 4 points 1 assist 15 kills 1 block, Rachel Kernich 9 points 1 assist 1 kill.  The Cats had just 3 service errors on the night.  Routt: Fellhauer 2 points 1 ace 9 kills, Schwiderski 4 points, Peters 8 points 2 aces 4 assists 4 kills, Worrell 9 points 1 ace 23 assists 1 kill, Powell 4 points 7 kills 3 blocks, Abbott 5 kills, Parlier 1 kill, Huey 8 kills 1 block, Martin 2 points 2 assists and Abell 1 assist.  The Rockets had 5 service errors in the loss.  Abbott, Schulte and Wosrrell are the three talented seniors who will be gone from next years team.
10/25/16 What an exciting night of volleyball from the Mt. Olive regional. In the opener, it was the host school topping the South County Vipers 25-16, 25-16.  That earned the Mt. Olive Wildcats the right to play the winner of game #2 between Routt Catholic and Bunker Hill.  Routt trailed 24-17 in game one and came back to win 29-27, then pressed on to take game #2 26-24.  They trailed late in both games and simply would not give up, as they earned the right to play for the title.  It will be a solid championship game if you like volleyball, so head down I-55, just below Litchfield on Thursday night.  Bunker Hill brought an 18-12 record into the game and were very scrappy in the loss.  The Minutemen:  Devall 3 kills, Kahl 1 point 3 assists and several nice digs, Kliffmeyer 2 points 4 assists, Taylor 3 points 2 assists, Allman 6 points 3 aces 1 assist 1 kill, Schwegel 4 points 1 ace 7 kills 1 block, Morell 3 points 2 aces 4 assists 4 kills 1 block and Austill 2 points 1 assis 3 kills and 1 block.  The Minutemen had 2 service errors on the night.  The Rockets improved to 19-14:  Fellhauer 3 points 1 assist 1 kill, Schwiderski 2 pooints 1 assist, Peters 2 points 1 ace, 4 assists 5 kills, Worrell 7 points 1 ace 19assists 4 kills, Powell 5 points 7 kills 5 blocks, Abbott 1 assist 4 kills, Huey 1 assist 12 kills and Martin 4 points 1 ace 3 assist and another solid job digging the ball on serves.  She, Schwiderski and Parlier shared the responsibility and did a good job all match long.  Routt ended up with 4 service errors in the wind.  If you are a Routt fan, you have to proud of the Lady Rockets determination in their hard-fought win tonight.
10/24/16 Rushville-Industry volleyball showed some real stamina and purpose tonight as they came from behind to knowck off Illini West 18-25, 27-25, 25-18 and will advance to the next round verses Deer Creek Mackinaw tomorrow night.  The Chargers were pretty much in the charge for the first game and a half tonight, then began to miss a few shots and got impatient as the Rockets began to come back.  They will end their season with 14 wins and 21 losses:  M. Duffy 7 points, Pence 2 points 1 ace 1 assist 10 kills, Smith 4 points 1 ace, Sirtak 14 points 2 aces 16 assists 1 kill, Grotts 6 kills 2 blocks, H. Duffy 7 kills 4 blocks, Johnson 5 assists, Nudd 6 points 1 ace, Spiekermeier 4 points 6 kills and Stone 2 assists 1 kill.  The Chargers had 3 service errors on the night.  Rushville improved to 10-17 on the year:  Groenewold 5 assists 1 kill, Etter 14 points 1 ace 9 assists, Belville a multitude of digs and 1 kill, Ingles 8 points 2 aces 1 assist 5 kills and several excellent back row digs, Krohe 9 points 4 kills 2 blocks, Farris 2 kills, Norton 4 kills 1 block, Chancy 7 points 9 assists 3 kills and Crosier 6 kills with 2 or 3 at a much needed time. The Rockets will be under-dogs against Deer Creek but you have to love their attitude and grit.
 10/21/16 Triopia had a frustrating football season this year and were hoping to finish with a win a t Carrollton.  They started out with a touchdown on each of their first two possessions and had a 12-8 lead, but it was the last time they would scoe until the 8:37 mark of the 4th quarter and they lost 50-18.  They will graduate 10 seniors and strap them up for next year with a lot of experienced players on the roster.  Tonight, very unofficial:  Burns had 19 carries for 118 yards, Lawson 11 for 97 with 2 touchdowns, Thompson 13 for 44 with a 24 yard touchdown pass to Duesterhaus and 1 reception for 9 yards.  Werries 1 carry for minus 2 yards, Rouland 4 carries for 9 yards, Gains 2 carries for 1 yard as the Trojans amassed 267 yards and 1 penalty for 5 yards.  They missed all of their conversions in the loss.  The Hawks:  Smith rushed for 70 yards on 11 carries with 2 touchdowns running and a 40 yard TD pass to Prough.  Holmes 4 carries for 20 yards and an 8 yard TD pass, for a score from Prough.  Proough 7 carries for 38 yards and TD passes to Holmes, Watson and a second one to Watson as the Hawks had 278 in the air and 129 on the ground.  Watson caught 3 for 38, Smith 4 for 61, Settles 2 for 13, Holmes 1 for 6 plus the TD, Bowker 4 for 120 and Prough 1 for 40.  They had 5 penalties for 40 yards and will enter the play offs with a record of 6 and 3.  I hope the Hawks get new uniforms for next year as dark green numerals on dark grey jerseys with black trim are nearly impossible to read from the stands or press box.  The crow wasn't happy and the opposing teams didn't care for it either, but all schools have limited budgets so I will have to be content just sharing my opinion.    
10/20/16 It was a combination of aggressive volleyball from Routt Catholic and an off night of hitting for the Auburn Trojans that resulted in a Rocket win 25-16, 25-20.  It was the second time this year, that Routt beat Auburn and the Trojans fell to 11-16.  For the Trojans:  Domescik-Rink 4 points 1 ace 2 kills, Pieper 1 ace, Eaker 4 kills, Dambacher 2 points 1 kill 1 block, Eicken 3 points 1 ace 1 kill, Ackerson 4 kills, Brauer 1 kill, Martin 2 points 10 assists, Audi 1 point, Rachel VanBebber 4 assists and Rebekah VanBebber 2 kills.  The Trojans had 4 service errors.  Routt:  Fellhauer 1 block, Huffman 1 point, Schulte 2 kills, Peters 7 points 1 ace 3 assists 3 kills, Black 4 kills, Worrell 6 points 1 ace 17 assists, Powell 7 points 1 ace 4 kills 1 assisted block, Abbott 4 illls, Huey 4 kills 1 block 1 assisted block and Martin 4 ponts with 1 ace and several back row digs.  The Rockets improved to 18-14-1 in spite of 9 service errors in the match.  They will play Bunker Hill on the 25th at the Mt. Olive regional.  Auburn will play in the Macon Meridian regional.  Auburn won the JV match 25-15, 25-22.
10/17/16 Routt Catholic volleyball had a golden chance to knock off a quality program tonight, in Hartsburg, but the Stags slipped away and won 14-25, 25-21, 27-25.  It was a fun match to watch and the only down side was 4 calls that were questionable at best and indecisive by the officials which made it worse.  The teams played hard and it could have gone either way in the end and I feel it will benefit both programs as they head into regionals next week.  It is the first time I got a chance to see Anna Hayes, from Hart-Em, play and she is very good and only a sophomore.  She had 2 points and 23 kills tonight as Routt had their hands full with her. The Rockets made several nice digs on her but she was relentless.  Eskew had 6 points and 18 assists plus 1 kill, Zinser 14 points 2 assists 7 kills, Conrady 4 ponts 5 assists 3 kills 4 blocks, Barry 4 points 1 ace 8 assists 2 kills,  oerschall 2 kills, Shawgo 4 points 1 ace 1 assist and Barry 4 points 1 ace 8 assists and 2 kills.  The Stags only had 1 service error on the night and improved to 14-12-1.  Routt fell to 17-14-1 and had 7 service errors in the loss.  Their numbers:  Fellhauer 2 points 8 kills, Schwiderski 5 points, Peters 9 points 8 assists 2 kills, Worrell 5 points 21 assists 4 kills, Powell 11 kills 3 blocks, Abbott 6 kills, Parlier 2 assists, Huey 6 kills 4 blocks and Martin 20 points with a ton of digs throughout the match.  She has become an excellent libero and has always been a solid server.  Routt will take on a tough Auburn Trojan team on Thursday night.  
10/15/16 If you are a fan of Routt Catholic volleyball, you saw what you wanted to today.  This is a young team with only 3 seniors and one of those was on vacation.  They were coming off of a poor showing at the Beardstown tournament where they went 1 and 3 and off of a loss to Calhoun 25-20, 25-12.  They have two tough games next week as they take on Hartsburg-Emden and Auburn and regional play the following week at Mt. Olive where they will face a good Bunker Hill team.  The Rockets have been up and down, but today they took 3rd place at Waverly in a strong 1A-2A tournament.  They opened with a 25-14 win and a 14-25 loss to West Central.  In game two, they split again with New Berlin 25-18, 20-25 (both 2A schools)  Next they beat South County 26-24, 25-14 to earn the right to play in the championship bracket.  They faced the #1 seed Calhoun Lady Warriors and lost 25-23, 25-19 in a very good showing.  The loss put them in the 3rd place title game where they defeated Camp Point Central, another 2A school, 25-23, 25-14?.  You couldn't have asked for more, if you were coach Gibson.  Their 3rd senior will be back on Monday, and while she will be rusty, it will be good to have her leadership and aggressiveness back in uniform.  
10/14/16 Triopia was fighting for their play off life tonight against strong Tiger football team, from Greenfield/Northwestern and ended up getting shut out 14-0.  They had only one solid scoring threat tonight and came up short on a 4th and 2.  The Trojans will miss the play offs as they have a 3 and 5 record with just a game left at Carrollton.  Triopia had 142 yards of offense with 97 on the ground and 45 through the air.  Werries was 8 for 11 with 2 interceptions.  He hit Lawson for 23, Thompson for 6 and Duesterhaus for 16.  Lawson carried 14 times for 67 yards, Burns 12 for 34, Martin 4 for 8 and Thompason 2 for 5.  The Trojans ahd 6 first downs and 4 penalties for 35 yards.  The winning Tigers improved to 6 and 2 on the year,and had:  236 yards of offense with 239 rushing and minus 3 in passing.  Arnett threw 1 for 6.  Foiles led the rushing with 151 yards on 26 carries with 2 touchdowns and 1 conversion.  Steckel had 13 carries for 59 yards and Roth 8 for 24.  They had 12 first downs and 8 penalties for 63 yards.  Foiles had TD runs of 50 yards and 7 yards.  The Tigers will end their season next Friday at Mendon, who is 8-0 on the year.
10/13/16 Beardstown volleyball played well tonight as they defeated Triopia 25-19, 25-9 to improve to 15-10 on the season.  They are playing their best ball of the year, a week ahead of the regionals. Triopia fell to 8-17 with the loss.  For the Trojans:  Littleton 3 points 1 ace, Privia 5 points 1 ace 2 kills, McGinnis 2 points 5 assists, Reynolds 2 points 2 kills, Burrus 1 point 2 kills and 4 blocks.  Triopia had 3 service errors in the loss.  Beardstown: Lupita Garcia 6 points 1 assist 1 kill, McGill 4 points 1 ace 18 assists 1 kill 1 block, Olivia Dour 4 points 3 assists 13 kills 1 block, Elizabeth Garcia 5 points 1 kill, Rawlins 10 points 2 aces 1 assist 5 kills, Price 4 kills, Alyssa Dour 5 kills and Paige Sommers 3 points and several good digs as the libero.  The Tiogers only had 1 service error tonight.  They will finish their regular season next week, at West Central, at Rushville and at Brown County before playing in the Rushville-Industry regional on the 25th.
10/11/16 White Hall North Greene went 0-4 in the Beardstown Tiger Tournament on Saturday and the Tigers went 2-2 and finished 4th.  The Spartans got off to a fast start tonight and had a 20-14 lead in game one before Olivia Dour served 11 straight points and Beardstown came back to win 25-20.  The Tigers then dominated game two with a 25-12 win.  For WHNG:  Randall 1 point 7 assists 3 kills, Tupper 2 points 1 ace 1 assist, Hackethal 1 point, Madi Evans 2 points 1 kill, Barnard 1 kill, Rhoades 4 points 1 ace 3 kills, Wells 1 assist, Nichols 1 assist, Gutherie 2 points 1 kill and MCClenning 5 points 2 aces 4 kills and 1 block.  WHNG had 3 service errors and Beardstown just 1.
10/10/16 Pittsfield defeated the Lady Trojans of Triopia in volleyball, 25-14, 21-25, 25-18.  For the Trojans:  Littleton 5 points 1 ace 2 assists, McGinnis 2 points 1 ace 9 assists, Reynolds 6 points 1 ace 1 assist 3 kills, Privia 5 points 1 ace, Job 1 assist, Glick 1 assist 3 kills, Evans 4 points 1 ace 2 kills, Burrus 2 points 12 kills 4 blocks and Harris 5 points 1 assist 1 kill.  Triopia had 9 service errors in the loss.  The Saukees:  Merryman 4 pooints 1 ace 1 kill, James 8 points 1 ace 19 assists, Gwartney 8 points 2 aces 6 kills, Ward 5 ponts 2 aces 3 kill, Bland 4 kills 2 blocks, Marable 12 points 4 aces 8 kills 1 block and Hobbs 5 points 2 assists 4 kills 1 blcok.  Pittsfield had 6 services errors in their win.
10/8/16 There were a solid group of 1A and 2A volleyball teams tht gathered at the Tiger Den in Beardstown for a Saturday Tournament.  The games were very competitive, especially in the high school gym and it was a fun place to be.  The All-Tournament team vote was close and the following players made the final cut:  Allison Klaas of Brussels, Maggie Merwin of Porta, Caitlyn Specketer of Havana, Leah Oswald from Tremont, Olivia Dour of Beardstown and Athen's  Micah Tapscott.  While there were numerous other excellent players who did not make the team, they helped make this one of the closest tournaments that was played this season.  Tournament wise, Waverly will be a good place to be on the 15th.  Calhoun, Greenfield-Northwestern, Pittsfield, Camp Point Central, West Central, Routt Catholic, South County and New Berlin will all be there.
10/7/16 Triopia came into tonight's football game, with a 3-3 record and high hopes of upsetting the undefeated Mendon Unity Mustangs who were 6-0.  The Mustangs proved to be too strong offensively as they knocked off the Trojans 48-20.  The Mustangs had 578 yards of total offense with 171 on the ground and 407 through the air.  They had big play scores for most of the evening with scoring plays of 64, 32, 28, 13, 11, 40, 70 and 41 yards and converted all of the extra points.  Dunker was 16-25 in passing with 2 interceptions and also rushed for 61 yards on 9 carries with a touchdown. He threw for 6 scores as he hit Miller, Logsdon and Brinkman for 2 each.  Logsdon led the ground game with 110 yards on 17 carries.  Mendon ammassed 18 first downs and had 90 yards of penalties with 3 unsportsman calls.  Triopia had a pretty good night normally, but it was overshadowed.  They had 359 yards of offense with 327 on the ground and 32 in passing.  Werries was 5 for 9 with 1 interception and Lawson was 1for 1 with a TD toss to Milby. Burns rushed for 226 yards on 25 carries and 2 TD's.  Lawson carried 11 times for 83 yards, Martin 4 rushes for 12 yards and Werries had 2 carries for 6 yards.  Triopia only had 1 penalty for 5 yards and compiled 15 first downs.  They have Greenfield and Carrollton left on their schedule and willl need to win both games to make the play offs. The Mustangs will play West Central and home and Greenfield on the road to complete their regular season.  They are play off bound and the winner of the WIVC north.
10/6/16 It was all Greenfield/Northwestern tonight as they defeated the Lady Trojans of Triopia 25-12, 25-13 to improve to 14-7 on the year.  Triopia fell to 8 and 15.  They will host a 1A regional this season.  For Triopia:  Richardson 1 kill, Littleton 2 points 1 ace 1 kill, McGinnis 4 assists, Reynolds 1 point 2 kills, Privia 1 assist, Job 2 points, Glick 2 kills, Evans 1 kill 2 blocks, Burrus 3 points 3 kills and Harris 4 assists.  Triopia had 6 service errors in the loss. For Greenfield:  Graham 1 point 1 assist, Hailey Driscoll 1 ace 1 assist 2 kills, Allie Driscoll 12 points 11 assists 4 kills, Bishop 3 kills, Davis 3 points 1 ace 1 assist 3 kills, Walters 7 points 2 aces 1 assist 3 kills and Vetter 7 points 1 ace 1 assist and 4 kills.  The Tigers had 4 service errors and will be the #4 seed in regional play in post season.
10/4/16 It was a tough night for Routt Catholic to pick up their 13th win of the season, with the hard win over Jacksonville on Monday and the senior night activities tonight.  They did win 25-14, 20-25, 25-17 and improved to 13-8 in front of the pairings for the aA regionals.  WHNG fell to 7-11 with the loss:  Randall 10 points 2 aces 9 assists 2 kills, Tupper 10 points 2 aces 1 assist 4 kills, Hackthal 5 points 1 ace, Maddie Evans 1 ace 1 assis 9 kills 4 blocks, Barnard 4 kills, Rhoades 2 points 1 ace 4 kills 2 blocks, McClenning 2 assists 1 block.  The Spartans had 5 service errors on the night.  Routt: Fellhauer 6 points 2 aces 1 assist 4 kills, Schwiderski 4 points 1 ace 3 assists, Schulte 1 assist 1 kill, Black 2 kills 1 block, Worrell 12 points 1 ace 10 assists 2 kills, Powell 4 points 2 aces 4 kills 2 blocks, Abbott 2 kills, Huey 6 kills 1 block, Martin 14 points 5 aces, Abell 1 kill.  The Rockeis had 9 service errors and some difficulty returning serves for the second match in a row.  They will play in the Beardstown tournament on Saturday and are in the same pool with Beardstown, Athens and Brussels.  They will be in the High School gym if you are planning on attending.  
10/3/16 Routt Catholic volleyball was not happy with the way they played Jacksonville and lost at the Crimsons tournament.  They had a second chance tonight as they played each other at the Bowl for "Volley for the Cure".  The Rockets got a measure of revenge with a 21-25, 25, 23-25-21 win in a very exciting and hard fought match.  Routt improved to 12-8 on the year and will play at the Routt Dome in senior night vs WHNG on Tuesday night.  For the Crimsons:  Crews 9 points 2 aces, Johnson 5 points 1 ace 3 assists 1 kill, Flagler 4 points 1 ace 7 assists 3 kills 1 block, Zoe Wood 2 kills 1 block, Brunstein 3 points 1 assist 7 kills 1 block,  Schildman 11 points 1 ace, Upton 3 points 1 ace 13 kills 7 blocks, Hughes 1 assist 2 kills 4 blocks.  Jacksonville had 11 service errors in the loss.  Routt Catholic:  Fellhauer 2 points 8 kills 2 blocks, Huffman 2 points 1 ace, Schwidersky 4 points 1 assist, Schulte 1 block, Peters 3 points 3 kills, Worrell 11 points 1 ace 20 assists 1 kill, Abbott 7 kills, Huey 1 assist 5 kills 1 block,  Martin 3 points 1 ace and Powell 8 points 2 aces and 2 kills.  Routt missed a lot of servide returns tonight, but they only had 4 service errors which offset the latter.     
9/23/16 For those of us who are used to seeing defensive battles between Brown County and Triopia, we got a surprise tonight at the Hornets defeated the Trojans 36-30.  It was a game of big plays after the first quarter in which the Trojans kept the ball for 11 minutes and 10 seconds and scored 8 points.  They  recovered the following kick off, so Brown County's offense never ran a play until the second quarter.  Then it was back and forth for the next 3 quarters.  The Trojans led 8-0 after one, 22-6 at half time, 30-22 after three and the Hornets got their only lead with 2:34 left in the game.  Brown County had touchdown runs of 30 yards (Tynan), 50 yards (Drake), 50 yards (Drake), 39 yards (Tynan) and 70 yards (Tynan).  They finished with 365 yards of offinse with 14 first downs and 2 penalties for 15 yards.  Tynan had 167 yards, Drake 121 yards, Lewis 52 yards and Bowen 26 yards as BC improved to 4 and 1 on the year.  Triopia got 1 yard TD (Lawson), 40 yard TD run for Martin, 31 yard pass from Werries to Milby, 10 yard pass from Werries to Milby.  Werries finished with 4 completions in 7 attemptsand 1 interception and 111 yards through the air.  Triopia rushed for 245 yards and had 356 yards of offense in the loss.  They had 18 first downs and 6 penalties for 40 yards.  Martin rushed for 85 yards and caught a pass for 64 yards.  Burns rushed 24 times for 104 yards and caught a 6 yard pass.  Lawson carried the ball 19 times for 56 yards and 1 TD.  Lawson also had his 13th and 14th extra point conversions. With the 36-30 win for Brown County, Coach Tom Little recorded the 100th win of his career.  
9/21/16 Payson was very strong in volleyball tonight as they defeated Routt Catholic 25-10, 25-18 and improved to 13-3 on the year. They have only lost to Augusta (twice) and to Metamora in 3 games.  They are tall, athletic and hard hitting with a relentless attack.  Stanford, Mellon and Epperson are as good as you are going to get on one team.  Tedrow is also a solid libero and  they will tough in post season.  Routt was out gunned tonight but Worrel had a good match and Powell continues to improve as she is becoming a force.  With Fellhauer, Peters, Black, Huey and Abbott all in attack mode, this is a pretty good team in their own right.  They have a couple of tough matches ahead as they face West Central on Monday and Carrollton on Tuesday.
9/20/16 WIVC volleyball continues to be very competitive as tonight it took 3 games for Routt Catholic to defeat Triopia 23-25, 25-14, 25-23 as the Trojans put up a tough fight.  For Triopia:  Richardson 5 pts, Littleton 5 points 1 ace 8 assists 2 kills, McGinnis 10 points 2 aces 5 assist 5 kills, Reynolds 8 points 4 kills 2 blocks, Privia 5 assists and several digs as libero, Job 1 assist 2 kills, Evans 2 kills 1 block and Burns 1 point 5 kills and 3 blocks.  The Trojans had 5 service errors as they fell to 6 and 10 on the year.  Routt:  Fellhauer 10 points 2 aces 5 kills, Schwiderski 7 points 2 aces 2 assists, Schulte 1 kill, Peters 8 points 1 ace, 1 assist 1 kill, Black 2 kills 1 block, Worrell 14 points 4 aces 22 assists 3 kills, Abbott 4 kills, Huey 7 kills 2 blocks, Martin 3 points 2 assists, Powell 2 points 1 ace and 10 kills.  The Rockets had 8 services errors and improved to 10-6 on the season.  The JV match went to Routt 25-12, 25-18 as they improved to 10-4 overall and 6-0 in conference play.  Next up for Routt Catholic will be Payson on Wednesday night.
9/15/16 In a dominating football game tonight, the Triopia Trojans rolled up 454 yards of offense, all on the ground, as they knocked off Routt Catholic 54-12.  The Trojans scored on everyone of their posessions except the last one late in the game and also played solid defense as they held the Rockets to 182 yards.  For Routt, they had 73 yards on the ground and 109 yards in passing. They got a 4 yard touchdown from Beckman and a 1 yard rushing touchdown from Chumley.  Chumley was 9 for 19 with 1 interception and Plunk had a 3 for 11 night with 2 interceptions. The Rockets had 10 first downs and 6 penalties for 57 yards as they fell to 0-4 on the year.  Triopia had 17 first downs and 2 penalties for 57 yards. Burns had good night with 212 yards on 12 carries with 3 touchdowns.  Lawson totaled 178 yards on 10 carries with 2 scores with 3 (2 point) conversions.  Martin carried 6 times for 15 yards and a TD, Thompson 2 carries for 38 yards and a 30 yard TD run and Stanberry had 2 rushes for 12 yards. The Trojans are 2 and 2 and will be home to take on Brown County next Friday night.  Triopia wanted to work on their pass defense tonight also, as they have Mendon Unity later in the season, who will be looking to rack up passing yardage.
9/14/16 Routt Catholic volleyball got back to winning tonight, as they defeated Griggsville-Perry 25-23, 25-13 to improve to 9 and 6 on the year.  The Tornadoes:  Scott 5 points 1 ace 4 kills, Ring 5 points 12 assists, Richards 4 kills, Stain 3 points 2 aces 1 assist 4 kills 1 block, Brite 2 kills, Goewey 4 points 1 ace 1 kill.  They also had 7 servide errors in the loss.  For the Rockets:  Fellhauer 1 point 3 kills, Huffman 1 pooint, Schwiderski 5 points 1 assist 1 kill, Peters 3 points 1 ace 4 kills, Black 1 assist 1 kill, Worrell 1 poiont 7 assists 4 kills, Wooldridge 1 point, Abbott 1 kill, Huey 3 kills, Martin 14 points 3 aces, Powell 7 kills 1 block and Parlier 1 point 1 assist.  Routt finished with 4 service errors.
9/13/16 WIVC volleyball is heating up and there are a lot of question marks as to how it is all going to turn out.  Last night we saw a strong effort by WHNG and tonight Greenfield/Northwestern beat Routt Catholic 25-17, 21-25, 25-23 in an exciting match.  The Tigers had played a close match with Hardin-Calhoun earlier so it is going to be hard to lay claim to the WIVC title.  West Central is tough and while we haven't seen them play yet, there are good reports in regard to Carrollton. In tonight's match, Routt: Fellhauer 3 points 1 ace 14 kills, Schwiderski 1 assist, Schulte 2 kills, Peters 6 points 1 ace 1 assist 1 kill, Black 1 assist 2 kills 1 block, Worrell 5 points 1 ace 25 assist 2 kills, Wooldridge 1 point, Abbott 1 assist 6 kills, Huey 3 points 5 kills 1 block, Powell 1 assist 3 kill 2 block, Parlier 4 points and Martin 6 points and several digs.  Routt had 4 service errors and fell to 8 and 6 with the loss.  G/NW:  Graham 5 points, H. Driscoll 3 points 1 assist 8 kills 1 block, A. Driscoll 6 points 24 assists 2 kills, Bishop 2 points 4 kills 1 block, Schaaf 1 block, Davis 1 assist 10 kills 1 block, Walters 9 points 5 aces 6 kills 2 blocks and Vetter 7 points 2 aces 1 assist 1 kill.  The Tigers had 7 services errors and improved to 2 and 3 on the year with the win.  Their losses came to Raymond Lincolnwood, Calhoun and Bunker Hill.  They and Routt may meet again in the Waverly Tournament a little later in the season. 
9/12/16 It was hard to tell tonight if White Hall North Greene volleyball was playing extremely well or if Triopia was off their game, but the end result was a convincing 25-12, 25-22 win for the Spartans over the Trojans.  WHNG:  Randall 6 points 1 ace 12 assists 2 kills, Tupper 7 points 1 kill, Briana Evans 1 assist numerous digs, Hackethal 8 points, Madison Evans 9 points 4 aces 2 assists 9 kills, Barnard 2 kills 1 block, Rhoades 3 kills, Murray 2 points 1 ace and McClenning 1 assist 5 kills.  The Spartans had 6 service errors in the win.  Triopia:  Littleton 1 ace 5 assists 1 kill, McGinnis 3 points 3 assists, Reynolds 4 points 1 ace 1 kill, Privia 2 points 1 assist, Job 2 points 1 ace 1 assist, Glick  2 points 3 kills, Evans 1 point 3 kills and Burrus 3 kills 2 blocks.  The Trojans had 4 service errors.
9/9/16 The first half of tonight's football game between Triopia and CPC belonged to the Panthers and the second half to the Trojans.  The final score was 28-20 and exciting as the Triopia come back fell a little short.  They are 1-2 and the Panthers are 3-0.  CPC had 383 yards of offense with 354 on the ground and 29 through the air.  Rankin threw 2 passes to Dearwester.  The Panthers had 16 first downs and 5 penalties for 46 yards.  Jebben led the way with 147 yards, 3 touchdowns (65,66,5 yards) and a pass catch for 2 extra points. Buss finished with 84 yards on 16 carries, Strohkerch 47 on 10 carries, Williams 75 on 7 and Rankin 1 on 4 carries.  The Trojans had 243 yards of offense with 126 in passing and 117 in rushing.  Werries was 6 for 18 with 2 touchdowns.  Milby had 63 yards in recptions with a 43 yard TD and Lawson 2 catches for 54 yards and 1 TD.  Thompson also had 9 yards as a receiver.  Burns had 56 yards on 15 carries, Lawson 36 on 12, Martin 17 on 6 and Werries 8 on 2.  The Trojans had 14 first downs and 4 penalties for 35 yards.  Next up for Triopia will Routt, at IC, on Thursday.  The Rockets are 0-3.  
9/6/16 We got our first look at the 2016 version of the Lady Tigers volleyball team from Beardstown as they faced the Porta Lady Bluejays.  Beardstown won 25-16, 25-15 as they had a steady night of aggressive volleyball.  The Bluejays fell to 1 and 3 on the year with the loss.  Team numbers show:  Mahoney 2 points 4 kills, Butler 1 kill, Koch 2 points 11 assists, Danner 1 assist, Ryan 1 point 1 kill, Cowman 1 point, Lincoln 1 kill 1 block, Carlock 6 points 2 aces 5 kills and Rash 1 kill.  They only had 1 service error on the night.  The Tigers came into the match with 4 wins and 3 losses:  Lupita Garcia 5 points, Price 2 kills 1 block, Alyssa Dour 4 kills, McGill 7 points 1 ace 19 assists 1 kill, Elizabeth Garcia 4 points 2 aces, Rawlins 2 points 1 assist 5 kills, Olivia Dour 6 points 2 aces 3 assists 12 kills 6 blocks and Sommers 4 points and several digs.  Beardstown had 7 service errors in the win and will take on Havana on Thursday night. It should be a good year for the Tigers and they only have 1 senior on the team, so they may have a nice team for next year as well.
9/2/16 Triopia's defense looked good last week in spite of losing an 8 to 6 game to Hardin-Calhoun.  Tonight their defense played well again as they held WHNG to just 8 points and the TD came by way of a returned kick off.  The difference is the performance of their offense.  They compiled 377 yards with 299 on the ground and 78 through the air.  Werries was 4 for 6 as he hit Martin twice for 62 yards, Thompson 1 for 4 and Milby 1 for 12.  Burns had a solid night as he rushed for 123 yards on 11 carries and had TD runs of 18, 50 and 56 yards.  Lawson added 136 yards on 12 carries with 2 touchdowns also, of 2 and 72 yards.  the 6th TD was a 53 yard completion from Werries to Martin to open the scoring.  Martin rushed for 14, Werries 4, Thompson 4 and Stanberry 18.  Triopia had 13 first downs and 4 penalties for 25 yards.  The Spartans got their first score of the year with a 72 yard kick off return from McDonald who also had 37 regular yards. WHNG had 120 yards of offense with 76 passing and 44 running. Hopper was 4 for 11 and minus 34 on 7 carries.  Harbaugh had 20 yards, Whicker 10 rushing and 7 receiving, and Heberling 10 to round out the scoring.  WHNG is 0 and 2 and the Trojans are 1-1 with a date next Friday with CPC at the home of the Panthers.  The Spartans had 6 first downs and 3 penalties for 35 yards in tonight's loss.  Triopia got good play on both sides of the ball tonight and it helped fire up the Trojan base. 
9/1/16 Routt Catholic came into tonight's VB game with Triopia with a 6 and 2 record and feeling pretty good about themselves.  Auburn beat them soundly in the opener and it was time for a gut-check for the Lady Rockets.  They settled down and won the final two games 25-21, 25-19 and picked up a very good win over a quality team.  Auburn:  Domescik-Rink 4 points 6 kills, Pieper 6 points 1 kill, Dambacher 2 points 1 kill, Ackerson 6 points 1 ace 8 kills, Martin 6 points 25 assists 1 block, Audi 3 points, Rachel VanBebber 6 kills 3 blocks and Rebekah VanBebber 6 kils 1 block.  The Trojans had 11 service errors and fell to 0-2 with the loss.  Routt Catholic:  Burke 2 points, Fellhauer 8 points 2 aces 1 asist 2 kills 3 blocks, Schwiderski 3 points 1 ace, Peters 3 points 2 assists 2 kills, Black 1 block 1 assisted block, Worrell 3 points 16 assists, Abbott 7 kills, Huey 7 kills 2 blocks 1 assisted block,  Martin 3 points numerous digs, Parlier 1 point 2 kills and Powell 1 kill.  Routt had 11 service errors also but this was a very good win for their program.  They will play Metamore and Danville Schlarman in their first 2 games in the Jacksonville tournament on Saturday, September 10th at IC.
8/31/16 West Central VB moved to 2-0 on the young season with a 25-8, 25-19 win over Triopia, who fell to 3-1.  The Cougars were dominant in game 1 and withstood a strong run by the Trojans in game 2 to post the win.  Triopia was a little lean on numbers as they couldn't get on any extended run in the loss.  Reymolds had 7 points with 1 ace, Littleton 1 block, McGinnis 1 assist, Privia 1 assist, Job 1 assist, Glick 2 points 1 kill and Burrus 3 kills.  Triopia had 5 service errors.  West Central recorded:  Hoover 6 points 1 ace 8 assists, Little 8 points 3 aces, Pontnack 1 assist, Piechowski 2 points, 9 assists 5 kills, Sellars 1 kill, Cox 3 kills, Schafer 6 points 1 ace5 kills 1 block, Moore 3 points a ace 1 block, Altman 7 points 2 aces 5 kills.  The Couogars had 9 service errors.  The West Central JV also won 25-18, 25-19.
8/30/16 Triopia showed heart and stamina tonight as they won game one relatively easily, then had the lead and lost game two before coming back from a 12-7 deficit to take the tie-breaker from Griggsville-Perry @ Meredosia.  They are 2-0 in the tournament and will face the ever tough Cougars of West Central on Wednesday at 6 pm.  Griggsville-Perry played well enough to win tonight but came up a little short and are now 0-4 on the early season.  For the Tornadoes:  Scott 1 point 1 assist 1 kill, Ring 9 points 1 ace 12 assists, Richards 2 points 1 assist 5 kills 1 block, Stain 7 points 5 aces 6 kills 3 blocks, Brite 4 points 1 ace 3 kills and Goewey 4 points 2 aces.  They had 9 service errors in the loss.  The Lady Trojans:  Richardson 11 points 1 ace 1 kill, Littleton 7 points 10 assists 2 kills 1 block, McGinnis 5 points 1 assist 2 kills, Reynolds 1 assist 7 kills, Job 3 points 2 aces 1 assist, Glick 5 points 1 ace 1 assis 2 kills, Evans 3 points 3 kills 2 blocks and Burrus 5 kills.  Triopia had 9 service for the 2nd night in a row and will need to fix that problem as the season rolls on as that will hurt them against strong teams in the WIVC.  If Evans and Burrus (freshman) continue to get stronger and stronger at the net, this is going to be a very tough Trojan team as we get deeper into the regular season. 
8/29/16 At the Meredosia Invitational Volleyball tournament, it was the Lady Trojans of Triopia defeating Meredosia 25-15, 25-21 to improve to 2-0 on the year.  The Indians fell to 0-3 with earlier losses to Liberty and Beardstown.  For Meredosia Brooke Walker had 3 points 2 assists 1 kill, Welch 2 kills 1 block, Moudy 6 points 3 aces 1 assist, Deusterhaus 4 points 2 aces 4 assists 2 kills, Schmitz 2 points 2 assists 1 kill 1 block and Marsik 1 kill.  The Indians had 5 service errors.  Triopia:  Richardson 3 points, Littleton 1 point 7 assists, MCGinnis 7 points 1 ace 4 assists 2 kills, Reymolds 1 assist 5 kills, Privia 7 points 2 assists, Job 4 points 1 ace 4 assists, Glick 4 points 2 aces 4 kills 1 block, Evans 3 points 6 kills 1 block and Burrus 1 kill and 1 block.  The Trojans had 9 service errors which they need to clean up a little.  They will play Griggsville-Perry on Tuesday and West Central on Wednesday.  
8/26/16 For those of us to like defense, tonight's football game between Triopia and Hardin-Calhoun was exciting to watch.  The Warrriors scored with 4:36 to play in the first quarter on a 74 yard run by Wes Klocke and a 2-point conversion by Ralston and made it stand up until the 4th quarter.  Werries scored on a 1 yard plunge with 24.3 seconds left in the game and the Trojans could not convert the 2 point play- resulting in the final score 8-6 and a hard fought win for Calhoun.  Calhoun will host Beardstown next Friday.  The Tigers were a 24-0 winner over WHNG, who will take on Triopia next Friday in White Hall.  For the Warriors, they had 218 yards of offense with 197 on the ground and 212 through the air.  Clark, prior to being injured, was 2 for 4 in passing with a 4 yard pass to Ralston and a 17 yard connection with Klucke.  Klucke had 115 yards rushing on 10 carries, Watter 49 on 8 caries, Bick 24 on 5 rushes and Webster 3 on 6 carries.  Calhoun had 9 first downs, 6 penalties and 7 fumbles.  For the Trojans:  256 yards of offense with 171 on the ground and 85 passing. Werries was 5 for 12 as Lawson caught 1 and Martin 4.  Lawson rushed for 66 yards on 8 tries, Burns 51 on 13, Werries 35 on 5 and Martin 19 on 5.  They had 14 first downs as they consistently moved the ball.  They also had 5 penalties and 3 fumbles.  It was a very good high school game.
8/25/16 In their home opener, in volleyball, the Lady Rockets of Routt Catholic improved to 2 and 0 on the season.  They knocked off Pleasant Hill 25-22,25-14 and will play in the Lutheran invite in Springfield on Friday and Saturday.  That will be a real test for this young team.  For the Lady Wolves, Moore had 1 point 1 ace 1 assist and 6 kills, Collard 1 point 4 kills, Allen 5 points 1 ace 7 assists, Giles 4 points 1 ace 2 assist 1 kill, Cos 3 points 2 aces and Batchelor 2 points and 1 kill.  They also had 3 service errors as they fall to 0-3 on the year.  They will play in the Meredosia invite next week.  For the Lady Rockets, Worrell had 6 points 4 aces, 10 assists 4 kills, Huey 4 points 6 kills, Fellhauer 4 points 3 kills 1 block, Peters 9 points 1 ace 1 assist 3 kills, Rusotto 1 assist, Schwiderski 1 point 1 assist, Abbott 2 kills, Martin 1 point 1 assist and Clay 2 points and 1 kill.  Routt had 5 service errors in the win.  Routt's JV is also 2-0 on the year with their 25-16, 25-10 win tonight.
8/23/16 Routt Catholic volleyball opened their season with a hard fought win over the Lady Hornets of Brown County 24-26, 25-12, 25-17. There are only 3 seniors on the Routt Roster but a large number of the juniors and sophomores played a lot last season and are experienced players.  They have 31 players on the combined JV and varsity squad and will play with depth.  Worrell had a solid night with 7 service points and 26 assists.  Fellhauer 8 points, 5 kills, Schwiderski 9 points with 3 aces, Peters 9 points, 2 assists and 7 kills, Black 5 kills, Wooldridge 5 points, Abbott 4 kills, Huey 1 point 5 kills and 2 blocks, Martin 8 points and Abell 3 kills, 1 block.   The Hornets fell to 0-2 on the year as they faced a couple of pretty good opponents in the CPC Panthers and the Routt Catholic Rockets.  Markert 5 points 5 kills and 2 blocks, Alsup 2 points 2 kills, Doyle 2 kills, Hohenberry 2 points 3 assists 8 kills, Winner 1 kill, Maas 5 points 14 assists3 kills, Gooding 5 points and Dormire 6 points with 1 kill.  The Hornets had 4 service errors and the Rockets had 6.  Routt will be at the Dome on Thursday verses the Pleasant Hill Wolves.
8/22/16 Our 2016 coverage of volleyball began this evening in Mt. Sterling when Camp Point Central came to town to take on the Hornets.  The Panthers won 25-14, 25-21 and played consistent volleyball for both games.  A. Genenbacher had 4 assists and 3 kills, Hildebrand 16 points, and 5 kills, Fuhrman 2 points, 1 kill, 1 block, Gille 5 kills, Williams 2 points, 9 assists, 1 kill and B. Genenbacher 5 points, 1 assist and 8 kills.  For Brown County, Markert 3 points, 7 kills and 4 blocks, Alsup 1 point, 2 kills, Doyle 7 points 1 kill, Hohenberry 1 points, 5 assists and 1 kill, Maas 2 points, 6 assists and Gooding 2 points and a nice game of digs as the Lebaro.  Brown County will host the Routt Catholic Rockets on Tuesday in what should be a close match.  We will carry it live on 101.3 WVIL.   
7/24/16 Today was a hot day with temperatures in the low to mid 90's but the championship game of the 11-12 year old Little League Sectional play at Beardstown was played in front of an enthusiastic crown from Bradley Bourbonnais National and Champaign East.  They had played earlier with Bourbonnais winning 7-5 and that win forced Champaign to take on Beardstown on Saturday.  Champaign East won a hard fought 11-6 game but had to dig into their pitching staff again.  Doubet went for Champaign today and did a nice job as he pitched 6 innings, facing 26 batters with 6 hits and 4 earned runs.  He walked one, struck out 4 and gave up a home run to Nolan Czako in the 6th.  Champaign had 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 error and they left 8 runners on base, so they had their chances but, just couldn't et the runners home.  They got them on, got them over and just didn't get them in.  Bourbonnais had 6 hits, 4 runs, 3 erros and only left 3 on base in their win.  Pettigrew and Hall had 2 hits each for Champaign and Longtin had 2 hits for BBN.  Sykes was the winning pitcher with 72 pitches as he went 4 innings, facing 18 batters with 4 hits and 2 runs (1 earned) with 4 walks and 7 strikeouts.  He tired a little in the 4th and walked 3 batters but escaped with no damage being done.  Blake Long came in for the 3rd time in relief in the tournament and did a good job for the 3rd time.  He faced 8 batter, walked 1 and struck out 4 to help secure the game and recorded the save.  It was a great tournament from the beginning to the end with just the one game that got out of hand.  There was some very talented players on the field all of the time and an all-star team from this group of 4 teams would be very good and hard to beat. Bourbonnais will move on to River Forest for the state games and we want to wish them the best of luck.  They earned the right with some solid baseball at Beardstown.   
7/23/16 It was another fun game today at the 11-12 year old baseball sectional, for Little League, at Beardstown.  Champaign East took the early 1-0, 4-0 and 5-0 lead as they scored in first three innings.  Beardstown came alive with 4 runs in the 4th with a 3 run home run by Micah Wink to close the gap 5-4.  East added another run in the 5th to make it 6-4, however, Jacob Pate hit his 3rd home run in three days to tie the game at 6-6.  Champaing got 5 runs in the top of the 6th and closed out the win 11-6.  They will play Bradley Bourbonnais at 2 pm on Sunday for the title.  If Champaign can find a way to win, we will be back on Monday at 6 pm for the "if necessary" game for the championship.  The winner will play in the state tournament in River Forest in the next round.  Pate and Wink had home runs for Beardstown and Jake Munore had a 3 run home run for Champaign in the win.  It was a very good semi-final game and promises to be a good title game Sunday.  Bourbonnais beat Champaign 7-5 on Friday night and we expect more of the same kind of action Sunday.  It will be live on 101.3 WVIL and on    
7/22/16 Salem was eliminated from the 11-12 year old baseball section tonight by Beardstown 12-0.  In game two, it was a battle of the unbeaten as Bradley Bourbonnais out hit and defeated the all stars from Champaign East 7-5.  Beardstown and Champaign will play the last semi-final game at 2 pm on Saturday and the winner will face Bourbonnais at 2 pm on Sunday.  Whoever it is, will have to beat Bourbonnais Sunday and again on Monday evening to take the title from them.  Champaign East and Beardstown played the first game of the sectional and the Tigers lost a 6-2 decision, so it will be fun to see if Beardstown can get a measure of revenge or if we will see a re-match of Champaign and Bradley Bourbonnais for all of the marbles.  All of the game will be carried on 101.3 WVIL and on

the 11-12 year old Little League baseball sectional opened tonight at Schmolt Park in Beardstown and it was a solid night of youth baseball.  Game 1 was a 6 to 2 win for Champaign over the host Beardstown Tigers.  Leo Severen threw 6 inning for the winners with 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 5 strike outs.  He gave up a 2 run home to Jacob Pate as his team finished with 9 hits, 6 runs, 0 errors and they left 5 on base.  Stumph and Serveren had 2 hits each in the game.  Beardstown ended up with 4 hits, 2 runs, 3 errors and 3 left on.  Beardstown still has their #1 and #2 pitchers available as they head into round two, but they have one loss in the double elimination tournament.


in game two, it was a barn burner as Sykes for Bourbonnais and Purcell for Salem had a great night from the mound.  Sykes was the winning pitcher their numbers were pretty similar.  Sykes went 4 innings with 0 runs, 0 walks and 8 strike outs.  Purcell went 4 2/3 with 1 run, 1 walk and 8 strike outs.  Sykes also drove in the winning run with a ground out with a runner at third. It was as good of a youth baseball game that I have seen in the years we have had Little League on the radioi.  In round two, it will be Beardstown and Salme in an elimination game at 6, while Bourbonnais and Champaign will play in the winners bracket at 8.  Both games will be broadcast on 101.3 wvil and 

7/16/16 Beardstown forced the 2nd championship game in the 11-12 year old Little League baseball tournament with a 10-4 win over Brown County.  The Tigers had 3 home runs in the win and Brown County had 1 in the loss.  Beardstown had 12 hits, 10 runs, 1 error  and 6 runner left on base.  McWilliams was the winner with Krumboltz in relief.  Brown County had 6 hits with 4 runs, 1 error and 5 runners left on base.  Haynes took the loss with Henry in relief.  Pate had 2 home runs for Bearstown and McWillams had 1.  Worth had a 2 run shot for the Hornets.  Sunday night the title will be decided and one of these two good teams will represent District 17 in the sectionals at Beardstown, starting on Thursday.
7/15/16 Beardstown scored 10 runs in the top of the first tonight and held on for the 11-5 win over Tri-County in the 11-12 year old baseball semi-final game.  The loss eliminated Tri-County and qualified Beardstown to play Brown County on Saturday night at 7 pm in the championship game.  The two teams played on Thursday night in an exciting 4-2 win for Brown County and the rematch should be just as exciting.  These are two similar teams and will likely come down to an error or a mistake that is costly. If Beardstown wins, the same teams will play on Sunday in the "if necessary" title game.  It will be broadcast live on 101.3 WVIL and on
7/12/16 Game 1 tonight was an exciting game between Brown County and Rushville as the lead changed hands several times.  Brown County won the game 10-7 and will move on to play Beardstown on Thursday night at 8 pm.   With the loss, Rushville will play GNW on Wednesday night at 8.  In game 2, the Beardstown pitching was a little too strong for Tri-County and the Tigers won the game 11-2.  Tri-County will play Jerseyville in an elimination game on Tuesday at 6.  By 10:30 on Thursday night, we will have lost 3 of our 6 teams as the tournament will begin to show us who will be in the title game.
7/11/16 The Litle League 11-12 year old district tournament started tonight with a 15-2 game in which Rushville knocked off Jerseyville.  It was a 1-1 game in the bottom of the 3rd and just fell apart for Jerseyville.  Rushville will play Brown County on Tuesday at 6 pm.  In the second game, Mason Fricke had a great night on the mound as he went 4 1/3 innings and struck out 11 while allowing 1 base on balls and no runs.  Tri-County won 9-0 and will play Beardstown at 8 pm on Tuesday.
7/10/16 On Saturday, Beardstown defeated Adams County 6-5 to earn the right to play the "necessary" championship game on Sunday, where they won it 9-8 in 7 innings.  This was a good 2 game set between these very similar teams and an exciting end to both of the contests.  Beardstown will move on to play in the sectionals next and the Adams County All-stars are eliminated after putting up a good showing in the District.
7/8/16 It was a long game but Beardstown had a big 5th inning and defeated Rushville 20-10 and will get the chance to play Adams County National for the 9-10 year old baseball championship.  Adams County beat Beardstown 21-10 early in the tournament, so this is a re-match the Tigers think they can win.  Adams County is a strong team and it should be a good title game. It will be played at 6 pm on Saturday and can be heard live on 101.3 WVIL.
7/7/16 It wasn't a pretty game today, but Beardstown hung on to beat a stubborn Macomb 11-12 year old team 10-9.  Macomb is eliminated and Beardstown will play Rushville in the semi-final round on Friday.  The winner will play Adams County National on Saturday.  There were a lot of early mistakes by Macomb but Beardstown did not put them away and Macomb came back to tie the game 9-9 in the top of the 5th and lost in the bottom of the 6th.
7/6/16 With only two hits tonight, the Beardstown 9-10 baseball team shut out Brown County 10-0 behind Brockschmidt and Quigley. They will place Macomb on Thursday at 6 pm.  The winner of that game will face Rushville on Friday night at 7 pm.  Rushville came up a little short in their 7-6 loss to Adams County National. Brady Lowe had a solid night with 4 hits, 4 RBI's and at least 3 outstanding plays at shortstop.  They only had 6 hits overall in the hard fought win.  Rushville had 7 hits and 6 runs in the loss and will try to fight their way back into the title game on Saturday where they would get a second and maybe third chance to win it all.  This will be a real dog fight between Macomb, Beardstown Rushville and Adams County over the next 3, maybe 4 days.
7/5/16 Calhoun and Beardstown played a very exciting and close first championship game at Beardstown in the 11-12 year old softball battle.  Calhoun won 3-2 behind Pohlman.  Calhoun had 4 hits, 3 runs, 3 errors and left 8 on base.  Beardstown had 5 hits, 2 runs, with 1 error and left 4 on base.  Game two was a lot different as Calhoun ran out of pitching and lost 15-7.  Green went the distance for Beardstown in the win.  Calhoun finished with 4 hits, 7 runs and they made 2 errors.  Bearstown had 7 hits, 15 runs and 5 errors in the win.   Beardstown won the title and will play in the Peru Sectional next week.

Four games were played at the District 17 finals for the 9 and 10 year old boys tonight, as two teams were eliminated.  Macomb beat Carrollton 17-177 to open the day, in a drizzling rain and ended the Hawks try for the title.  In the second game, it was Brown County getting past Pike County National 11-6 to push Pike County out of the tournament.  In the 3rd game, two of the teams with the best offense so far squared off and Adams County National got the best of Beardstown 21-10.  In the final game of the evening Rushville got some solid pitching from Kessler and Ham and shut out Tri-County on a 1 hitter 11-0. The two unbeaten team, Adams County National and Rushville will play each other on Wednesday night at 8 pm.  The two games on Tuesday will be elimination games and the first game on Wednesday will be an elimination game as the field narrows.


The scheduled 11-12 year old softball championship was not able to play due to the field not drying out in time.  It has been moved to Rice Field in Beardstown, which can take a lot of water and still be playable.  It will be a nice home field advantage for the Lady Tigers who remain the only unbeaten team in the play off.  Calhoun will have to beat them at 6 pm and again at 8 pm on Tueaday if they want to win the District.  That is a tall order but Calhoun will give it their best shot. 

7/1/16 In the best game of the 11-12 year old softball District finals, Beardstown shut out Brown County 1-0.  Beardstown scored an unearned run in the top of the first and made it stand up.  Snyder led off with a single (the only hit for the Tigers) and went to second of a wild pitch.  Rosas hit a ground ball to the pitcher, who threw late and wild to first base and Snyder scored. Markert did not give up another hit or run in the game.  Brown County had 2 hits in the game and 3 golden opportunities to score but just couldn't get it done as Hager and co. kept denying them. They had runners at 2nd and 3rd in the 3rd with no out.  They had the bases loaded with no outs in the 4th and had runners at 2nd and 3rd with 1 out in the 5th and came up empty.  Markert and Hager came up big each time they were in trouble and it was a very exciting game to watch.  It was a semi-final matchup and if Brown County can get past Calhoun on Saturday night, we are going to see a re-match on Sunday in the title game.  Everything depends on the weather though as rain is in the forecast for the week end.
6/30/16 While it wasn't a well played softball game, it was very exciting as Calhoun and Pike County were tied 3-3 in the top of the 6th inning.  Calhoun scored 5 big runs and held on to win the elimination game 8-3.  They earned the right to play either Beardstown or Brown County on Saturday night in the semi-final round.  Tonight's second game was postponed due to lightning and eventually rain.  It is re-secheduled for 6 pm on Friday night. Pohlman came in for the last 5 innings of the game and did a great job holding the Pike County All-stars in check.  She only gave up 1 hit in the win.  Jaelyn Hill, Ellas Sievers and Jaelyn Schulte each had 2 hits in the win.
6/29/16 In one of the longest and highest scoring softball games that I have ever called, Pike County defeated Jerseyville 31-15 and will move on to face Calhoun who was a 6-3 winner over Rushville in game two.  Pke Co. only had 8 hits in their win and took advantage of the 19 walks and 1 hit batsman plus the 8 errors. Reagan Smithers had 3 hits and Dolbeare had 2 hits to lead the way offensively.  Jerseyville had 13 hits and 15 runs in the loss.  Kendall Davis had a good game with 3 hits, while Malley, Magherio, White and Weishaupt each had 2 hits.  The final game was a lot closer and exciting has Rushville led for 4 1/2 innings before giving up the lead in the bottom of the 5th and then lost the game 6-3.  Calhoun had 9 hits as Alyssa Kress led the way with 3 hits and LexiSchulte had 2.  Pholman came in in relieft to post the win.  Aubrie Jones pitched well enough to win the game but the Rushville offense couldn't get on track after scoring 2 in the first and 1 in the second.  They could only muster 5 hits as Phillips led the way with 2 hits and Quinn hit a triple to drive in two runs.  Rushville is eliminated but played pretty well over all in the tournament.  Brown County, Beardstown, Calhoun and Pike County are the final four teams standing and one more of them will be eliminated on Thursday night.
6/28/16 Brown County defeated Rushville 11-6 tonight at Mt. Sterling as The Rockets made it interesting.  Their pool play game ended with Brown County winning 14-0, so this was a much better game for the Rockets in spite of losing.  The Hornets had 8 hits, 11 runs, 1 error and left 5 on base.  Markert was the winning pitcher.  Rushville had no hits in the game, but manufactured 6 runs, with 4 errors and Jones was the losing pitcher, but not before giving it a great effort.  In the second game, Beardstown had 12 hits, 11 runs, 1 error and left 5 on.  Pike County had 0 hits, with 1 uneared run, 5 errors and they left 2 on base.  It was a nice no hit effort for Rachel Hager for Beardstown as she walked 4 and struck out 4 as her defense played well behind her.  Beardstown and Brown County are the two remaining teams with no losses and will play each other on Thursday night at 8 pm. 
6/27/16 It was opening night at the District 17 State Finals and both games were won by the 10 run rule.  In game one, Rushville had 8 hits and 16 runs as they beat Jerseyville 16-6 in 5 innings. Madison Quinn had 3 hits to lead the way for Rushville.  Aubrie Jones was the winning pitcher and Ashley Smith took the loss.  With the win, Rushville earned the right to play the #1 seed, Brown County team Tuesday at 6 pm.  Brown County shut out Rushville 14-0 in pool play.  In game two, Beardstown played a pretty good game as they beat Calhoun 14-4 in 4 innings. Beardstown had 11 hits, 14 runs while Calhoun had 2 hits and 4 runs in the loss.  Beardstown will take on Pittsfield at 8 pm on Tueaday.  Rachel Hager was the winning pitcher and Elly Pohlman recorded the loss. Logsdon, Barker and Hobrock each had 2 hits in the win.